DiscoverParking ThoughtAnd Returning the Favor | 82
And Returning the Favor | 82

And Returning the Favor | 82

Update: 2020-03-10


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Michael returns for this edition to discuss one of our favorite shows for Sunday.

Returning the Favor:


music by Dyalla Swain

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hello and welcome to parking thought the
show where we highlight the good in the
world from the extraordinary to the
everyday you’re gonna want to like and
subscribe wherever you happen to find us
curiosity meet gratitude in today’s
edition or before we get to that I
forgot who I was
well not really I didn’t forget who I
was I forgot to introduce hi guys I’m
Jacob and with me today is Michael
Michaels here today right and Michael
you are kid number what on the spectrum
here boy you’re kid number four all
right Michael’s been with us before at a
previous episode we talked about what do
we talk about in our previous episode do
you remember no it was one of our
favorite TV shows well Phineas and Ferb
right what do we talk about our Phineas
and Ferb how I make stuff every single
day and they don’t get any trouble right
so and it was Phineas and Ferb a cartoon
or a live-action show cartoon right it’s
totally cartoon so it’s definitely not a
documentary or reality show right yeah
but today we are gonna talk about a
documentary slash reality show right and
it’s what we just finished watching
right because we’re recording this on a
Sunday and where do I always say about
what we should watch on Sunday we
turning to say say favor mmm you want to
try that again you didn’t close we
training to favor nope returning that
returning the favor
no problem right that’s totally okay
this podcast we tell people it is fine
to learn as you’re going through life so
that’s called returning the favor
right and it’s one of our favorite shows
you remember the name of the guy who is
the host what’s his name is it Mike yeah
it’s Mike his nice name is Mike Rowe did
you want a little bit of a history about
Micro Micro was not the best of student
when he was in school and if it weren’t
for some really good mentors and
encouraging him to develop his talents
he would not be successful in life so
one of the people that helped encourage
him was his actually his music teacher
and taught him how to sing and use his
voice and micro has made lots of money I
mean I’ll also use super uber rich
famous blah blah blah
right but he’s made quite a bit of his
money doing voice-overs so like when you
see those dramatic TV shows and they
need a voice in the background to say
something micro has done that that is
part of his job before you do that for
those dramatic TV shows you wonder what
he used to do what there used to be a TV
station there might still be there might
even be more than one but it would sell
people thinks and and one of the things
that they would sell like these precious
moments like little figurines with these
kids in these different positions
looking all cute and micro used to have
to be the deep voice to say oh look at
how this looks and the porcelain here is
really nice and that’s totally out of
character for who he is then he ended up
doing a show called dirty jobs and I
think you were too young when we were
used to watch dirty jobs but Mike would
show up to people to work and he would
do their job with them so picking up
poop out of pig pens he did that sorting
trash right because when we do recycling
right that’s a trash sorting thing
cleaning out the giant trash machines he
did all of those things it was pretty
cool so do you think you would do dirty
jobs from you know when you grow up and
be the girl with the female host she’d
be the girl host for it no we’re not
sort trash you could totally do that
it’s disgusting well we’ll get you
trained up I think if you do the trash
this week and the poop for the dogs in
the backyard I think that’ll be good
training for your future dirty jobs
Michael edition because your name is
Michael and his name is Mike who would
totally work yeah yeah that would all
so one of the things that Mike learn
micro learned when he was out and doing
things with all these guys who worked
really hard is he learned that he was
very blessed and had the opportunity to
help other people succeed and so that’s
where returning the favour’ came from
returning the favour’ as a show on
facebook will link to it right because
we should link to it I’m returning the
favor as a show on Facebook where Mike
works with his it’s a lot of times it’s
the same film and audio crew he had on
to Dirty Jobs and they go out
they find people who are doing good in
the world right and then what do they do
they find people we were doing good and
then what happens and then like the one
that we just watched was where they
would like give food for they would give
food I mean like for really cheap and
this store wasn’t really or they didn’t
have a store so then they made them a
store and they gave him some more food
for them right because there was a spot
in this town where all the other grocery
stores have closed up and so crime had
gotten worse and it was harder for
people who didn’t have cars to be able
to get groceries and so his farmer had
been donating his produce and needed a
place for that those donations to go in
so they both the grocery store and
that’s a good example I really like the
episodes where they work with veterans
who have PTSD and some of the
opportunities they have to help those
guys through it through various projects
and things and so the show’s been
running for a few years now but it’s our
Sunday afternoon show because I usually
say that we ought to watch Sunday
appropriate shows to help make sunday
feel special from the rest of the leak
and so returning the favor is definitely
one of those so that’s really what we
wanted to share today haze’ yeah
what else do you have to say you’ve got
a big audience Michael like bigger than
your class right you can say anything
you want to to them only no swearing
right you got to watch your swearing
dial that down right what would you like
to say to the nice people who are
listening to us today returning to say
that’s a favorite is Bay and you should
go back to people that treat you right
like your parents okay I like that thank
alright let’s close out this episode
this is where we wrap it up this is the
part where I tell you that the best way
to say thank you for this episode is to
share it with someone that you know if
you’re just joining us for this episode
then we’re glad you can make it and if
you want to stick around for the long
haul over a parking calm
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right there to it now if you want to you
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goodness somebody got me introduced to
stitcher and that is such a beautiful
clean out to consume podcast I’m loving
it at the end of every episode we have a
challenge for everybody I don’t like oh
Michael will you read this challenge for
us today
remember in a world where you can it
choose to be anything why not choose to
be grateful









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And Returning the Favor | 82

And Returning the Favor | 82