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And Used to That Vibe | 98

And Used to That Vibe | 98

Update: 2020-04-02


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Would you travel half way around the world to go to a country in revolution just so you could say you’ve been there?


music by Dyalla Swain

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automated transcript

hello and welcome to parking thought I’m
Jacob and I’m glad you’re here today in
this episode we’re gonna be talking
about someone I used to work with and
stories about people used to work with
can be pretty tricky because if they
actually end up listening to them you
don’t want to embarrass the person and I
don’t think he’s gonna be embarrassed if
one of you happens to share this episode
with him like I challenge you to at the
end so this gentleman was a very
interesting man I met him it’s young man
had recently done well in his schooling
and got picked up by a consulting
company and then I ended up working with
him where he was assisting this
consulting staff and we’re really just a
solid good dude I get a lot to learn
very green around the edges and you know
so we would we would often exchange
insights with him and help mentor him
through some of the challenges that he
was facing positive attitude a great
personality a lot of fun to work with
and then when we have these
conversations you know in order to
mentor someone you really kind of have
to get to know him a bit and so we took
the time to get to know him
and his past is pretty interesting so
he’s in his early s and he’s from
Egypt and he’s a Christian and that’s
not an easy place to be a Christian and
it also means that he was there during
the Egyptian revolution and the Arab
Spring and all of those other things
were going on and so his perspective on
the world the freedoms that we have the
opportunity to go and do and see things
and what the world means from having
grown up in a entirely different
perspective are really unique and also
he speaks more than one language and he
has that ability to communicate with
Authority although young in years that
the world doesn’t revolve around our
North American perspective I really
enjoyed when he would tell some of this
stories now one weekend we had what we
would call in the army a long weekend
right so at a three-day weekend and this
gentleman decided that he was gonna
seize the day you know grab the most of
it right and he’s single right now and
he got a lot of airline points from
flying in and out of Boise each week and
so he decided to cash in on
airline points to be able to decide to
do something now this is last summer he
wanted to do something adventurous and
so he needed to pick someplace on the
globe he had enough again enough
frequent flyer miles he’d go anyplace
adventurous he had to pick someplace on
the globe he always wanted to see and so
he looked at a map got ahold of this
travel agency or booked the flight
however he did it and got on a plane and
slept for a little bit and woke up in an
entirely foreign place he went to Hong
Kong right during all the protests last
summer and we had no idea he was going
to do this now if this were happening in
the army all my goodness right and the
army very very restrictive on your
travel they don’t want you you know as a
uniformed service member in or out in
uniform right they don’t want you being
able to be identified by anybody out
there in the world
and potentially you know having an
international incident around being
captured or something else happening
right you’re not supposed to go where
the trouble is
unless you’re in uniform you’re ordered
to go there so so that would have been
like one of those like do not go
restricted areas type of things for
somebody in the military but I’m not
another anymore and neither is he so he
woke up in Hong Kong got off the plane
and started going around to see what was
up and took her cell phone with him and
took some interesting photos and he
included photos of the police force that
was near there in the airport and the
protesters outside and a few other
things and got to see that city and got
to tour of that peninsula and wow isn’t
that really cool but he just got up on a
plane went ahead and did that and then
you know he did a little bit of shopping
and came back and wanted to share some
of the things that he’d seen with us so
he got us all gift bags which were
really pretty nice and neat I noticed
the gift bags were all red and that kind
of has some symbolism there in its own
but he brings those gift bags back and
we say oh thank you hey where’d you go
you know because it’s kind of common
practice when you go someplace to bring
something back said hey where’d you go
and he said oh I went to Hong Kong and
we just all kind of dropped our jaws we
said hey we’ve seen the news there’s
like a revolution going on over there
isn’t there and he’s like all that
revolution thing I’m
used to it and what a line you know
here’s this young man listen twenty you
less than thirty years old right he’s in
his early s and he’s able to say with
confidence that oh he’s lived through a
couple revolutions what they’re doing in
Hong Kong right now you know he knows
how to navigate through that what an
interesting skill set to have as a
person to be able to navigate what you
might see as a civil war of the Cultural
Revolution or certainly as a whole
series of protests he knows how to
navigate through those things Wow I mean
nobody’s really faced a global pandemic
thing that we’re looking at now but I’ll
bet you a lot of his skill set can be
transferred to what we’re doing you know
be respectful of those in authority he
did take pictures of the police officers
but from a distance you know let those
who are exercising their ability to
speak do so you know again you know give
people their space to be themselves and
go off and do your thing your thing that
lets you experience something without
having to put any others and really high
demand you know you don’t have to depend
on others to be able to clean up after
yourself or clean up after you you can
clean up after yourself as you go along
and generally when you do that you get
along with folks pretty well
I really appreciated him coming back and
sharing the stuff from the gift bag it
was all just kind of food in little
treats and that was nice but the long
lasting memory here for me is of him
looking me in the eye and saying oh that
revolution thing I’ve done that when
we’re done with what we’re dealing with
right now
won’t it be cool to be able to look and
say oh that whole global VAM Demick
thing I’ve done that before you know I
remember me reading in my grandmother’s
Journal at one point that her home was
quarantined and I don’t remember why but
she was a young girl probably about the
age of my youngest daughter and it was
in eastern Idaho now I’m in western
Idaho there’s been a whole lot of
history between then and now
yet still there are these patterns that
kind of persist my grandmother were
still alive today she’d probably be able
to say oh that quarantine thing I’d been
there and done that with the same level
of confidence as this early year old
gentleman whom I was so proud to work
with so that’s it for this episode if
you liked it share it with somebody that
you know and if you want to subscribe
we’ve got the links over at barking calm
and remember in a world where you can
literally choose to be anything why not
choose to be grateful









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And Used to That Vibe | 98

And Used to That Vibe | 98