DiscoverParking ThoughtAnd Why I Hate Frozen II | 90
And Why I Hate Frozen II | 90

And Why I Hate Frozen II | 90

Update: 2020-03-20


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The part about Frozen II starts at the 10 minute mark.

In this edition Brent and I head into the unknown and cover a lot of ground including, how Brent and I met online, why I hate Frozen II, and how to get an automated transcript for your podcast. We also cover deep thoughts like, why do we still exit the building if we know the fire alarm was activated by mistake?

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nothing I do is funny right or let me
put it this way everything I do is funny
I just screw up my delivery hello and
welcome to parking thought the show
where we highlight the good in the world
from the extraordinary to the everyday
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wherever you happen to find us I’m not
kidding I’m serious stop right now hit
the pause button hit the subscribe
button and then come back and join us
all right you’re here curiosity is going
to meet gratitude today my name is Jacob
and I’m glad you’re here today and
joining us for this edition is Brent and
Brent is our good friend from Canada he
is one of the reasons I started
podcasting and feel pretty comfortable
behind the microphone right why don’t
you say hi to the audience here and tell
us a little bit about yourself
well hello so my name brett java and
yeah Thank You Jacob it’s actually your
you approached me to do a podcast
together and I was honored so glad to be
on this journey with you yeah so let’s
let’s talk about that a little bit
because I think that’s a fun story to
kind of share so those of you guys have
been listening for a while noah did
years in the military and one of the
things that i got to leave with was PTSD
which is both a curse and a blessing
it’s a curse because i’ve lost years of
my life there’s some very destructive
behavior and thought processes but i
still carry with me it’s also a blessing
because it’s forced me to be humble and
receptive to others in a way that it’s
been really helpful now i’m still not
perfect i think there’s six people in
our house right now and i think five of
them don’t want to talk to me because i
just came home from work and decided to
be focused on getting stuff done
including recording this podcast and so
i’ll work on those relationships
tomorrow what what was interesting
though and did i ever explain you why I
picked your show to talk first about
PTSD in public no you didn’t so let’s
hear it all right so it’s not something
I want to wear I’ve seen guys come out
of the service and they
where their PTSD like a badge and then
that becomes what they’re known by and
so it makes it really hard from what
I’ve been able to see it makes it really
hard for them to heal because if they’re
healed you know if they’re going through
that healing process then they lose the
part of the identity that they’ve
developed from being a victim and being
broken and I didn’t know where I wanted
to sit when it came to all that I knew I
wanted to talk about it but I didn’t
want to wear it like a badge and I
wanted to be able to talk to somebody
who’s kind of like a stranger and be
able to make it somewhat public so I
could get it out there I thought that
would feel pretty good and then you guys
like the Jupiter broadcasting community
so so can you tell us a little bit about
Jupiter broadcasting and then I’ll
explain you how this ties together
because I didn’t listen to you guys for
years and I think you guys are great so
what is Jupiter broadcasting for this
audience yeah thank you so Jacob you and
I have a shared interest in Linux which
is an alternative operating system
that’s free and open source and so
Jupiter broadcasting is a podcasting
network that sort of centers around the
topics of Linux and open source anything
from three minute news podcasts to
long-form human discussions so and
they’ve been around quite a long time
Chris has been doing it for something
like years and so I’ve been a
listener for a significant number of
those hairs at least ten if not more and
we could we could figure it out in do
some math but I’m bad at math and this
shows not about math about was a year
two years ago you guys brought on El
Marquez and she was able to tell a story
about what it was like for her to get
involved with tech and really being
vulnerable and I didn’t listen to her
talk at first I listened to all of this
shows the way that you guys were
speaking about it the way that the hosts
were talking about how while L really
opened herself up that’s brave right and
it that was kind of the theme you know
and you hear that from Chris who is this
very powerful you know voice
and an powerful personality among the
crew you can tell that from listening to
his shows so you hear somebody like
Chris say you know L opened up and that
was really brave and then and then
somebody else would comment about how
brave that was and how how you know she
had done this thing and was able to
share who she was and what her
background story was and so I still
hadn’t listened to her talk because I
didn’t want to go through the emotions
that are worse without it would trigger
for me but I saw the way that everybody
treated her in the community from what I
could see listening the podcast and
seeing the comments and some of the chat
groups and I said okay well there’s
going to be a community that’s going to
support me let me tell the part of my
story that involves Linux and let’s see
if brent is willing to have me on board
and so that’s how I ended up reaching
out was I wanted to share and if you
guys hadn’t set that example without I
would have just kept my mouth shut or
found some other venue to do it but
because of who you guys were
it just it clicked and it was a lot of
fun recording the episode and just the
friendships that I come from it nobody
has made fun of me yet nobody has said a
single negative thing you know the the
internet people think is a mean and
vicious and hurtful place and that is
not in my experience
so either the Linux and Jupiter
broadcasting community is just the
extraordinary most nicest people in the
world or people have too many things to
do so they don’t tell me you know what
they don’t like about me but it felt so
good to get that out there it was one of
those when I hung up with you Brent it
took me like an hour to decompress your
brains gonna go miles an hour and
you’re kind of walking around and it
just it took me a while to decompress
and get back in there because I recorded
at work I took the morning off but I was
still in the building yeah and you
really appreciated it too like yeah
the the reality for me after our talk
was much the same I walked around and
had to sort of reset and think whole
what did I just experience that was
really quite a gift and really profound
so I think it’s interesting that you and
I both had a similar
a sort of reaction to connecting that
way and yet you know I clearly didn’t
experience what you did but I felt it in
the ways and the stories that you shared
and you were a just a really good
listener and kind of guiding me through
that yeah I mean I’m not saying you’re
as good as you know the therapist I’ve
seen over the years but you know Brenda
was gonna mmm it was it was really
healthy and it felt really good I hope
other people have the opportunity
because your show is called brunch with
Brent and it’s this casual you know
people who run Linux and kind of have a
neat story and you interview them and
it’s really neat to see kind of the
spectrum of people that end up being on
that program I haven’t listened to your
most recent episode I did a book last
week so I’ve got a lot of catching up to
do on there when you need but that’s the
great thing about podcasts right it’s
like you know you can pick them up when
you need them to you don’t have to
digest them all at once and it’s it’s
not like radio where you missed it oh
well you know like it’s on the band for
you so I really appreciate the medium as
well yeah and I guess you were so I got
to let you know something else i because
i associated you with some of the strong
emotions that we had during the talk i
distanced myself from angry engaging you
like that was months ago and this is the
first time we’ve talked yeah talk talked
you know sense right because there are
some emotions that are very tied to that
conversation that even listening to it
again was kind of you know it gets you
you go through those swings the peaks
and valleys aren’t as high and low as
they were when we were recording but
they’re still there and so it’s one of
those like oh I’ll listen to this now
and then probably not again for years
and that’s that’s okay can I ask you a
little bit more about that yeah sure
so I’m curious about two things so the
first one is how was it for you the
experience or the contrast of experience
doing the recording with me so in real
time telling the stories and then the
experience of listening back to that
conversation that what was the
difference between the emotions that
came up between those two so I’m going
to start with the technical side first
that you didn’t ask me for because it’ll
be easier
that’s guy always listening first in
part because I wanted to find out where
did the edits happen you know because it
was a long interview and so is curious
like how do they edit this down I don’t
have the greatest voice you know and I’m
not the best in front of a microphone
you know how did they do this so I used
my natural technical curiosity to listen
to it and and there was a part of me
that was like wait Joe is editing this
like the Internet’s Joe rising he is
editing that you know what I mean
because I idolized that guy and Andrew
as well like mmm you know and they have
their different takes and flavors and
things and they’re just great folks but
listening to it it was I couldn’t know
it felt like I was outside of myself
looking in and that part of it is really
reflective and helpful it’s like oh I
can see the mirror of my emotions you
know and I know what’s coming next and I
can be prepared for it and I can see
this and I can understand it and and
I’ve got a show topic that I haven’t
brought up so let’s just make this a
longer episode because I’d rather talk
this through with you I do not like
frozen – have you seen it yes I have not
okay so this is this is going to this
will be a little different than if you
haven’t seen it yet maybe some of the
members of the audience haven’t seen yet
so as I described this for you to be
good the symbolism in frozen – is
perfect like Disney absolutely nailed
that if you have ever gone through any
mental challenges before it just and it
doesn’t matter the full spectrum of
diversity and mental challenges that we
face whether it’s anxiety whether it’s
PTSD whether it’s just you know what you
might call being shy what all of those
things are expressed in frozen – in this
wonderful beautiful metaphor that is so
absolutely powerful that it is hard for
me to watch like as much as I was
emotionally triggered talking to you I
get that emotionally triggered washing
frozen – and that sounds really silly
but I can see the symbolism and what
they’ve done in that movie that just is
is totally incredible I mean at one
point all the characters are trapped
behind this mist right so they’re
contained in an environment that is
trying to destroy them and each of the
elements that’s trying to destroy them
is actually trying to help them but they
can’t realize that until they go through
some challenges right like and so I’m
gonna I’m going to talk right and my
kids don’t notice it they just love the
movie and the singing and all of those
things right and even some of the
singing all the songs are beautifully
crafted to speak on two or three
different levels right they move the
story forward they’re kind of fun
they’re catchy I mean these these
writers really knock this thing out of
the park there’s even one musical number
in there that is like every s movie
with dad jokes like all summed up in one
it is like all of the cheesy music
videos from the s some of the vent and
it’s there and it’s there at the exact
spot in the movie that it needs to be
because you have to it the movie has to
communicate that if you’re dealing with
these things in your life and don’t take
yourself too seriously right so it’s
crafted to be there for that then
there’s other scenes and challenges
where you’re your best friend is lost
right so as as part of the experience
and the things that you thought were
solid in your life that we’re holding it
all together have to be destroyed in
order to let out a flood of what you’re
holding back and that your past has
parts of it that you didn’t consider and
that are part of the truth that you have
to go back and explore and then at one
point you know Anna or Elsa Elsa’s the
one with the powers right so at one
point she’s like out in the ocean and
she’s drowning and and anyone that has
dealt with depression and anxiety and
PTSD knows what that feeling is like
where you are just surrounded the waves
are above you crashing
and it’s calmer under the water where
you can’t breathe and and and that is
such a power like so you stay there to
drown because you don’t want to swim up
because it’s too chaotic and you don’t
know what to do otherwise so you’re you
just stay there and drown and and that
metaphor and that movie is so powerful
that it’s just like I get I I know that
one of the consequences of when I’m
emotionally triggered like that I get
grouchy and so my family finds me being
grouchy when that movie in that
particular scene is on because I don’t
think they see how beautifully perfect
of a metaphor it is for this stuff that
I’ve had to deal with inside of myself
and and what that’s meant and so once
again Brent you’re doing this to me
where I can talk to you and all the
people out there on the internet that
listen to this you know like I can talk
to you and share this with you in a way
you’ve got to see the movie and whatever
if it’s so enjoyable but but if you look
for it for that symbolism and then also
the conclusion the way it wraps
everything up is very respectful and
it’s not that all solutions you know are
perfect right it just it’s so very
respectful and so very well done
Wow they just yeah so right now I don’t
like frozen to because it’s perfect
right I hope that if the people who made
it listen to this they understand I
don’t like your movie because you did
such a good job of it please recognize
that as a compliment and let me tell you
thank you because it will resonate with
people who don’t understand who don’t go
through those like the pts be deemed
PTSD being a blessing and a curse right
there are people who will not experience
what that’s like in their life and the
movie speaks to those who want to help
in a way that’s also really healthy as
well and I I just I think they did an
amazing job I mean absolutely amazing if
those the biggest compliment I could
ever give somebody is to invite him over
to my house for dinner and if that
director and that cast ever want to come
over to my house for dinner that’ll set
the table I will make the pancakes cuz
I’m not a fancy cook right we will have
some sort of breakfast food and we will
enjoy the company and and that is the
biggest compliment I could offer them
thank you for creating this and and for
what it does for people in general but
in the difference it makes is is not
small in my life
and so while they did a great job now
you’re gonna have to watch it Brent I
mean this is uh you know I had a zero
interest in seeing it previous to this
but now you’ve got me it’s not after
your narration of some of what happens
in the film that was just even the way
you described it really grabbed me I’d
almost just prefer to listen to that for
a while so so thank you you’re so
complimentary think this is why we like
Brent guys I mean this is this is this
is what Brent is like he’s a really good
listener and then he he adds this layer
of value of just letting you know that
you are loved and that is that is really
powerful and we need more Canadians like
Brent in the world not getting we just
need we just need to be more like that
in our own worlds we don’t need more
breath we can we can live with one of
them but we need we need that we need to
do more of that in our world because you
don’t know when somebody’s having a bad
day right and also never know the ways
in which you shape people with the
things that you say even even the small
things so why not make them all
I like that is that a quote from
somebody or is that coming I mean we
were supposed to give you credit for
that one that was good that was probably
just a distillation of a bunch of
different amazing people and mentors
I’ve read about and and and talk to you
and etc etc so that’s just me
communicating what has shaped me in the
past all right so since we’ve already
made this an extraordinarily long
episode for this podcast let’s just keep
going for a minute and let’s let’s
switch gears to something completely
light all right so Brent I love
that seem to cause me to think and I’ve
come across one recently
that that I would love to pick your
brain about right mm-hm
so the scenario is you are in a building
and you are standing next to somebody
who accidentally pulls the fire alarm
you know there is no fire in the
building you can clearly see that and
the person says oh crap I made a mistake
the alarm is now going off and everyone
in the building starts to leave right do
you leave or do you stay what would you
oh that’s curious clearly because you
know the fire alarm was pulled then and
you’d leave that’s the standard
procedure but like you know and
therefore your whole assessment of the
situation is necessarily different I
like this
let’s give you a little more flavor here
so bring here from Canada it’s negative
Celsius outside okay right so how
does that change your decision on
whether or not you leave negative
outside yeah go I will say in some kind
of crazy way when you mention negative
Celsius which I don’t know what the
Fahrenheit equivalent is but it’s far
below freezing I’ve experienced this
exact situation that you’re describing
when I was in college I lived in a dorm
and this would happen all of the time so
I don’t know if anyone’s had that
experience but lots of people would you
know pull fire alarms or burn toast at
: in the morning or something like
that so often I have experienced this
exact thing of the fire alarm going off
when you know because the last five
times it’s just been a false alarm so
you know it’s nothing serious which is a
dangerous place to be actually and
having to stand in the snow bank across
the street in negative ten temperatures
waiting for the fire crew to go through
the building and make sure that it
actually was just burnt toast so
I have experienced this I will give a
tiny little aside and I’ll come right
back but it happened so often that
somehow my miraculous brain learned to
ignore it at in the morning when it
would happen so closer to the end of
that year in that dorm I actually would
sleep through these fire alarms which
was very worrying to my girlfriend at
the time so there’s a little nice little
story for you ok I like that response so
so would you like this or your question
did it well it does paint the picture I
want to add another twist to it right so
let’s let’s play this out right the fire
alarm is triggered by accident now every
other switch you have in your entire
life right you can turn it on or off mmm
why can you as a user not turn the fire
alarm off if you accidentally pull it by
accident why do you have to have the
fire alarm come or fire firefighters
come to turn the alarm off right there
was no fire right you just put the
switch back up call today oops my bad
right every other switch on every other
device you have in your entire life you
cannot do that with the fire alarm right
like like the fire alarm in your house
right you talk about burnt toast if that
fire alarm starts going off there is no
button to say hey my bad I’m taking care
of it shut up right you have to open up
the window isn’t yet start flat then the
neighbors are kind of looking over like
you know what the heck’s going on over
there right why the heck is there no
like hey dude shut up for five minutes
you know give me three minutes man I’ll
get this you know out of here in there
right like why don’t you have that what
is up with fire safety standards yeah I
think the attempt is forced safety or
leaning on the side of being extremely
cautious because you know if if someone
pulls the fire alarm like in your
example and we know it’s false then of
course it would make a lot more sense to
just press disable or you know turn the
switch off
but that wouldn’t necessarily satisfy
the case where maybe there was something
happening so that maybe is unacceptable
as a response to a potential firearm so
curious well you know what I heard
because you learned to sleep through it
right so I’m hearing and this reminds me
of the password thing right how many
times for years we were called change
your password ever not every days or
days or whatever and I know you
didn’t do that after you left your
corporate gig or whatever that was and
started becoming your uber professional
photographer self making millions of
dollars and flying around the globe
right but you know there is there there
is this idea if we were told to change
our passwords and then finally you know
they commissioned a bunch of studies and
realized hey wait a second this might be
a bad idea people should just pick one
really good password and like rock that
out for like you know two or three years
make it really good and and part of me
thinks that maybe we have that same sort
of mentality if we made a decision
without data and what we thought would
logically be safe but we’re not
calculating that human beings Aria
logical beings in that process right
like logic versus human nature two very
different things right yep
so human logic says I need to go to bed
human nature says man I’m having fun
talking to Brent right now that’s going
right alright so there is a fire alarm
question because I want to know what you
thought and that happened to me too it
wasn’t the dorm it was the military
barracks but dude somebody would come
back drunk and just pull the fire alarm
and then finally I looked at somebody
who’s like hey you need to get out there
we could have a formation – turns gotta
count us and I’m like he’s not gonna
know how many of us we have he doesn’t
know how many people aren’t past he
doesn’t know how many people are at the
bar why do I have to stay in there in
the cold it’s a fake alarm I’m putting
it and putting earplugs in because we
had military issued earplugs
nobody earplugs in I’m gonna sleep
that’s a twist that it expects you’ve
had the same experience as I did really
just different context to which was to
hear it so often that you become
desensitized and then you start to not
well you both start to not trust it and
also to just choose to ignore it so
right curious but then what happens the
day that it
isn’t a false alarm that’s my real
question the odds of that are so so
small and I would have had secondary
indicators right so I would have had a
secondary indicator and and there were
no secondary indicators it was just
somebody else messing YUM fascinating it
was not cool all right so I’m going to
talk to you about my interview with
Rocco right is Rocco listens to like
every third episode so I think I can
time this right so rockin listens to
that so Morocco does a very similar
Linux open-source oriented podcast and
he heard my interview with with Brent
for those you guys don’t know who Rocco
is and and years of the interview I did
with Brent he says I want to have this
guy on so he reaches out to me and I
tried to play hard to get I said I’m
only available to Sunday afternoons and
he said okay let’s do it this date and
then we scheduled that and and I got
real nervous around Raqqa because I was
like now and I already went through that
emotional roller coaster with Brent I’m
gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna keep it like
chill and on par with you know with
Rocco and so I started listening to
every single episode to prepare and he
has some good questions in there right
it’s like what does the limit what would
be one thing you would change about the
Linux community right no it was like
I’ve got to have a good answer because I
liked everybody else’s answer but I have
something else that’s good her and then
he got like bronchitis man and so no
because because I was like I hadn’t
listened to the other episodes I didn’t
have a good answer to that question and
then he got sick and I was like all
right I really hope he gets better and
I’m really glad that we’re not recording
the episode this Sunday and it’s
postponed because about three days later
I found my answer and so it was a fun
fun thing to do now we did have that
show went up a few weeks ago and and one
of the comments on there because he also
has a telegram group was oh I started
listening to it until until your guests
started singing right and and I did sing
on that one I didn’t sing for you Brent
and I won’t sing for the audience now
but it reminds me of this line is that
when I sing people tell me that they
love me because I can’t sing they have
nothing complimentary to say about my
singing so they look at me and they say
Jacob I love you
and then something else usually happens
after that but it’s it’s usually the
Jacob I love you because I can’t sing so
this guy post on the chat he’s like it’s
like how to turn it off then I had to
ride him back really quick cuz I didn’t
want that on the thread and Rocco you
know audience being scared server back I
know I can’t sing I was only seconds
skip ahead the rest gets good I was
surprised that actually I was I’m gonna
take that back I was more delighted to
hear you sing because a that wasn’t
something I expected so that was really
a wonderful reaction in me but also that
most people wouldn’t like it takes a lot
of it’s hard to sing in front of people
and and you know that podcast gets sent
out to a lot of people so that you even
managed to somehow get yourself into
song on a recorded podcast
I think is really impressive whether or
not you think it was good or not I
didn’t know how big his audience was
before I did that episode I looked at
like some metric of like I can’t
remember it was it was either his
telegram group size or it was something
else and I was like ah this isn’t that
big of a deal you know and then I was
like but I saw like his youtube or one
of the other numbers like popped up of
you know where you can see you
subscribers and others like oh this is a
big deal if this is proportional to my
you know as you have different release
channels for a podcast was like if this
is proportional this is a big deal
so yeah and I had a couple people reach
out and they were oh geez she’s reached
out he’s like I really enjoyed listening
to you on that episode and it was like
wow she’s reached out because the last
time I reached out to him I was like I
had taken some drugs and I was a little
loopy and and it was for medical reasons
right so I was just loopy you know I was
I was like hey man one of your logos
looks like this sort of like weird like
stereotype Chinese guy from like you
know like the way they used to draw him
back in the s right yes
I I wasn’t gonna share that with the
audience but yes yes you’ve called it
I’ll see if you can spot and and so so
we ended up having this conversation
back and forth like do you see this man
he’s like yeah you know it’s and this is
over chat right it’s like it’s like yeah
I see this I’m like okay so it’s not
just the drugs I could see in that logo
now and an Allen dude man that dude is
great I’d love to interview that guy
have you interviewed him on brunch with
Brent I can’t remember
I sure have so Ellen is a fellow
Canadian and so you know I actually got
in the same room together I was near him
and just made a quick trek out to his
home and we recorded in his basically
where he I guess it’s in his business
office where he does all of his work so
servers blazing in the back he and I
just across from each other is really
lovely so you can check that out dude
yeah so we’ll have to link to that if I
get around to it when I create the show
nuts for this I’m speaking with show
notes I have a great hack for any
podcaster out there wants to learn or
wants to be able to get an automated
transcript if you upload your show to
YouTube right and it depending on the
length it’ll take a little longer a
little shorter but if you upload it to
YouTube and then set the language as
English and come back in like an hour
YouTube will generate an automated
transcript that you download as an SBV
file and if you use an app like sublime
text or some of the other text editors
that are out there you can get rid of
the time stamp it puts on there and then
the some of the other characters and
stuff like that and get it to where it
appears like a full transcript even
though it’s it’s not perfect but at
least it gives you you know more words
on a on a post or a blog post or
whatever that will help Google find them
because Google doesn’t search inside of
the audio files that are linked on a
page but it will search the text of a
page and so that’s one way to help
people find your shows is to pull that
automated transcript out of YouTube
that’s a great hack so yeah I was
wondering about that just the other day
so thank you yeah so it’s not perfect I
if I could there’s a way to automate it
the macaron sublime text and I am that
bad of a coder that I haven’t figured a
how to do it yet
so one of these days all right here’s
another short one and then we’ll end on
this one because I can’t I can’t make
this a full episode right but in the
army we would wake up and do our
physical training right so I would wake
up and we’d have to do push-ups sit-ups
and running and some combination of that
there were other times we have to do
like vlog drills where you have like a
telephone pole and four guys have to
carry it and run around with it and
other stuff and who wants to be up at
: in the morning doing this right
like when you’re an evening guy do you
want to be yeah and then have to wake up
at : and throw a log on your
shoulders with all the other guys and
you’re sweaty and nasty and oh and
Oklahoma there were chiggers in the
grass and so we had to do push-ups and
sit-ups on the grass oh man it was just
your skin just felt like crap and then
not fun and then I remember in college I
did put I did sit-ups on the concrete
right because they didn’t have mats for
us so I did like sit-ups in two
minutes and then we’re not only my
two-mile run and didn’t realize I’d
caught some permanent damage to my back
so that was fun wait wait before we
would start our physical training right
we’d stand there and kind of look at
each other and wait for you know the
sergeant to come out and and you know
take accountability and then start the
day and I look at the guy next to me and
be like hey man you know the only reason
why I’m here so I can be a male model
after I retire and so well I’m a
podcaster now so it works out but now
I’m not a professional podcast room
project manager and I do the podcasting
on the side because you know nobody
wants to hire me to be a male model so
I’m stuck here talking to you and I’m
loving it so thank you for being here
yeah it’s kind of corners I have a lot
of questions around that physical
training stuff I don’t know if you’ve
gotten to the end of your story there
but that was it that was the story what
are the questions because I’m sure
you’re not the only one in the audience
that has those questions out there what
do you got well you mentioned you know
getting up early and doing this physical
activity and I’m curious if for you
and that was both really grueling and
also there was something lovely about it
because I know how at least when I’ve
gotten up early which doesn’t happen
very often but when I’ve gotten up early
and done something like a run or a hike
or you know every year my family we’d do
some hunting so we get up early and go
out into the forest and but just getting
that movement really early in the day
can sometimes like affect your mood in
ways that are really lovely so I wonder
if for you both of those existed
simultaneously both the hate for some of
it but there was something nice about it
um very true right I don’t think that
that hate ends I I think the emotions
are really well connected I mean I don’t
I’m not a scientist on that stuff but
yeah there are I mean I’ve seen just
about every sunrise for the last
years and you know I it’s a part of my
day to see the Sun rise in the morning
now I don’t sit there and watch it oh
look at that nice and you know I don’t
spend the half hour watching and come up
but I have seen every sunrise or just
about every sunrise for the last
years and you know one thing I you know
we talked about the emotions being close
right I I mentioned the other day to
somebody it was that being friends with
someone and being enemies with somebody
doesn’t change the fact that you still
have a relationship it just changes the
type of relationship that you have right
so going back to our episode where we
disagree right we can we can choose to
be friends where we can choose to be
enemies but we will know we will
continue to have a relationship if if we
are in either one of those spaces and
you know you so you have a relationship
with your experience as well and you can
choose to be enemies with that
experience or you can choose to be
friends with it but you will have a
relationship with your experiences and
that kind of ties into what we say at
the end of every episode where you know
remember in a world where you can be
why not used to be grateful we’re going
to choose to have a relationship with
what you’re doing what sort of
relationship do you want that the be and
if it’s one of gratitude
everyone will benefit so hmm well we
just went deep again man I was trying I
know my weight just happens with you I
do deep thinking this late at night so
so what are you editing for photos after
you hang up with me what do you got on
the docket for photos today
you know I will unfortunately say that
most of my photography work has been
cancelled recently since some of this
you know keeping people away from each
other stuff but so I’ve got nothing
landscapes then uh I did send you I
think did I send you that landscape I
took a little while back of snow on the
Sun setting and that kind of thing I
think did but maybe I didn’t I meant – I
think you did also I’ll send it again
I’ll go take some more that’s great yeah
it’s actually an opportunity for me and
I mentioned that I don’t get to do this
often enough is to just go for a walk
with my camera outside of the idea that
it needs to be for anything so typically
when I have my camera these days it’s
always for an assignment of some sort
and that so that relationship that I
have with the camera has really changed
from when I first fell in love with it
and I found myself not taking it
whenever I go for hikes and those kind
of things just because I’m trying to
create distance but maybe this is a real
gift and an opportunity to to rekindle
that connection all right so the last
landscape photo you sent me had
mountains in the background on January
while ago yeah so that one was a
while ago there I deserve another I
think the world deserves another right
the way you see the world is worth
sharing and talking about oh and then I
sent you the PSD logo now – so that was
that was the thing even that we talked
about we’ve been doing exchanges on some
of the comedian’s and classic classic
musicians that we both enjoy
so that was a lot of fun man your chats
are pretty enjoyable it’s why I like
them q thank you I mean there’s two two
people in a chat so the thanks goes
right back to you well I probably do too
much talking and with that because I’ve
done too much talking for this episode I
know I promised you guys I thought this
would be a short podcast and then you
get get somebody on like Brent and I
just talk and it happens so you which
how many people that you had brunch with
Brent with have actually eaten any of
the food right because you know with
Alan in person and everybody else you
call it brunch with Brent but you didn’t
order me anything there was no door – to
where I was out no I’m not saying I feel
slighted but I’m saying there’s an
opportunity here that I think the show
is really missing is you were sucking
down applesauce and I was just sitting
there you didn’t get the delivery
security stopped the guy recording I see
how this works
well-played sir well story behind the
name maybe I could share it’s a bit of
an inside joke as you may know or you
will now know is that I tend to get
hungry quite frequently you throughout
the day I’m the kind of person who is
just constantly eating so actually I
have a set of trail mix right in front
of me right now so there’s just
something about I don’t know the dietary
choices I’ve made or my metabolism or
whatever that I’m just around food and I
love food and then they try to eat
pretty healthy so the joke is that the
name of the podcast brunch with Brent
just came up you know through the crew
at Jupiter broadcasting we’re all pretty
close friends and it just came out of
nowhere from from Chris who just
suggested that it was kind of a joke
that it should be called brunch with
Brent but it’s because every time I
start you know I go to start a podcast
especially in the recording studio I
have to have like a meal first I have to
have some kind of sustenance to keep me
going because as you know
some of this knowledge work you know
when you’re leading a discussion or
you’re trying to put a podcast together
it’s surprisingly don’ting in terms of
how much energy it uses so being
completely fueled up is my necessity
some people can just wing it without but
brunch with Brent it’s basically I got
to eat first so you may as well join me
then sounds good and if you’ll notice if
you look at the YouTube video for the
interview I did with Rocco I was
following your example on second down
applesauce I did not realize how he was
I thought it was an audio podcast right
there’s a part of my brain that did not
comprehend the camera angle shows it up
my nose like you know like I didn’t like
it just I know better but I was I was
not thinking and it was just such a good
interview – everything about it from
that perspective it was a really good
interview you know like but yeah it was
a lot of fun but it’s what let’s wrap
this up right so this is the part where
I tell you that the best way to say
thank you for this episode is this shirt
with somebody that you know if you’re
just joining us before this episode and
then we’re glad you can make it and if
you want to stick around for the long
haul then remember this podcast can be
delivered directly to your favorite
device by using the SUBSCRIBE links over
parking thought comm all one word you
can also find this show on Apple
podcasts that your Spotify the YouTube
right because believe it or not YouTube
should have at the in front of it just
for the fun of it and as we end each
episode we like to ask you to
participate in a challenge a challenge
to remember that in a world where you
can choose to be anything oh why not
choose to be grateful
and I’m not sure if you can hear my
daughter dancing up above yeah that’s
why this is not a drew edited podcast
because drew would be like that
recording quality or not drove Joe would
be like the recording quality gone I’m
like yeah it’s an episode is that stone
out in the world









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And Why I Hate Frozen II | 90