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And a Bright Personality | 97

And a Bright Personality | 97

Update: 2020-03-31


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Have you ever noticed how your attitude determines your happiness? Recognizing that there are a lot of things in life we’re not in control of is good. Knowing what you are in control of can allow you to make a difference for yourself and others.


music by Dyalla Swain

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hello and welcome to parking thought I’m
Jacob and I’m glad you’re here today in
this episode we’re gonna be talking
about how your days are only as bright
as your personality and that sounds like
a bit of a cliche phrase maybe I got it
from a mean I don’t remember anymore but
I like the idea that your days or only
as bright as your personality it puts
you in the driver’s seat it’s designed
to get you thinking of how much in
control you are over your life and I
like to think that while we are not in
control over a lot of things in our life
and we’re less control over a lot of
things in our life now than we used to
be but we are in control about our
attitude about it and that doesn’t mean
I want us going full Polyana and oh
we’re grateful for everything that could
possibly happen no we need to look at
things that are both good and bad in any
sort of system in society you know I had
um you know we got instructions today to
not minister to other members of our
congregation in our own neighborhood
because it may violate the order of the
governor of the state of Idaho
Wow I mean like I already wasn’t going
over there to their house you know to
like do a whole lot but but we would for
those people who wanted it be able to
provide what we call in our church the
sacrament right to those members right
so it’s very similar in the Catholic
Church it would be communion and because
we have a late clergy we have lots of
members who can provide this service and
we’ve been coordinating providing the
service for families that had requested
it and needed it and wanted it and today
we were told to stop doing that and that
was that was really hard for me to deal
with because your right to freely
assemble is enshrined in the
Constitution yes but it actually comes
not from the Constitution your rights
don’t come from your government they
come from who you are as a person from
being endowed by your Creator with these
inalienable rights these rights that are
are part of your birthright to be able
to make choices and be able to express
your conscience and no governor of a
state like the state of Idaho can
get in the way of that under any
circumstances it is not there it is not
within their ability to get in the way
of peace of allah sembly or the free
exercise of religion now that being said
the leaders in our church decided that
you know it would be best if we followed
the governors instructions to not
provide that service and now I have a
couple of scenarios of what might happen
what might happen is the governor who
may or may not be as familiar with our
church and the service that we provide
when members of our church in the
leadership role go back and explain to
them that we would like permission to
continue this service we are providing
that you’ll learn a little bit more
about our church and probably be more
sympathetic to the service that we
provide and that may be you know that
can lead to a relationship in the future
where we can provide more for more
people and so I hope that’s the case but
my initial reaction to that news was her
I was very frustrated by it and you know
that’s one of the things that I think
will happen to all of us at different
stages and in different reasons during
the course of our weeks and months and
years ahead we’re gonna get news that at
the surface is very frustrating to deal
with or very hard to absorb but there’s
probably a reason behind it we need to
remember that there is a God and he has
a plan and in order to earn our place in
heaven we have to be challenged and what
we’re dealing with now is our challenges
that allow us to be there now we can’t
control all of those challenges when
they come we can volunteer for some of
them I mean I volunteered to join the
army umpteen years ago right and I
volunteered for one of my deployments my
wife was not happy with that one all
right but you know you can volunteer to
do hard things sometimes as part of your
challenge but you don’t get to volunteer
for all the challenges you’ll face we’re
facing a challenge right now we’re not
alone in doing it and there’s a lot of
comfort and not being alone in dealing
with this challenge and while I may not
be in control of what this challenge
looks like or how it
impacts lots of people in the area or
Howard even impacts me in some ways I
can choose my personality about it my
attitude about it I’m in charge of that
I’m not perfect
oh I have my grouchy moments I just
shared one with you but I know that my
days are only going to be as bright as
my personality and for that I mean
that’s a pretty powerful thing and again
I don’t know if I call it off meme but
it’s important enough for me to share it
with you your days are only going to be
as bright as your personality it’s what
personality are you choosing a half
right how does that look and well you
know how this always ends on each of
these episodes I say something pretty
simple like hey glad to have you here if
you liked it share it with somebody else
that you know and if you want to
subscribe head on over to parking Khan
and then finally with regards to your
attitude I always challenge the audience
to remember in a world where you can
literally choose to be anything or why
not choose to be grateful









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And a Bright Personality | 97

And a Bright Personality | 97