DiscoverParking ThoughtAnd an Invitation to Fast | 94
And an Invitation to Fast | 94

And an Invitation to Fast | 94

Update: 2020-03-27


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In this edition I share an invitation to fast with 15 million other people.

President Nelson’s Invitation to fast:
Jacob & Melody Bateman’s Trail to 100 Podcast:


music by Dyalla Swain

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hello and welcome to parking thought the
Internet’s only podcast recorded from
the intersection of curiosity trail and
gratitude Lane around here we start our
episode titles with and just because we
can the windows here in the studio face
the rolling hills of gratitude and just
beyond the hills why all the good in the
world from the extraordinary to the
everyday my name is Jacob and I’m glad
you’re here today let us know you’re
listening by tapping the like button or
the subscribe button or shooting us an
ode over at parking thought calm comment
wherever you happen to find us in this
edition we’re going to be talking about
fasting well because there’s an
opportunity here so in the last episode
all right a bit long longer than normal
anyway I do like to keep these to about
minutes or so um but I felt it was
good to kind of wrap up how we have very
imperfect systems trying to respond to
something that we’re just these systems
are not designed for but that we have
millions of people making good choices
now maybe that concise message didn’t
come out in the minutes that I
recorded I would have liked it if it had
but if it didn’t then there it is now
this episode is about an episode of you
that haven’t fasted before there’s
different ways and techniques of doing
this fasting is both a health practice
and a religious practice so when in a
health practice sense fasting is the
opportunity for the body to be deprived
of food and there’s different benefits
different chemicals that are released in
the body depending on how long and how
often and the health of the user to be
able to potentially fast so I’m not
bringing this up in the health sense if
you want to listen to a podcast that
references the health sense of fasting
then head on over to trail to that’s
the podcast by Jacob and Heidi or Jacob
and melody Bayman who are doing a very
good job talking about and documenting
their progress to get to be able to do a
hundred mile race and they are looking
into and experimenting with you know
fast running or fasting while running I
think I said that wrong but I hope you
what we have the opportunity to do this
Sunday though is a little different it’s
more of a religious fast and so we
understand that the health version of
fasting there’s a there’s a combination
here where we have both the religious
and the economical perspective on
fasting and this is actually pretty neat
so as those of you who are longtime
listeners know I’m a member of the
Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day
saints the leader of our church is in
Salt Lake City and we refer to him as a
prophet and we believe and it’s a matter
of faith that we can disagree on but we
as members of the church believe that he
has the opportunity to be inspired by
God and receive revelation for the whole
world now revelation might sound a bit
scary and foreign in our church it’s
actually pretty common what we refer to
there is we believe that people can be
inspired to receive revelation in
whatever their circumstances are so I’m
entitled to receive revelation about my
life you’re entitled to receive
revelation about your life if you’re a
parent you’re entitled to receive
revelation about being a parent whatever
role you happen to find yourself in in
life we believe that a loving Heavenly
Father wants to give you the counsel and
guidance necessary to be able to be
happy and healthy and productive and to
this end the prophet has felt inspired
at least I believe he felt inspired to
share a message with the world I’m going
to play part of that here I don’t want
to play the whole thing but he’s asked
all of us to participate in a fast and
so here’s his words and I know that
during these challenging times we can be
strengthened and lifted as we call upon
God and His Son Jesus Christ the master
here I invite you to join with me in a
worldwide fast for all whose health
permits to pray for relief from the
physical emotional and economic effects
of this global pandemic I invite members
of the Church of Jesus Christ of
latter-day saints everywhere along with
our many friends to fast and pray this
Sunday March th
let us unite our faith to plead for
physical spiritual and other healing
throughout the entire world the Lord
understands the feelings you are
experiencing he loves and cares for you
as I do I love hearing that message and
I want to share with you as my audience
the opportunity that we have to fast
right now one of the reasons why we deal
with the emotions we do while we are
self quarantine is that it feels like we
can’t do anything you know I read an
article today that talks about how you
know a virus messes with our senses our
our senses are biologically wired and
engineered so we can perceive threat and
take the threat out and we can’t really
do that with things that we can’t see
and so we’re wired in a way where it
feels like and all of our experience is
not necessarily valued it feels like we
can’t do anything it feels like we’re
helpless so if you’re feeling that way
then why don’t you join me on Sunday and
fast and I’ll describe what I plan on
doing for fasting based upon the
guidance I’ve received and feel free to
modify this for your circumstances and
personal preference so fasting for us as
for me is going to meals without food or
water right just nothing for two meals I
know other people in my family choose to
fast from various other things they
might still drink water but don’t fast
from food and again how you choose to
fast is a very personal thing
what I want you to do is I want you to
do it in a way where you can feel
connected and to this larger greater you
know humanity that you can’t see from
inside your four walls and the other bit
of instruction I’ve always received is
it while you’re fasting it’s important
to pray and so it would advise you that
if you are a person of faith and if
you’re not and you want to try you’re
welcome to but to be able to find some
way to keep a prayer and hope in your
heart that those who are dealing with
this event in these circumstances and
are likely not dealing with it as well
as you are the ones who are struggling
and all of us who have concerned
about the social health and economic
concerns that we lay those burdens on
the Lord that we hope for that brighter
future that allows us to have faith will
you do that with me when the prophet of
our church speaks the membership usually
follows and there are million people
who are gonna spend Sunday March th
fasting and praying and you can be a
part of that group you wouldn’t have to
feel alone I once had a very special
experience in a church setting where I
was able to really feel connected I I
believe it was one of those times of
personal revelation or I could feel like
I was connected to everyone else in the
world and it was special to me I don’t
really have words to describe it but it
was beautiful and it’s something that
hasn’t left I want to share that type of
experience with you and so that’s why
I’m offering this invitation thank you
guys for listening and let’s wrap this
up but let’s wrap it up a little
differently normally I say the best way
to say thank you for this episode is to
share it with someone you know and
instead of that why don’t you share that
you learned about a national fast or
rather a religious fast or rather a fast
on Sunday to help us feel like we’re
doing something oh I’m sorry we can’t
wrap this up
why bad guys because there’s also an
economic purpose behind this as well the
other thing we do when we fast for two
meals as we take the money we would have
spent on those two meals and we give it
to a charity and now I use my church as
my charity contribution you know thing
or my vehicle for charitable
contribution but why don’t you guys try
finding a charity that you can donate to
as well whatever you would have spent on
those two meals whatever you feel
comfortable saying that you would have
spent on those two meals donate it to a
charity and I think we could do a lot of
good imagine that million people
fasting and you fasting along with them
and donating to charities or people in
need what a difference in the world
that’ll make they would not go unnoticed
now let’s truly wrap this up please
don’t share this episode
the idea of fasting share the invitation
to fast on Sunday whether your religious
person or not from the economic
standpoint of being able to go without
meals for two meals and then share that
money that you would have spent with
somebody else can make a difference
invite people to do the same well at the
end of every episode we do finish off
with a challenge to remember in a world
where you can literally choose to be
anything why not choose to be grateful









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And an Invitation to Fast | 94

And an Invitation to Fast | 94