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And the Bandits Attack | 79

And the Bandits Attack | 79

Update: 2020-03-05


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In this edition we share Lucius Clark’s audio retelling of how he and other Mormon Pioneers were kicked out of Mexico.

Lucius Clark Book:


music by Dyalla Swain

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hello and welcome to parking thought the
show where we highlight the good in the
world from the extraordinary to the
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curiosity meet gratitude my name is
Jacob and I’m glad you’re here today
in this edition we’re going to be
continuing to apply our curiosity to the
question of where do we come from and
who are we but not in the religious
sense in the sense of who were our
ancestors yes we’re talking about family
history this week and so far we’ve
talked a little bit about how
technologies enabled that to be better I
talked about the miracle in the previous
episode of being able to find the family
names that we needed for my wife’s side
of the family we’ve talked a lot in each
of these episodes about how members of
the church Jesus Christ of latter-day
that’s a mouthful but it’s it snuffle
for a reason but members of that church
take these names to the temples to make
sure that the work of salvation the
commandment to be baptized that
everybody has an opportunity to do that
so my children have stood in for some of
the ancestors that we’ve done family
history research for now on earlier this
week we talked a little bit about Lucius
Clark and you guys got to hear Lucius I
know the audio isn’t the greatest
because of the recording technology we
had at the time but you got to hear from
Lucius he’s no longer around hasn’t been
around for a few decades and yet you got
to hear him describe the story and what
it was like to travel over a mountain
from Bear Lake back to where he needed
to go in order to be there for his
father’s funeral and so I’ll let you
listen to that episode when you get a
chance to at right now in this
episode we’re going to be listening to
Lucius Clarke again this time though he
tells a bit of a different story he
tells a story of Hell he being newly
married well actually doesn’t tell that
part of the story I need to tell that
part of the story so you guys can
appreciate this um Lucius has dad moved
the family all over the families because
remember Lucius his dad was a polygamist
so Lucius his father moved all of the
families down to Mexico
go and so he moved them down to Mexico
where you know lucious decided and it
was like towards the end of his teenage
years very formidable years and so he
went to a local academy that was there
to be able to develop his education and
while he was there in this
english-speaking / spanish-speaking
Academy he was not only learning the
things he was learning from the academic
curriculum but he also learned Spanish
at the time musically talented lucious
could play the guitar and the mandolin
he loved to sing you know and had lots
of talents well while he was down there
you know in his early s he met a young
lady and they got married and so the two
of them got married and they were in
their first year of marriage they were
down in the the Juarez area foam-rubber
right right so they’re down in this area
in Mexico and they are starting off
their new life newly married making ends
meet you know very very humble folk
right but making ends meet and trying to
do the best they can and what was
happening at that time period
early s was you ended up having a
bunch of bandits that would come through
and this is the era of Pancho Villa
right so this is this is that era and it
is those bandits who are in the area
that caused the entire settlement to
uproot and leave and so you know women
and children first was very much a real
thing at that that age in that stage of
things and so you know within like his
first year year-and-a-half of marriage
he he describes in this how he put his
wife on a train and didn’t know if he
would ever see her again and that before
the train could come back and pick up
the men the Brethren right
the bandits had blown up a bridge and
the Train wouldn’t be able to come back
and get them and he talks about how they
had to walk in order to get reunited
again and how he felt and now Lucius is
a man that’s not going in a whole lot of
detail about his feelings I think he
comes from an era where you kind of kept
those quiet so when he speaks and he
talks about the impression that that
made on him I really listen because yo
could you imagine that happening to you
whether you are married or plan on
getting married but your first year of
marriage being scared for your life
putting your spouse on a train and not
knowing if you’re gonna
see that person again and then you know
his wife is on a train and then gets put
in a foreign place you know at a
different country in different people
and she was used to and wondering if her
husband was ever gonna find her again
and what a great feeling of loneliness
and what prayers
what prayers they must have offered
during that time period to ask that
things would work out and I’ll tell you
they did because years later you know my
grandmother was able to be born and she
was a wonderful woman but I want you
guys to listen to lucious his own words
describing this event and so let’s go
ahead let’s turn him on now audio
quality’s not the greatest again but
let’s listen to him now and hear his
story I got to see her for about how it
has been our show before they went to it
and of course I had to stay cuz the van
had to stand take care of things and
send women the children out a few old
man detectors and they had to ride about
miles down to the railroad tracks and
then they loaded them into freight cars
and then the last words or anything they
could get what kind of a car did you
have that was something that can’t be
ready they weren’t any of them
up-to-date thing then they ship the maps
that day and the evening after there is
one day after the shift of women
children to El Paso the red book came to
blow at the ridge of the railroad so
there we were two women were not
and how old were you grandpa how old
were you then oh I was then let’s
play an elderly man
she was doing well another kind of
trying days we didn’t know I can
remember it had such impression on me I
wondered if I’d ever get to see her
again and if I’d ever get out of Mexico
alive because it didn’t look very
interesting encouraging
there we were the other side of the
border and surrounded by hostile ladies
Everman and they were they were angry
with the Americans because the Americans
wouldn’t join them we make you to join
either side we were neutral and we were
advised to take sympathise with either
side whatever we proved our annihilation
if we had it took thing inside with
either group you see anything well
that’s a long story how we left cut our
hearted in the night well you don’t want
to hear too many stories that we want to
hear all the head and so it was raining
but her father and I had left to go out
in the pasture and catch a horse we had
a rope now there’s a bit between I
should say thin I don’t know what that
was our chance to get a horse and to get
up to that horse and get up to that cave
that evening and the sprinkling of all
the gloomy feeling the person had under
those circumstances I thought well we’re
going to try for it
if we live we live it we we die so we
went out and pet people we were
fortunate and we were able to catch a
couple of portions as well as our five
that’s when we got on the torch and rode
up to that place did quit rating in the
little island thank goodness and we
build a big bonfire there behind a
little mountain and dried their clothing
and made up some makeshift tents for
their blankets we were able to bring
with us and then the next morning it
cleared up and it was a very cold
weather veteran in July and rejected
disagreeable that sprinkling rain and so
we’d appeal related a day or two before
that we held a lot of groceries up there
in that cave is this differential ality
yes the case time came and we had to run
lightly it quickly we’d have something
to eat you see so these men were smart
enough you absolutely would up in that
cave and so they brought a few extra
horses pack saddles and they put some
very head to flour and few things that
they have any grocery store on these
pack horses with and we started
traveling the next night you have any
questions we travel for three days to
get out of Mexico and we went around
through the mountains to show we would
avoid the Mexican our music they’re
scattered around
we had quite an experience crossing
those hot desert and you love about
thighs for thirst we had all of our dogs
died of thirst and several horses were
dropped dead and some of us almost it
was a miracle that we all fell to none
of the people died my goodness we got
I remember driving all day and then hot
July Sun we see a windmill out in the
distance when we get there where there
wouldn’t be any wind and mill mill
wasn’t running and the water was hot in
the truck for the cattle it men bitches
we didn’t get very much relief debris
and I I said at that time I didn’t give
ten dollars for herself as waters of
cold rush oh but we were fortunate I’m
survive if they tell us that we finally
got through El Paso how glad we worried
find the ladies and had their parents
lumberyard they had an old a lumberyard
there they’ve been abandoned and they
put sheets up where they put the lumber
you know around the coast and each
family was allotted place about eight
feet square well you know a lumber yard
you dig ID dog was fine weather
Rodney’s lumberyard no not that but
Romney had a lumber yard in in new
glands and I was a manager remember yard
for a while brother Raman a celebrity
all right during the summer when I
wasn’t going to school I got a job
working for him and he thought I had pre
good mathematician so he let me run the
yard and I do take a little I’m burned
yet people hate it when they bring
glimmer and I settle number two people
think America and I work for him that
summer in his lumber now we’re eg Romney
Ronde George Romney who was present with
Crips colleague Jeremy was present rich
college and Barry G Romney was his son
and and this George Romney was my
teacher in the cut in the Academy taught
anything and he was very G but just a
little boy playing around there when I
was working well you see that that’s a
long story I’ve got a whole big whoop
that thing somebody’s written a story of
all the details well I hope you guys
enjoyed listening to that voice from the
past part of the reason for doing the
voice from the past sort of thing in
this these episodes this week with
family history is to remind you of how
simple it can be to tell your family
stories I was talking with one lady
today and encouraging her to do this and
she said oh but I’m just I mean great
southern lady right but oh I’m just so
long-winded I don’t know how to stop and
I said okay well tell the story of how
you met your husband not how you met
your husband how you started dating how
he proposed and how you got married and
how you had all these kids tell the
story of how you met your husband you
know oh all I think I can do that so I
loaned her one of my recording devices
and sent it on her way and she’s on a
trip ironically enough down to Mexico on
a vacation with her husband and so I’m
hoping they’ll take the time to use that
device to do some recording and just
tell the small snippets of stories that
make up who you are and help to answer
questions in one of our upcoming
episodes we’re gonna talk a little bit
more a little bit more about how those
answers that you share the experiences
that you share mean more to your
generations that follow then you might
know but that’s why this is called the
teaser and that’s what you’re gonna have
to stay tuned for so let’s wrap this
episode up this is the part where I tell
you that the best way to say thank you
for this particular episode is to share
this episode with somebody else that you
know and if you’re just joining us for
this episode thank you so much for being
here maybe it had something you could
Google and this is all you want
great good to have you thank you again
if you want to stick around for the long
haul head on over to parking thought
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so it can be delivered directly to your
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episode I like to offer this challenge
and so I hope you’ll take it the
challenge is pretty simple it’s to
remember that in a world where you can
choose to be anything why not choose to
be grateful









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And the Bandits Attack | 79

And the Bandits Attack | 79