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And the Least I Could Do 2 | 95

And the Least I Could Do 2 | 95

Update: 2020-03-29


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What if you helped out but did the least you could? With quarantine impacting our daily lives doing the little things can be fun.


music by Dyalla Swain

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hello and welcome to parking thought the
Internet’s only podcast recorded from
the intersection of curiosity trail and
gratitude Lane around here we start our
episodes with the word and just because
we can the windows here in the studio
face the rolling hills of gratitude and
just beyond those hills lie all the good
in the world from the extraordinary to
the everyday my name is Jacob and I’m
glad you’re here today let us know
you’re listening by typing the like or
subscribe button wherever you happen to
find us in this edition we’re gonna be
talking about eternal families and we
talked about this subject before I
mentioned how you can do some really
quick math in the book of Job
multiplying by and discover that
actually families according to the
biblical you know record that we have
are designed to be together forever
now our families tend to be spending a
lot more time together we seem to be at
home a lot more these days and that can
be a good thing you remember when we
used to take vacation to spend time with
family and now it seems to me that you
can’t really get away from them there
are always around and that can be a bit
unnerving at times but it can also be
really reassuring remember families are
divinely inspired and part of the reason
for having them is so that way the
members of our family challenges us to
be our better selves and to do better
and I’ve got a bit of a story with this
and then I want to talk about a couple
of movie recommendations so first this
story I was young and I was dating the
person who would be my future wife she
is awesome and I love her and every
moment I could spend with her was just
great well we were hanging out one
afternoon and a few of the guys that I
worked with right we’re playing frisbee
outside frisbee happens to be my most
favorite game and it doesn’t even matter
if we’re playing ultimate or playing you
know what is a frisbee golf or any of
the other variation it’s just something
about tossing a frisbee throwing it as
far as I can and and getting it to you
know where somebody else can catch it is
for me so I started playing and I got
caught up in it and before I knew it
you know quite some time and gone by and
we were very early into dating and I
turned around and she wasn’t there
and what I thought would have happened
was that she would have been there
watching me because I looked so cool and
I’m saying frisbee and the reality was
is that she got bored and left and went
to somebody else’s place to hang out and
you know I remember that moment of
realizing that she wasn’t where I
thought she would be and not in a bad
way this isn’t like oh I’ve lost the dog
this is like oh my goodness this person
that I really want to like me that I
want to spend my life with this is not
around what did I do and you know
something very similar happened this
week where you know I thought I was
doing something nice for my wife and it
turns out that I wasn’t paying attention
to her feelings the same way I did when
I was playing frisbee and that’s one of
those lessons you learn not just once
but repeatedly in life remember I think
our families are divinely inspired and
they challenge us to be our best selves
they challenge us not to think of only
ourselves but to think of others as well
close proximity puts us in that
situation and one of the games that my
wife and I used to play we might get
back to it now we play it off and on is
it’s a game called the least I could do
and it’s a fun one while you’re spending
time with family to be able to walk
around and do something nice for them
but make sure it’s not something big or
even in the normal spectrum make sure it
literally is the least that you can do
and this game has a couple of really
interesting benefits first off it
challenges you to be kind but not to be
too kind and and operating in that zone
can be a lot of fun stuff still gets
done and there’s still tally list of
things that you can say that you did
because you cared about the other person
the reality is is those little things
probably won’t add up too much and they
probably won’t really matter but it
starts your mind thinking about what
would the other person like or
appreciate now I’m not very good at
winning this game and I don’t really
think there’s a win
but I do enjoy playing it from time to
time because it’s fun to walk around and
be like honey I picked up your bowl from
dinner or lunch or whatever it was the
least I could do you know and you go and
point out all the times that you were
able to do the least you could do thing
and it does make it kind of fun now one
of the least you could do type of dates
or types of way to spend time with a
family is watching movies and I’ve
watched a couple recently that are
available in Disney Plus and they do not
sponsor this podcast Oh believe me I
don’t think anybody that works for
Disney even knows this podcast exists
and that’s okay you guys know it exists
and I’m really glad you’re here so there
are two great Disney movies that are out
that both include a theme that I think
is important in our lives so one of them
is the Lion King right so we’ve seen the
old cartoon version and I’ve seen the
sequels that followed afterwards and
wasn’t terribly impressed with those
sequels the first one was really
brilliant and in a lot of ways you know
for its time period it was very good
well the new version the one that came
out in the last what year and a half or
so where it was fully animated
characters to look lifelike has some
themes in there about families being
together forever that I think are really
warm and important at this point in time
now I’ll suggest you send some love over
to Disney because as long as there are
parks remain closed they’re not making a
whole lot of money in fact their parts
generate about twenty billion dollars
worth of revenue a year they had a lot
of value in a lot of different spaces
Disney as a corporation does but this is
potentially going to be a significant
hit and their stock prices have already
shown you know for businesses that you
might want to support you can show them
that you appreciate the products they
are still offering while we adjust to
what isn’t or whatever our new economic
reality is so the Lion King is one of
the movies I’d suggest watching but even
more than that this week on Friday or
Saturday April rd right I can’t more
what day of the week that’ll be but on
April rd a movie called onward is going
to be released on Disney Plus for
everybody to watch they were supposed to
be released in theaters
and we now live in an age in a day where
in order to distribute that content they
can simply push a few buttons and push
it out over the Internet and it’s way
more complex than that for those in the
IT field but essentially they have that
ability to do so I’ve been able to watch
onward you can download it now or watch
it now on any of the paid services
Amazon and a few other folks have it
available or you can pay for it and it’s
definitely worth a watch and in this
movie you see two brothers who in this
magical world they’re able to bring
their father back for one day but
something happens with the spell they’re
using to do it and they’re only able to
bring back his lower half and it’s
really interesting to see how
generations communicate within
themselves and with those that have come
before it’s a brilliant piece of work as
an artwork and as a drawings and all of
those things that you would appreciate
about artwork it is definitely worth
watching and enjoying I mean this is a
Pixar film people I mean you can have
high expectations and they’ll probably
be met it was a lot of fun to watch but
it also speaks to the value and the
complexity of our modern families you
know that dad comes back to life one day
the moms already in another relationship
they don’t really dwell on that as being
abnormal that’s just kind of their
normal it’s how it is and everybody
respects the dad for playing the role he
did in the lives of all the characters
who were a part of this story and I
think it gives us the opportunity to
reflect on who we have in our lives and
respect the story that they play or the
part of the story that they play now
there are family members out there who
are actually dealing with more than just
being quarantined they’re dealing with a
loved one who’s maybe should be on a
ventilator and they can’t get it and
maybe are dealing with a loss of a loved
one I mean this audience is small but
there may be somebody in this audience
who is having to deal with that right
now and so while we have our families
and while we may not want to always be
around them
let’s remember who each of the
characters and our families are and love
and respect them for the things that
they do add well I think that’s a good
enough message to end on and I think for
a title we’ll probably pick the least I
could do I didn’t want to come up with a
big episode I tried to do five a week
but I really wanted my invitation to
fast to be one that would stick around
for a couple days before posting new
content so slow this one up as well and
I’ll let my audience know that this is
the least I could do um with that let’s
wrap this up well this is the part where
I tell you that the best way to say
thank you for this particular episode is
to share it with somebody else that you
know pick who it is grab a share link
send it off to them if you want to stick
around for the long haul because maybe
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curated all the SUBSCRIBE links for you
to go ahead and hit right there he also
find us on the stitcher spotify youtube
and all the other ways you can find us
and we could always use some more
youtube subscribers I think for it four
hundred and something right now and it’d
be great to have a few more it’s a great
platform especially if you want to leave
some feedback
maybe I slurred my words or maybe you
think we ought to do more than the least
in any case that’s an opportunity if you
want to to be able to leave some
feedback for us as we close the blinds
on our view to the good things in the
world let’s remember and in a world
where we can literally choose to be
anything why not choose to be grateful









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And the Least I Could Do 2 | 95

And the Least I Could Do 2 | 95