Andrea Cullen

Andrea Cullen

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Andrea Cullen

Andrea Cullen is a Nutritional Therapist, Functional medicine practitioner, Pharmacist, and Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine. She is also participates in spirit, land, healing, and ancestral work.

Andrea comes from Newport, Tipperary. She spent 9 years training, working, and studying in the UK, and returned to Ireland in 2003 to set up practice. She currently runs her A-C Health Solutions clinics by appointment from 13 Newtown Mews, Newtown, Annacotty, Co. Limerick.

Although the bulk of Andrea’s work is private individual consultations, Andrea also enjoys giving seminars, workshops, and lectures to small and large groups of all ages, sports disciplines and health backgrounds; as well as getting involved with charitable work.

Areas Andrea is most passionate to present about are the truths on medicine and health and why we really fall ill; how to heal chronic fatigue, anxiety, IBS and other chronic gastrointestinal conditions; how our environment, emotions and experiences influence our health and what to do about it; how to eat; ante-natal and pregnancy nutrition; and she has a special passion for working with athletes of all ages and experiences.

Andrea has a rarely spoken about gift to work with the energy of past trauma, spirit, the land and animals, babies, and lost loved ones.

Andrea has twenty years of experience in the health and medical industry and draws on a vast toolkit for each and every patient.


Pharmacist (ex Welsh School of Pharmacy, University of Cardiff, Wales, 1997).

Nutritional therapist (Raworth College, Dorking, Surrey, 2003).

Senior Associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine (London, ongoing).

Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) certification with the Institute for Functional Medicine (Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 2016).

Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist Level I (Health and Medical Professionals Certification) (Littleton, Colorado, 2016).

Developer of her own custom range of plant and healing tree essences: Healing Flower & Tree Essences of Ireland

Energy healing, land healing, and an ability to connect with the story and emotional/ trauma/ ancestral line of each patient’s body or baby when it feels intuitively right.

Experience working with herbs, aromatherapy, crystals, PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic wave frequency therapy), body composition assessment, interpretation of blood and other medical tests, functional diagnostic medicine.

Andrea herself is an active person with a huge curiosity about what drives people – she love’s sport and participates to a decent competitive level; drawing on her own personal experience to add to her clinical science, years of experience working with athletes and practical recommendations.

People Andrea has worked with.

“I love life – every day is an opportunity to be something more, to learn something bigger and to somehow figure out what it all means. Some say that living is one step closer to dying; I say living is one more day experiencing miracles and learning about people and their journeys. This is the most rewarding classroom: life. I tend to see people as individuals to be honest and am not a big name dropper. I have worked with”:

Hundreds of people over 13 years in nutrition and 20 years as a pharmacist.

Many sports disciplines from amateur to professional and olympic level in more than twenty different sports disciplines (track and field, rowing, long distance running, short distance triathlon, long distance triathlon, extreme challenges such as rowing across the Atlantic, slalom canoe, rugby, swimming, GAA football, hurling, professional soccer, boxing, martial arts, para-olympic (rowing, track and sprinting), high jump, sailing, power lifting, body building, race walking, cross-country, Irish dancing, basketball).

I have journeyed with many world-class athletes through rugby world cups, Heineken cups, Olympic games, World championships, Kona ironman, and I guess the most important category that isn’t a category which is personal success.

People who just want to talk, be heard, and are ready to allow the healing journey and wisdom that is for them to unfold.

Persons suffering with chronic health complaints through the whole A-Z; I rarely see a diagnosis as a challenge that is bigger than both of us. If you have a will, I will find a way. My preferred areas of expertise are fatigue, post-viral syndrome, gastrointestinal problems, auto-immune conditions, anxiety depression and eating disorders. I also specialise in sports nutrition and working with high level athletes (both well and fatigued).


Kona ironman nutrition – intuitive nutrition & health support for the experienced athlete in race countdown

Healing Flower and Tree Essences of Ireland

Journeys in Healing – My personal stumbles in life, love, and my clinical practice as I learn to flow from heart and listen to my spirit









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Andrea Cullen

Andrea Cullen

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