DiscoverRECO12Andrew S - My Fall From and Return To Grace - Meeting #9
Andrew S - My Fall From and Return To Grace - Meeting #9

Andrew S - My Fall From and Return To Grace - Meeting #9

Update: 2020-08-141


After 42 years of actively acting out in sexual addiction Andrew S learned what he had been hearing in recovery groups that his life was really out of control and that the only way to get it back was through connection with his higher power. This connection began after he was excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Andrew realized that he could not simple say "I got this" anymore. "there's a couch in the hallway" became his new catch phrase when he needed to be reminded that it is God that sets things right and not himself. This connection has helped him achieve and maintain sobriety for the past 3 years.   The phrase, "there's a couch in the hallway" will definitely take on a new meaning for you as you listen to and apply the lessons from this episode into your life. 

Reco12 is an organization whose addictions include alcohol, drugs, lust and sex, food and gambling, just to name a few.  We come together from all places, faiths and backgrounds to learn the similarities of addiction and to gain tools and hope from others who are walking a similar path.  We invite recovering addicts with at least 1 year sobriety and who are actively working their recovery in their respective fellowships to share their experience, strength and hope on a live Zoom meeting, each Friday at 12:00 pm central time, for 20-25 minutes.  Then, we, the live audience, get the opportunity to ask questions of the speaker for another 20-25 minutes.  If you are hearing this podcast recorded and would like to participate as a live audience member, or if you would like to be a guest speaker in a future meeting, please go to to learn more and submit your email address there to receive weekly invitations or to submit to become a guest speaker.

The guest speaker also chooses a fellowship or recovery-centered organization to which the majority of contributions from that week’s meeting will be donated to.  Andrew has chosen SAL as the fellowship to which any contributions will go to.  You can learn more about them at  To contribute, you can go to  or you can click the link to PayPal (  in the chat of the live meeting.  Or, if you use Venmo, you can also contribute there.  Our handle is @Reco-Twelve. When you contribute, please specify the meeting number.  This is meeting number 9.

Thanks again, Andrew!   If we didn’t get to your question or if you have other questions, please go to and join in our community and ask those questions and answer others’ questions that will come up.  I invite the audience to come back next week.  If you have not yet gone to and submitted your email address (you only need to do it once), please get on the invitation list, so you can join us live, each Friday at 12:00 noon, central time. 

Intro and closer music is “Standing Still” by Cory Ellsworth and Randy Kartchner, performed by Mike Eldred and Elizabeth Wolfe.  This song, and/or the entire soundtrack for the future Broadway musical, “Crosses:  A Musical of Hope”, can be purchased here:  This song is used with the  permission of Cory Ellsworth.

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Andrew S - My Fall From and Return To Grace - Meeting #9

Andrew S - My Fall From and Return To Grace - Meeting #9

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