DiscoverThe Strength Running PodcastAndy Wacker: Exploring Longevity, Seasonal Training, and Supporting Trail Runners
Andy Wacker: Exploring Longevity, Seasonal Training, and Supporting Trail Runners

Andy Wacker: Exploring Longevity, Seasonal Training, and Supporting Trail Runners

Update: 2024-03-14


Trail running doesn't always mean running an ultramarathon. From trail 5ks to marathons, there's a growing interest in middle distance trail events. Andy Wacker is making this space a more vibrant and welcoming community for runners.

Andy Wacker is a professional runner who excels on the track, road, and trail. He is the 2019 world Mountain Running Champ, 2016 US Trail Half Marathon Champ, 2015 US Trail 50k Champion, and a two-time NCAA XC All-American.

Andy seeks longevity in the sport and embraces a seasonal training approach to keep him running strong across different distances and disciplines.

These days, Andy is growing the trail running community as the founder of The Trail Team, a group of elite and sub-elite athletes that work together in Boulder, Colorado. The Trail Team aims to professionalize the sport and create more opportunities for runners everywhere.

In this episode, Andy and I talk about:

  • Andy's running journey from his first trail race in 2013 (which made him temporarily quit trail running) to now

  • The mindset shift from track running to trail running and finding freedom from obsessing over splits

  • Andy's unique approach to training and leaning into challenges

  • How Andy focuses on a seasonal approach and a cross-over model so that athletes can run on the roads and the track

  • How Andy is running for longevity in the sport

  • Why Andy loves sub-ultra races: Trail running isn't only ultrarunning, and sometimes it's a great idea to focus on middle distance races

  • Supporting sub-elite and professional runners through media storytelling, mentorship, and trail camps

  • Andy's plans for the Track Team in 2024

If you're looking to run through many seasons of life, you'll get inspired by this episode!

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Andy Wacker: Exploring Longevity, Seasonal Training, and Supporting Trail Runners

Andy Wacker: Exploring Longevity, Seasonal Training, and Supporting Trail Runners

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