DiscoverFinding MasteryAngela Naeth on Discovery and Acceptance
Angela Naeth on Discovery and Acceptance

Angela Naeth on Discovery and Acceptance

Update: 2019-11-06


This week’s conversation is with Angela Naeth, currently ranked among the top triathletes in the world with 3 sub 9-hour Ironman performances.

Angela is a multiple 70.3 and Ironman Champion and has 30+ podiums at the 70.3 and Ironman distances.

If you're not familiar with the 70.3, that's the total distance in miles for what's considered a half-ironman. A full ironman triathlon is 140+ miles (consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a 26.22-mile marathon run, raced in that order).

In 2018, Angela, while battling Lyme disease, placed 8th at the Ironman World Championships with a time of 8:57, which is just remarkable.

So why compete with Lyme disease – why put her body through something that intense?

For Angela, it’s about using sport as a means to help her better understand herself and discover what she’s capable of, what she’s made of.

It’s about doing it for her own satisfaction rather than trying to appease others, which is something she’s had to work on.

And that’s really what this conversation is all about: discovery and acceptance. 

Self-discovery involves testing yourself; that feedback, that information, is part of the process for figuring out who you are.

Self-acceptance involves taking that information and embracing the true nature of it; it’s about getting comfortable in your own skin.

They go hand in hand and Angela has a very eloquent way of describing her process for it— I hope you find ways to apply those lessons.


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Angela Naeth on Discovery and Acceptance

Angela Naeth on Discovery and Acceptance