DiscoverThe Reality Revolution PodcastAnnalee Skarin - On Vibrations And Rainbows
Annalee Skarin - On Vibrations And Rainbows

Annalee Skarin - On Vibrations And Rainbows

Update: 2021-10-14


The covenant of the rainbow is an eternal covenant. God Himself established it and set it in the sky as an everlasting witness to man that the world would never again be destroyed by a flood.  


There are many types of floods besides water. There are overwhelming floods of vicissitudes, disasters, heartbreaks, pain, trials and sorrows. And man is constantly being destroyed by such floods because he has not comprehended the fullness of that glowing symbol in the sky or lived up to his part of all that the covenant implies.  


There is a legend as old as the rainbow. It is in every land and among all peoples. It is the story that if one can reach the foot of the rainbow he will find a pot of gold. This ancient legend is based upon divine truth, as are most legends. The ancient saying has lived throughout the centuries, though spoken with a smile as man shrugs his shoulders in a wistful wishing which is instantly dissolved in a sophisticated, adult, unbelieving amusement that discards fairy tales and a belief in Santa Claus. And man does not realize that he has lost the path of power and fulfilling truth because of his drab, unbelieving attitude.  


This ancient legend of the pot of gold that accompanies the rainbow cannot die. It is truth and is eternal and as beautiful and glamorous as the rainbow itself. Man has not comprehended the truth behind the symbol of the ancient legend. Nevertheless, no human being has ever beheld a rainbow without being lifted, for a moment at least, into a warmth of enfolding pleasure, though he may be completely unaware of the true meaning of it and only remotely touched by that tingling vibration of hope.


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Annalee Skarin - On Vibrations And Rainbows

Annalee Skarin - On Vibrations And Rainbows

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