DiscoverSuperwomen with Rebecca MinkoffAnne Mahlum Gets to the Core of the Matter
Anne Mahlum Gets to the Core of the Matter

Anne Mahlum Gets to the Core of the Matter

Update: 2019-11-19


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Special note: This episode contains a short discussion of eating disorders that may be sensitive for some listeners.

Anne Mahlum isn’t going to sugarcoat things for you. She tells it like it is, and that’s probably one of the reasons she’s been so successful, first starting a non-profit to benefit the homeless and then starting her line of wildly successful workout studios, [solidcore].

People thought she was out of her mind when Anne, upon befriending some folks outside of a shelter in Philly, got the idea to start a running club to boost the spirits of those living there. Now, over ten years later, the non-profit is active in 13 cities and has a strong partnership with multiple companies that gets participants employed across the country.

Anne took that same can-do attitude with her when she started [solidcore]. After trying a pilates workout on a business trip, she realized she could pair that with strength training to give the slow burn workout of a lifetime. [solidcore] now has 50 locations across the country and is slated to double that by the end of 2020. Here’s to a good sweat!

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Big Ideas

  • The paramount importance of setting an example as a leader in your company, and creating transparency around that. [06:56 ]

  • How scaling is all about the company’s ability to run without you. [11:43 ]

  • The value in having a great support system outside of work. [15:20 ]


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Anne Mahlum Gets to the Core of the Matter

Anne Mahlum Gets to the Core of the Matter

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