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Answering Nonprofit's Questions!

Answering Nonprofit's Questions!

Update: 2024-05-31


In response to questions from nonprofits across the country, from Fundraising Academy, LaShonda Williams CFRE, provides nuanced insights into managing nonprofit boards, aligning donor management strategies with organizational goals, and some best practices toward the involvement of high-level executives in fundraising efforts.  Her wise responses offer savvy guidance on maintaining integrity and strategic focus for those involved in nonprofit management.

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Addressing a query from Colorado Springs about the appropriateness of personal questions in a board diversity questionnaire, LaShonda emphasizes the value of aligning these types of inquiries with the organization's mission and goals. She suggests that discomfort with the questions should prompt a deeper discussion about the true meaning and necessity of diversity within the board. 

LaShonda, with the help of host Tony Beall, respond to a viewer from Omaha, who was concerned about managing a donor portfolio that didn't feel like the right fit for her. LaShonda advises involving potentially more suitable colleagues in meetings to better assess and cultivate relationships, thereby emphasizing the core role of relationship-building in fundraising. She keys in on the importance of collaborative efforts which can help the management of donor relationships too. 

LaShonda and Tony respond to an interesting question about involving CEOs in donor meetings, pointing out the need to strategically use the CEO's time, especially concerning large gifts. LaShonda goes on to propose setting thresholds for CEO involvement based on the organization’s definition of major and principal gifts and suggests that alternative representatives like board members could also effectively engage major donors. 

You’ll get alot out of this rapid-fire session addressing worries and issues nonprofits are experiencing.

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Answering Nonprofit's Questions!

Answering Nonprofit's Questions!

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