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Answering The Calling Of THE DARK HORDE

Answering The Calling Of THE DARK HORDE

Update: 2021-10-08


The Dark Horde is an ambitious concept no matter how you look at it.
The brainchild of Andrew Drage – who goes by the stage name Brewin – The Dark Horde is a veritable supergroup comprised of over 30 actors and musicians from around the globe who have all combined to produce the upcoming album, The Calling, which will be out on October 22.
Much more than an album, bordering on the metal rock opera side of things, The Calling is a conceptually based album that tells the story of the central character Henry and his descent into and subsequent rise from chaos.
It is an epically stunning body of work that has been years in the planning and even more in the creation, but with The Calling finally set for release Brewin joined HEAVY to run through the latest single Victim as well as the overall production.
"With Victim, it is essentially a straight up heavy metal track,” he explained. “There is no narration - it's the only track on the album that’s got no narration - with driving guitars, nice melodies and leads, and of course Danny's amazing vocals. It’s a very high intensity track and it reflects the angst and the anger of the main character Henry, who is the story of the album."
The cover image for the track depicts a young boy fleeing from a werewolf, a body of art that Brewin admits plays a large role in the overall direction of the full album.
"It does. So, the werewolf first of all is essentially one of The Dark Horde demons, which are werewolf like with demonic powers. He's tormented by these demons and that's him as a young child. The character Henry is the narrator of the album and he's telling the story of how he got to this point which starts with his childhood. Victim is telling part of that story."
In the full interview, Brewin runs us through the three singles released to date and how they impact the story arc of The Calling, the road to completing The Calling and its many obstacles, the main players on the composition, the musical vision for the project and how close he came to achieving it, his personal involvement with The Dark Horde, his ultimate goals and vision, the chances of it making a theatrical appearance and more.








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Answering The Calling Of THE DARK HORDE

Answering The Calling Of THE DARK HORDE

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