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Answering the Call with Ariana Brackenbury

Answering the Call with Ariana Brackenbury

Update: 2020-10-14


With the state of the world as it is, we hear the word “resiliency” a lot lately. Having lost her husband, her business, her home, and her life savings, resiliency only scratches the surface of what has defined Ariana’s journey to reinvent herself. With the majority of the things she had considered important lost to her, she decided to go on an adventure. First to Ireland, then to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and then to experience Bali.
During her “Drink, Pray, Love” pilgrimage, she realized it was more than merely a physical journey she was walking. She was being called to shift her focus from a more conventional journey to one of leading pilgrimages, providing transformational coaching, and speaking to audiences eager to hear her message. Her current passion is working to unveil the new consciousness that is surfacing, and using it to help heal the masculine/feminine hearts and the patriarchal structures that are impacting us and the planet we live on.

In this episode:
1. Starting over at 60 (Intro).
2. The grand adventure (3:51 ).
3. A deep breath (8:33 ).
4. Being in tune and living in the moment (12:39 ).
5. How did I get here? (16:30 ).
6. Letting go, getting curious, and trusting the universe (19:27 ).
7. Helping a healthy garden grow and allowing legacy to bloom (24:08 ).
8. Focusing on love, not fear, and moving to a place of trust (29:30 ).
9. The start of a spiritual journey (32:20 ).
10. How to shift our vibration (35:35 ).
11. Listen to the calling (40:39 ).

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Answering the Call with Ariana Brackenbury

Answering the Call with Ariana Brackenbury

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