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Anti-Aging. Can We Turn Back Father Time?

Anti-Aging. Can We Turn Back Father Time?

Update: 2021-08-24


Let's talk about reversing aging. 

Reversing aging doesn't mean salads and treadmills. By understanding how you can reverse aging and live longer based on your personal situation, you can reverse aging and optionally enjoy a glass of your favorite wine.

Wish you could turn back the clock? Despite scientific advancements and efforts to stop or reverse aging, there is still no Fountain of Youth, but there is no reason we cannot get caught in the fountains spray. 

The good news is, it's never too late to adopt new habits and improve your lifestyle. Dana King, Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at West Virginia University and author of a study chronicling the declining health of baby boomers, speaks about his own past research that proves that making healthy changes can still produce "measurable and significant benefits". 

Published in The American Journal of Medicine, his study of more than 15,000 subjects over the age of 45 found that adults who began to eat 5 fruits and vegetables daily, walk a minimum of 2 1/2 hours per week, maintain a BMI in the healthy range (18.5-29.5) and avoid smoking, enjoyed a 40% drop in mortality.  

As seniors we can't do much about the age on our driver's license, our biological age (or body age) can certainly be reduced. Though our date of birth certainly counts, the age of our body defines us better. While chronological age is our current age in years, biological age is about how old or young our body organs are. 

The good news is that we can reverse our body organ age. Join Mark to learn more about Anti-Aging.

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Anti-Aging. Can We Turn Back Father Time?

Anti-Aging. Can We Turn Back Father Time?

Mark Burright