DiscoverEmotional Sobriety: The Next Step in RecoveryAny Way You Slice It (Cheerio to London!)
Any Way You Slice It (Cheerio to London!)

Any Way You Slice It (Cheerio to London!)

Update: 2024-05-12


Allen and Patrick record face-to-face during some downtime from the three-day Recovery Reimagined event in London to discuss bringing Emotional Sobriety to different parts of the world, before delving into the next Grapevine article on Emotional Sobriety. Next, Patrick touches base with event organizer Patrick McAteer to review speakers, concepts and gratitudes from the event (spoiler: it was a whopping success and something he’ll be seeking to replicate in the near future!)


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Any Way You Slice It (Cheerio to London!)

Any Way You Slice It (Cheerio to London!)

Allen Berger & Thom Rutledge