DiscoverArts Forward MKEAperi Animam: Part 2
Aperi Animam: Part 2

Aperi Animam: Part 2

Update: 2020-09-24


Welcome to Arts Forward MKE, a podcast out of the Imagine MKE podcast shop hosted Lindsay Sheridan, Director of Marketing and PR. We're back from break with a double feature episode about professional vocal early music ensemble Aperi Animam. In this second part, we welcome three panelists from Aperi Animam's recent virtual event #BlackVoicesMatter. The conversation starts on being Black in the classical music world, and broadens from there. The panelists, in order you first hear them, are:

Austin Bare | Venmo: @Austin-Bare-4 | FB: Austin Bare

Tiana Sorenson | Venmo: @TianaSorenson | IG: @stoic.but.hollering

Nicole McCarty | Venmo: @McCarty22 | FB: Nicole Corinne McCarty

We also hear from Daniel Koplitz, Executive Artistic Director of Aperi Animam.

Music: Both clips courtesy Aperi Animam

Outro: Selection on the Hebrew letter “Daleth" from Thomas Tallis’s second set of Lamentations. Says Daniel, "This was the opener for our concert meditation Libera nos, which we presented at Early Music America’s Emerging Artists Showcase in May 2019. It contains a very spicy “false relation" at the end, where a pitch and its sharpened equivalent sound at the same time creating a jarring dissonance."

Intro: Live recording from the final dress rehearsal of Utterance, a work of music theatre Aperi Animam developed with Milwaukee Opera Theatre, Cadance Collective, and Amanda Schoofs last October. The piece itself is from a 16th-century collection of chromatic songs called "The Sibylline Prophecies,” written by Orlande de Lassus for the Duke of Bavaria’s court.

More info | FB: Aperi Animam | IG: @aperianimam

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Aperi Animam: Part 2

Aperi Animam: Part 2

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