DiscoverMarvel by the MonthApril 1968 (w/Joe Keatinge) - “When Mutants Clash!”
April 1968 (w/Joe Keatinge) - “When Mutants Clash!”

April 1968 (w/Joe Keatinge) - “When Mutants Clash!”

Update: 2021-02-24


Joe Keatinge is tied for our most frequent guest as of this episode. He's also a very good writer whose work you should check out, especially Shutter, Ringside, Stellar, Glory, Flavor, and Evolution. His next story, "Skull Man: Man of a Thousand Skulls," appears in The BeBop #1, coming to you soon from Bird's Eye Comics.

Stories Covered In Detail This Episode:

Daredevil #41: “The Death of Mike Murdock!” - written by Stan Lee, art by Gene Colan w/John Tartaglione, ©1968 Marvel Comics

X-Men #45: “When Mutants Clash!” - written by Gary Friedrich, art by Werner Roth w/John Tartaglione, ©1968 Marvel Comics

Avengers #53: "In Battle Joined!" - written by Roy Thomas, art by John Buscema w/George Tuska, ©1968 Marvel Comics

Spectacular Spider-Man #1: “Lo, This Monster” - written by Stan Lee, art by John Romita w/Jim Mooney; "In the Beginning --” - written by Stan Lee, art by Larry Lieber w/Bill Everett, ©1968 Marvel Comics

Complete List of Comics Published This Month (courtesy of 

Amazing Spider-Man #62, Avengers #53, Captain America #103, Captain Marvel #3, Daredevil #41, Doctor Strange #170, Fantastic Four #76, Incredible Hulk #105, Iron Man #3, Marvel Super-Heroes #15, Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #2, Sgt. Fury #55, Sub-Mariner #3, Thor #153, X-Men #45, ©1968 Marvel Comics. 

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April 1968 (w/Joe Keatinge) - “When Mutants Clash!”

April 1968 (w/Joe Keatinge) - “When Mutants Clash!”

Joe Keatinge, Robb Milne, Bryan Stratton