DiscoverSmall Biz Ahead | Small Business | Starting a BusinessAre There Rules When It Comes to Sending Small Business Newsletters?
Are There Rules When It Comes to Sending Small Business Newsletters?

Are There Rules When It Comes to Sending Small Business Newsletters?

Update: 2019-06-12


While the majority of advertising is currently being geared towards social media platforms, email marketing campaigns continue to play a pivotal role in the promotion of small businesses. However, before you begin bombarding every person on your email contact list with your business's most recent newsletter, you need to make sure that your messages aren't being filtered out as junk mail. So, how do you keep your email marketing out of the spam folder? In episode #154, Gene Marks and Elizabeth Larkin discuss how small business owners can successfully create an email newsletter campaign.

Executive Summary

2:33 —Today's Topic: How Do I Create Effective Email Newsletters for My Small Business?

3:59 —If your email advertisements look suspicious, you run the risk of being labeled as a spammer and blacklisted by your current marketing service.

4:47 —Before you begin sending out any email advertisements, make sure that every person on your contact list has formally opted into your business's newsletter. This prevents any spamming complaints from your recipients.

7:04 —When in doubt, consult with your email service providers to make sure you can contact potential clients who have not officially subscribed to your email list. If you're still unsure whether that would be appropriate, use your personal email to contact those people.

9:14 —Take advantage of the tools provided by your email market services, such as spam tests and templates. These tools can help you create emails that won't get stopped by your recipients' spam filters.

10:16 —Gene explains how 529 tax plans allow you to save for your loved ones' future education.


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Elizabeth:Welcome back to the Small Biz Ahead Podcast, I'm Elizabeth Larkin from The Hartford. I'm talking very, very quickly today.

Gene: No, you're doing fine.

Elizabeth: Really?

Gene: I'm keeping up.

Elizabeth: I had a little extra caffeine this morning. So today we're going to talk about a reader's reaction to one of your articles that was posted on Small Biz Ahead.

Gene: Ah. Positive, I'm sure.

Elizabeth: You know what, every time you post an article on Small Biz Ahead we get so many comments on it. People telling you you're a horrible person ...

Gene: I'm a jerk, I'm bald...

Elizabeth: ...and other people totally agreeing with you. But this actually wasn't a very controversial article you wrote for us. It was called "Five Big Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid." After the break, we're going to go through some of those mistakes and then we're going to answer a question from Mark P. in Warren, Michigan, about how to set up a newsletter.

Gene: Email marketing, not only is it far from dead, Elizabeth, it is very much alive and popular. It is thriving. More and more of my clients have been refocusing themselves on email marketin...
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Are There Rules When It Comes to Sending Small Business Newsletters?

Are There Rules When It Comes to Sending Small Business Newsletters?

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