DiscoverMelanie Walker's GroundedAre We Just What We Eat? | Linda Galvad (Sought After Seedlings)
Are We Just What We Eat? | Linda Galvad (Sought After Seedlings)

Are We Just What We Eat? | Linda Galvad (Sought After Seedlings)

Update: 2019-02-09


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Known across South Africa as one of the most popular proponents of organic vegetable gardening, Linda Galvad of Sought After Seedlings gets to grips with why the Gut is often in the grips of crippling pain. Can eating healthy make you healthier? Are we just what we eat? Growing your own often leads to being owning your own being.

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Action Stations - This is a Crisis! | Julian Ortlepp (Tree Works)
The Polyphagus Shothole Borer (PSHB) (Euwallacea fornicatus - and isn't that just a fitting name for the little fornicator) - or the Vietnamese borer as many know it - has been causing the death of many trees, not just in Johannesburg, but around the rest of the country. And it’s finally getting serious ‘airtime’ in the press and social media, even though Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo have put forward a press release which was published recently in the Rosebank Killarney Gazette to say that ‘it’s too early to classify the outbreak of PSHB as a disaster’ due to a lack of data, and that they reckon we’re at the ‘tail-end of the outbreak’... and guided by research findings they hope to confirm that this outbreak is on its way out. Well, unfortunately that’s not so. The ‘outbreak’ was given wide coverage a year or more ago, and unfortunately, no cure for it has been found, and even more disturbingly, CoJ has yet to identify a place or put in place plans to get rid of infected wood. We are looking at what could potentially be one of SA’s largest ecological tragedies. The private sector has done so much in creating public awareness. Arborists are also getting on board to help find a solution. And it’s time for us to do our part too. One of SA's top arborists and tree surgeons, Julian Ortlepp gives us the background, and advice on how we can help to minimise this potential disaster.Find out more about Mel's guest at share in Mel's Adventures, visit find out more about making your own podcast, visit
Become an Ambasseedor! | Sean Freeman (Living Seeds)
If you ever wondered if magic happens, all you need to do is look to seeds. That's what Sean Freeman of Living Seeds found out and is spreading the word on his internet based resource. The story behind Livingseeds goes back over 30 years. As a young boy Sean remembers collecting seeds, if he came across a tree that was shedding seed pods or wild flower in seed, he’d collect the seeds and store them in a small wooden box. This wooden box (which he still has) amassed a surprisingly large collection of assorted and unknown seeds over many years. None were catalogued or named and he could only identify a handful of the really distinctive ones, the rest were indiscriminate and held his dream of germinating them.... one day. He kept them just for the idea that they could literally grow into trees or plants that could one day be used in his garden. It was the romance of ‘growing a garden from scratch’ that kept him collecting. That and the idea that there exists the potential of life and the ability of giving sustenance in every single seed. Fast forward, and the fascination became a life. Livingseeds started off in 2009 with only 34 varieties on their website (although there were only 17 in stock). They now list over 400 varieties and grow well over 600 varieties on their own property every year. If you're fascinated by the possiblities of growing your own, using open pollinated varieties, don't miss this episode of Grounded...To share in Mel's adventures, visit
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Are We Just What We Eat? | Linda Galvad (Sought After Seedlings)

Are We Just What We Eat? | Linda Galvad (Sought After Seedlings)

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