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Are You Allergic to Success?

Are You Allergic to Success?

Update: 2020-06-20


“What you are aware of you are in control of; what you are not aware of is in control of you.”

— Anthony de Mello

Dr. Ynge Ljung is our Guest on Episode #61 of the 30 Minute Hour Podcast! She's the creator of The Allergy Kit, and she believes that the root cause of many life problems can be traced back to allergies.

Born and raised in Sweden, Ynge graduated as Chemical Engineer, but nobody at that time hired women engineers, and she moved to Bangla Desh, then to Venezuela.

In 1990 she came to The United States, where she went to The Traditional School For Chinese Medicine in Miami from 1992 - 1995, when she graduated as a Acupuncture Physician.

In 1998 she started treating for allergies with the system called NAET. It was an excellent protocol and she had great results, but it took a lot of time and many visits, so many patients didn’t finish their treatments due to lack of time and money, and many families had more than one child, and allergies themselves.

In 2006 The Allergy Kit was born and launched on the internet!

With one DIY kit a family can treat their whole family, thus taking the power of their health back in their own hands and this is the mission and passion of Dr. Ynge!

Our interview can help you to discover the remedy for your success allergy!









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Are You Allergic to Success?

Are You Allergic to Success?

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