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Are You Feeling Invisible? with Sarah Luby

Are You Feeling Invisible? with Sarah Luby

Update: 2021-06-28


Season 2 kicks off with my guest, performing artist, Sarah Luby, and our discussion about what it's like to have an invisible illness. Sarah has not one, but two invisible illnesses and yet that is not stopping her from living her dream, instead it inspired her to help others through the power of song. 
In this episode we discuss:

  • what it's like to have an invisible illness
  • why Sarah decided to advocate for the community through song
  • what Sarah has found to be most helpful in dealing with her illnesses on a daily basis
  • how Sarah looks to the future

Guest Bio:
An award-winning vocalist, Sarah Luby is known for her work in both theatre and film. She is a graduate of the Desautels Faculty of Music with a BMus in Vocal Performance. In May of 2021, Sarah completed RMTC’s Inaugural National Mentorship with David Connolly (Associate Artistic Director of Drayton Entertainment) with a focus on Disability Representation in the Arts. Sarah has appeared on stages such as RB Stage, WSO, MB Opera, and can be seen as Tracy Bennet on Lifetime’s “Let’s Meet Again on Christmas Eve” and Natalie Cross on CBC’s “Burden of Truth”. Sarah is an Ambassador for the Invisible Disabilities Association, bringing awareness, education and visibility to Invisible Disabilities. You can hear her debut single “INVISIBLE”, out now!
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Original artwork by Charity Williams.

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Are You Feeling Invisible? with Sarah Luby

Are You Feeling Invisible? with Sarah Luby

Kelsey, Sarah Luby