Are You Protein Deficient?

Are You Protein Deficient?

Update: 2020-07-081


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Amino Acids:

In this podcast, we’re going to cover what you need to know about a protein deficiency. I want to fill you in on what causes protein deficiency, the different signs of protein deficiency, and what you can do if you have a protein deficiency. 

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. The purpose of consuming protein is to get amino acids.

When you consume protein-rich foods, you may think that protein is going right in the body and providing raw material as amino acids. However, different types of proteins (eggs, meat, soy) are each absorbed differently.

A protein deficiency is not always due to not eating enough protein.

A great natural remedy for a protein deficiency is an interesting product that is a combination of 8 amino acids.

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Are You Protein Deficient?

Are You Protein Deficient?

Dr. Eric Berg