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Are You Setting the Wrong Goals?

Are You Setting the Wrong Goals?

Update: 2020-08-27


Are you setting goals that really don't matter to you? For example... # of homes sold. Do you really care about the number of homes sold? Or about net income? If it's net income, then why the hell is your primary goal to sell a certain amount of homes?

See what I mean? Many real estate agents have the wrong primary goal. Realtors are setting goals based on what the industry is focused on, and what they hear other fellow real estate agents talking about and bragging about online.

My goal for this real estate podcast episode is to help you and your fellow Realtors focus on what your TRUE goal is, and then reverse engineer how to get there. It starts with knowing what is really most important to YOU.


Dustin Brohm, the host of this Massive Agent Podcast, was a finalist for the 2019 Inman Innovator of the Year Award. He’s a Co-Founder of the Industry Syndicate real estate podcast network, and a keynote speaker on all things real estate marketing, social media, podcasting, and real estate lead generation. Dustin Brohm has spoken on stage at Gary Vaynerchuk’s Agent2021, Inman Connect, HousingWire's events, numerous State Realtor Association events & annual conventions, and more. Dustin is a Realtor w/ eXp Realty in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Are You Setting the Wrong Goals?

Are You Setting the Wrong Goals?

Dustin Brohm