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Are You Thinking Straight?

Are You Thinking Straight?

Update: 2020-06-01


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Hello and Happy Day! This is Dr. MaryAnn Diorio, Novelist and Life Coach, welcoming you to another episode of Winning with the Word. Today is Monday, June 1, 2020. Today’s Podcast is Episode #22 in Series 2020 and is titled “Are You Thinking Straight?"

You might be wondering, What a strange question to ask? Am I thinking straight? Yet the truth is that my question is one of the most important questions you may ever be asked in your life. Your answer to that question will determine whether your life turns out well or turns out badly.

Okay, Dr. MaryAnn. Aren't you getting a little melodramatic here? After all, how I think is how I think. What difference does it make how I think, if the thoughts are my own?
The fact that you made that statement and asked that question is proof that you are not thinking straight.
So, before we go any farther, let's define what is meant by "thinking straight." Thinking straight means thinking in line with Truth. But then we have to ask another question: What is Truth? You may remember that a Roman governor of Judea, named Pontius Pilate, asked that same question of Jesus just before Jesus was crucified (John 18: 38). 

The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is Truth. He Himself said of Himself in John 14: 6, "I am the Truth." Jesus is the Word of God, and so is the Bible. This makes Jesus and the Bible one and the same. So, logically speaking then, if Jesus is Truth, and if Jesus and the Bible are one and the same, then the Bible is Truth.
So, if the Bible is Truth, and if thinking straight means thinking in line with Truth, then thinking straight means thinking in line with the Bible.

Let me ask you another question. Are you thinking in line with the Bible? Do you even know what's in the Bible? If you don't, then how can you think in line with Truth? 

We must know Truth in order to think in line with Truth.

Truth is a Person. Truth is Jesus Christ. If we don't know Jesus Christ, Who is Truth, then we cannot live in line with Truth.

So, the first order of business is to get to know Jesus Christ. How? By accepting Him as your Savior and Lord. When you do, you will be born again, and you will begin to comprehend Truth.
We live in a world in which most of the information we receive is controlled by people who do not know Truth. People who do not know the Bible. People who do not know Jesus Christ. Indeed, people who are blatantly opposed to Jesus Christ and, therefore, to Truth.
The information we receive from such people is contrary to Truth, yet most of the public believes their lies. When we believe a lie, we will suffer the consequences of believing a lie.

To believe a lie is to put ourselves in bondage. To believe the Truth is to experience freedom. Jesus Himself said, "You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free."
We are fast losing many of our freedoms today. Have you asked yourself why? The reason is that, as a culture, we have chosen to embrace the lie instead of embracing the Truth.
We will be free to the degree that we embrace the Truth.

Do you want to be free? Then embrace the Truth. Embrace Jesus Christ. He is waiting to set you free.
Pray this simple prayer with me:

Lord Jesus, I come to You now, just as I am.








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Are You Thinking Straight?

Are You Thinking Straight?

MaryAnn Diorio