DiscoverMind Love ♡ Modern MindfulnessAre You Trapped In Your Job? - 101
Are You Trapped In Your Job? - 101

Are You Trapped In Your Job? - 101

Update: 2019-10-2222


Are you trapped in a job or career or even a life that you don’t love? Maybe You keep hearing about people quitting their jobs to pursue their passions and think, “that could never work for me.” Maybe you have bills and a family. Maybe you’ve invested too much in your current career to let it go.⠀

Or maybe, you don’t even really know what your passion is, or what would truly make you happy.⠀

If this sounds like you, there’s nothing wrong with you. We aren’t taught this stuff. We’re taught to fit in, and match these academic standards of math and writing and reading books that don’t really affect our lives at all, and when our uniqueness shows, we’re often called weird for it.⠀

Our life paths shouldn’t fit a standard. Most great things don’t fit a standard. It’s the things that fall out of normal, that create greatness.⠀

There’s a reason it’s called extra ordinary. How do we step out of the ordinary?⠀

Today we’re talking to Marianne Cantwell. She was a digital nomad before there was a word for it. She was one of the first to start writing about quitting your job to forge your own path.⠀

We’re going to learn some unconventional but really practical steps find or create a career tailor made for you and the life you want to live.⠀

We will learn:

  • How to know if you should quit your job⠀

  • How your anxiety can be a gift in your decision making⠀

  • An action to start now to give you clarity on what you really want to do with your life⠀


Show Notes:

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Are You Trapped In Your Job? - 101

Are You Trapped In Your Job? - 101

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