DiscoverThe Morality of Everyday ThingsAre landlords evil? Part 1
Are landlords evil? Part 1

Are landlords evil? Part 1

Update: 2022-10-17


The first in a two-parter where we discuss whether landlords are evil. In a world where more and more urban centers in the western world are becoming unlivably expensive, should we be permitting people to treat homes as investment assets and sources of incomes? We also specifically discuss this in the context of 'leverage', which is basically when you use a mortgage to multiply your gains and losses.

In this episode, we give some very wide context on the housing crisis, what's driving it etc, and discuss generally around generating returns from assets, speculation versus true investment and reference to classic libertarian arguments and specific consideration given to when an asset class is something we truly need.

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Are landlords evil? Part 1

Are landlords evil? Part 1

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