DiscoverBrave MarketingAre you HUMBLE Marketing?
Are you HUMBLE Marketing?

Are you HUMBLE Marketing?

Update: 2022-10-12


Humble Marketing is when you are marketing, you are doing all the things but in a timid way. Sort of like being a wallflower. 

You are not really taking up space. You don’t fully own your genius and easily attribute your success to other people or circumstances. 

You find it hard to celebrate your wins and sometimes even hide them. You are not sharing your REAL thoughts on your niche or what’s really keeping your clients from what they desire. And you turn all shades of red and try to deflect every time someone gives you a compliment. 

9 out of 10 times this is what I know my clients are doing if they have been stuck at the same level for a while.

In this episode, we will dive into what does Humble Marketing look like, why you do it and how to turn it around. 

If you are DONE with Humble Marketing and SO READY to step up as the leader you are, then there’s something very exciting for you. 

On 19th October,  Swapna is running a free & powerful 90-minute workshop called Market Like A Leader where she will take you through the framework of how to sell your offers out without burning yourself out. 

She has previously run this as a challenge and over 200 people have gone through this.  I have now up-levelled this into a highly implementable practical workshop.

In this powerful workshop you'll learn :

  • The 3 SUCCESS TRAPS that are sucking the life out of your business and keeping you stuck at the same level.
  • 5 thoughts sabotaging your marketing & sales right now.
  • 5 BRAVE shifts to step into your fully expressed & successful leader identity.
  • The HUSTLE-PROOF marketing plan to sell out your offers

Plus Swapna’ll be doing a few hot seat coaching sessions which is going to be SO much fun!

Join here:

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Are you HUMBLE Marketing?

Are you HUMBLE Marketing?

Swapna Thomas