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Aroma Therapies with Maresa Walsh

Aroma Therapies with Maresa Walsh

Update: 2018-02-15


Cocoon Life Podcast
Second Season - Episode Two
Living Life on Purpose - Marisa Walsh, owner of Cleo Aroma Therapies in Laoise shares her journey. Maresa speaks with us about the gift of giving, her love of life and why she began her practice with complementary therapies. She discusses her inspiration, her passion for nature and natural products. A beautiful reminder of how precious life is.

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Music by Beatrix Nova
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Author Fiona Hogan - Why It's Never Too Late To Live The Life You Dream - Season 02 Episode 05
Author Fiona Hogan, speaks with us about living life on purpose. She discusses her love of writing, finding purpose and why it's never to late to live the life you dream. From feeling like she was in the wrong life to living an authentic life she discusses finding inner strength and models how you can change your life at any age. A truly inspiring lady who knows the courage it takes to step out of the comfort zone.From self doubt and facing fears, she shares with us the importance of being just you and how that very action brings a joy into your life you could never have imagined. A lady with a simple yet remarkable message. If you're already questioning your life, you are on the cusp of great change. Tune in to be inspired!Fiona is a trained Proofreader and Copy-Editor, a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (sfEP) with experience in editing manuscripts, articles, documents and website content. She is a published author and understands the writing process, having published in a variety of media and genres, in both fiction and non-fiction. Links for Fiona below .....Join the Cocoon Life Community:Cocoon LIfe Website Life Facebook Life Twitter Life CastBox more about Fiona Hogan Website by Beatrix NovaFacebook & BlogsLicenseStandard YouTube License
Womb Twin Healer and Life Coach Olga Waters
Olga shares with us her journey. She discusses her decision to become a Womb Twin Healer and why helping others is so important to her. She talks with us about the very personal moving experiences she has had in her own life and why she now lives her life on purpose.Olga has facilitated the Healing Path Ritual at the Annual Womb Twin Conference in London 2011. She founded Womb Twin Dublin Survivors Facebook page and in 2014 organised the Womb Twin Dublin Conference. In her practice Olga facilitates group workshops and also does individual appointments, life coaching and other holistic therapies.If you are affected by any of the topics mentioned in this episode please click on links below which you may find helpful. Mental Health Ireland -Excellent site which covers a wide and varied range of supports and services. Mental Health – Excellent website with supports and services and info on minding your health. the Cocoon Life Community:Cocoon LIfe Website Life Facebook Life Twitter Life CastBox more about OlgaFacebook: by Beatrix NovaFacebook
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Aroma Therapies with Maresa Walsh

Aroma Therapies with Maresa Walsh