Asthma and Lung Diseases

Asthma and Lung Diseases

Update: 2021-07-19


Did you know that African Americans are three times more likely to die from asthma than other racial groups in the United States? Asthma is a serious condition that severely impacts the Black community, yet it is commonly forgotten about when discussing health conditions that impact the community. Today’s episode of the Black Doctors Speak Podcast will help answer any questions you might have about this serious condition.

The episode starts off with a conversation between host Dr. Michael LeNoir and Mr. Ellis Dean of about the importance of COVID-19 vaccinations and the persisting severity of the Coronavirus. With the Delta variant spreading aggressively throughout the country, Dr. LeNoir lines up some of the reasons why people should ensure they are receiving their vaccines. Also included in this episode is a quick PSA from actor Delroy Lindo about his personal experience with the Coronavirus and the reasons why he believes people should prioritize their vaccinations.

The guest joining in on this episode is Dr. LeRoy Graham, a world expert in the diagnosis and treatment of asthma. He brings his expertise to the podcast to discuss the reasons why African Americans are so heavily impacted by asthma, including environmental and historical factors. He also goes into some of the steps to diagnosing asthma, and pillars of treatment for the lifelong disease. Does marijuana have an impact on asthma severity? How do you know if your asthma is under control or if you need a new treatment plan? Tune in to this informative episode to get answers to all of your questions on asthma in the black community.









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Asthma and Lung Diseases

Asthma and Lung Diseases

Michael LeNoir, MD