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Astonishing Acorn: a mindful bedtime story

Astonishing Acorn: a mindful bedtime story

Update: 2020-04-27


Nutsy and Peanut the squirrels have some extra acorns in their winter stash. They decide to plant one. That astonishing acorn will produce an entire tree.

Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 6:54

Narrator: Male

Astonishing Acorn Excerpt:

As Dragon enjoyed the scent, two squirrels, Nutsy and Peanut, scampered across the path. Peanut held a plump acorn gently in her mouth. Noticing Dragon, Peanut skidded to a stop and ran back. “Hi Dragon!” She said, taking the acorn out of her mouth.

Dragon smiled and took a deep dragon breath, in and out (deep breath) the smoke and gentle flames formed a question mark that hovered in the air. Peanut looked at it and responded, “Oh we have extra acorns from the winter, and so we’re going to plant this one. We could always use more trees!” Her tail twitched excitedly.

Dragon smiled and nodded.

Nutsy scampered up next to Peanut asking, “Want to help?”

Dragon’s smile grew wider.

“Great!” Nutsy said. “Follow us! We found a great spot!” Peanut gently placed the acorn back in her mouth and scampered after Nutsy. Dragon followed the two squirrels as they weaved through the forest trees. Eventually the trio came to an open field framed by a gentle creek. Sunshine warmed their faces as the squirrels hopped from stone to stone to cross the creek. Then they zipped right to the center.

“I think, right here is a good spot.” Nutsy said, tapping the ground with his foot. Then he started digging. A flurry of grass and soil flew into the air as the squirrel dug into the ground.

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Astonishing Acorn: a mindful bedtime story

Astonishing Acorn: a mindful bedtime story

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