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Astral Influences And Entities

Astral Influences And Entities

Update: 2021-09-01


Here we explore theosophical and occult writings on the subject of astral influences and those entities that exist the realm of the astral plane.

There are a variety of invisible entities that may play a role in our reality and here we get a breakdown of these entities

"It has been ordained that man, like his God, shall become a creator. The spark of life within him is capable of giving eternal life to the undifferentiated particles existing in Nature. In other words, within man is a touchstone which changes, into a substance like itself, all with which it comes in contact.

As the universe is peopled by the sparks from the wheels of God, so the elements of Nature are peopled with the sparks flying out from the wheels of life, twisting and whirling within the lower organisms of Nature. Man is a god in the making—he is much closer to godhood than he realizes or than it is safe for him to know. The infinite desire to create pulses through his blood as it courses through the being of Deity; every moment of his life he is expressing the God like qualities of creation. Not only does he create his kind and perpetuate his species through natural law, but upon the higher planes of Nature he is also creative. As his physical organisms reproduce their kind, so there are other children also born out of his being..." Manly P Hall

"It may be said that the soul is a certain state of activity of the will,  and the same may be said of the physical body; for if we look at the universe as being a manifestation of will in motion, then all forms and objects that we know of, or which we can imagine, are certain vibrations of will. Thus, we may look upon physical nature as being constituted of a low order of vibrations; upon the soul as a higher octave of the same, and the spirit as being one higher still.

There are a great many kinds of such spirits, good as well as evil ones, and they love to be near man. In this they are comparable to dogs, who are also fond of the company of men. But man can profit nothing from their company. They are empty shadows, and are only an encumbrance to him.

They may appear in bodily shape, or remain invisible and produce sounds and noises — such as knocks, laughing, whistling, sneezing, howling, groaning, sighing, walking, trampling, throwing stones and moving articles of furniture or other objects, and all this may be done by them for the purpose of calling the attention of the living, so that they may obtain an opportunity to enter into communication with them." - LW De Laurence

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Astral Influences And Entities

Astral Influences And Entities

Brian Scott