Astronomers Discover a Pulsar Powering Up

Astronomers Discover a Pulsar Powering Up

Update: 2020-08-171


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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 83

*Astronomers discover a pulsar powering up

Astronomers have for the first time seen material spiralling into a distant neutron star and triggering a massive outburst of energy thousands of times brighter than the Sun.

*The solar system’s largest impact crater discovered on Ganymede

Astronomers have discovered what appears to be the solar system’s largest impact crater on the Jovian moon Ganymede.

*SpaceX completes test hop of its colonial transport starship prototype

A basic test article prototype of SpaceX’s future interplanetary colonial transport system starship has successfully completed a test hop at the company’s Boca Chica test centre on the Texas Gulf of Mexico coast.

*The International Space Station about to get smaller with the loss of a module

A Russian Progress cargo ship which will detach and destroy one of the modules of the International Space Station has docked with the Space Station just three hours after launching from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in the central Asian republic of Kazakhstan. 

*The Science Report

Vladimir Putin approves the world’s first coronavirus vaccine without proper testing.

Hundreds if not thousands of Chinese scientific papers found to be deliberate fakes.

Another secret of Stonehenge revealed.

Evidence that Torres Strait islanders were cultivating bananas more than two thousand years ago.

The skeptic’s guide to biodynamic wine.


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Astronomers Discover a Pulsar Powering Up

Astronomers Discover a Pulsar Powering Up