DiscoverWe're Having Gay SexAustin McKenzie’s Trauma-Drama Power Hour
Austin McKenzie’s Trauma-Drama Power Hour

Austin McKenzie’s Trauma-Drama Power Hour

Update: 2022-03-21


(TW: sexual assault) Fan-favorite Austin McKenzie (Spring Awakening, When We Rise, Unhinged) is a multi-talented actor and musician, but today he is pausing his gay sex vacation to swing by the apartment! We discuss sexual assault in the gay male community, overcoming sexual trauma, and the intricacies of RuPaul’s media pantheon. Ashley steps up to her bully. Kate has ADHD. 

You can find Austin McKenzie on IG: @austineyes, Twitter: @apm_official,

And you can listen to his new single, “Sending My Love Through the Ether,” on all platforms!


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Austin McKenzie’s Trauma-Drama Power Hour

Austin McKenzie’s Trauma-Drama Power Hour

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