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Autism in Black – with Maria Davis-Pierre

Autism in Black – with Maria Davis-Pierre

Update: 2023-06-26


Maria Davis-Pierre is a licensed mental health counselor, autism awareness advocate and founder of the organization Autism in Black. As the parent of two autistic children, and being autistic herself, she uses her professional expertise to connect with and empower Black parents of autistic children. Through Autism in Black, she also provides essential training to organizations to help them serve the Black disability community more effectively. She has been featured for her work in Forbes, The New York Times, USA Today, Parents Magazine and on PBS, and has collaborated with Microsoft.  

During this episode, you will hear Maria talk about:

  • How she discovered that she is autistic and has ADHD, and what her life was like growing up and going to university before her diagnoses
  • The massive challenges with getting an autism diagnosis and effective therapies for her daughter that inspired Maria to start Autism in Black
  • How Autism in Black’s training, conference and podcast educate and equip organizations to better serve the Black disability community  
  • The importance of an intersectional understanding of disability and culturally responsive therapy

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Autism in Black – with Maria Davis-Pierre

Autism in Black – with Maria Davis-Pierre

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