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Automating Drones with Derek Waleko

Automating Drones with Derek Waleko

Update: 2019-07-16


The world of drones is taking off in new and innovative ways. What was once impossible is now possible. So how will drones impact our every day lives? Derek Waleko and the team at Up Sonder is answering that very question. They have created the AirBNB for the Drone Industry. This marketplace connects businesses and individuals with professional drone services. But why would businesses and the average consumer need a drone service? The possibilities are endless from the use of drones for deliveries, real estate, construction, and beyond. But Up Sonder isn't stopping there. They are already looking for ways to offer autonomous drone support.

One major lesson we learn in today's episode is that incredible world changing ideas often start by trying to solve our own problems. Derek is innovating in the space because he saw a need to help his mom. In the episode we also discuss the future of drones, how drones are impacting the skies above us, how a network of charging stations could change the drone industry, and so much more.

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About Derek Waleko

Derek Waleko is the Co-founder and CEO of the Los Angeles-based drone services marketplace, Derek has a love for the sky and is an FAA certified commercial drone pilot. Before turning his hobby into a career, Derek traveled the world living in Paju, South Korea; Barcelona, Spain; and Manhattan, New York. His travels lead him to investment banking where he learned about what made a good company and how successful management teams operated. All of which has been valuable insight he keeps with him today with his own company Up Sonder. Originally from Texas, Derek grew up on his family's ranch raising cattle and attended Texas Tech University where he met his wife, Sandy. Today he lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their daughter Waverley and son Thatcher.









Automating Drones with Derek Waleko

Automating Drones with Derek Waleko