Avoid ALL Keto Side Effects Easily

Avoid ALL Keto Side Effects Easily

Update: 2021-08-05


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Kidney Stones and High oxalate foods:  https://youtu.be/LHn169caXDY, https://youtu.be/U9PJLekWSK0

Here are the symptoms and remedies for common keto side effects. 

1. Brain fog - This could be a vitamin B1 deficiency or low ketones—use nutritional yeast and MCT oil. 

2. Gout/high uric acid - Take a green drink, like wheatgrass juice or other leafy green vegetable juice. This will regulate your pH. 

3. High cholesterol - This means you need more bile salts to break down cholesterol. 

4. Kidney stones - This could be not enough water or potassium citrate. 2 liters of water a day is ideal. Also, avoid high-oxalate foods, like almonds, spinach, and chocolate. 

5. Digestion issues - Adjust vegetable intake (could be too much or not enough), take bile salts, avoid lectins, and take betaine hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar. 

6. Acne - Avoid dairy products. 

7. Palpitations & muscle cramps - Increase magnesium, potassium, and sea salt. 

8. Irritability - Use vitamin B1.

9. Gallbladder pain - Avoid nuts and peanut butter. 

10. Bad breath - Increase leafy greens and lower protein. 

11. Rash - Increase B vitamins (nutritional yeast).

12. Fatigue or keto flu - Sea salt and potassium. 

13. Sleeplessness - Increase calcium (calcium citrate or calcium lactate) and sea salt. 

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Avoid ALL Keto Side Effects Easily

Avoid ALL Keto Side Effects Easily

Dr. Eric Berg