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Awaken The Possibilities: Authentic Follow Up....That Gets More “Yesses”

Awaken The Possibilities: Authentic Follow Up....That Gets More “Yesses”

Update: 2020-04-09



In episode 8 of the new Awaken The Possibilities Podcast, Host Terry Wildemann interviews Debbie Hoffman on "Authentic Follow Up....That Gets More “Yesses”.”. Awaken the Possibilities Podcast features successful entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders who offer insights on how to attract success in business and life. 


ABOUT Debbie Hoffman

Debbie Hoffman is a heart based-follow-up expert, speaker and founder of “Power-Up! Your Follow-Up.” She works closely with relationship driven entrepreneurs, coaches and network marketers who are letting potential clients slip through the cracks because they don’t have a reliable follow-up plan in place. Her proven step-by-step follow-up system supports them to have more ideal clients saying yes to working with them. After 20 years working on Wall street as a Managing Director, with over $25-billion in sales, Debbie took her organizational skills (and an extraordinary ability to connect with people) and created multiple six figure business. In addition, Debbie had tremendous success as a Network Marketer, having built an international team of several thousand consultants. She’s also a best-selling author and has a forthcoming book highlighting her proven follow-up system… due out in 2020. Her mission is to support entrepreneurs to share their gifts and get their message out in a big way so they can create a bigger impact.


About Terry Wildemann:

Terry Wildemann is the owner of Intuitive Leadership® and a Business and Resilience Accelerator, Speaker and Certified Executive Coach.

Terry's specialty is working with tired, unhealthy, close-to-burned-out entrepreneurs and professionals and helps them leap off the stress hamster wheel. They evolve into unstoppable stress resilient intuitive leaders and practical business mystics. Terry’s timely message guides clients and students to integrate intuition, stress resilience, positive communications and leadership with grounded business systems to achieve success by positively serving and influencing others. Her leadership experience includes owning a manufacturing company, image consulting company, leadership and holistic education center.

Terry is a best selling author of The Enchanted Boardroom: Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader.  



welcome everyone to this episode ever waking the possibilities I'm your host Terry will demand I'm the founder and the owner of intuitive leadership and it should have leadership university well we have three schools leadership wisdom school the business wisdom score and a life without school our faculty members are experiencing highly educated people who would take you to a place where you can leave off the stress hamster wheel of life and leaping into is low so that you can become an unstoppable intuitive leader and practical business Mr today we have a guest who I adore she's been in my life for about four years and what I love about her is that we share a love of networking I've been teaching at working for almost twenty five years it's a very very special topic but there's something about the way that Debbie talks about it what the missing link is that most people miss when it comes to networking I am making it successful we often hear people complaining %HESITATION networking doesn't work well guess what if you go in your own little group and you are in the skin on your own little group in your having your drink well guess what you're right you're not networking okay so it doesn't guarantee me that network doesn't work out of it about that little bit but the thing is that networking is foundational to your business it's foundational whether it's in person whether it's on the phone whether it's on to which so many of us are doing right now because we have to do with this by respect Sir let me introduce you to this amazing woman Debbie Hoffman has a heart based follow up expert into speaker and brown %HESITATION power up your follow up she works closely with the relationship driven entrepreneurs which is a network marketers or letting potential clients slip through the cracks because they don't have a readout of very reliable follow up plan in place or prudent step by step follow up system supports them to have more ideal clients saying yes that's what we want yes you're working with them after twenty years working on Wall Street as a managing director with over twenty five billion in sales Debbie took her organizational skills and extraordinary ability to connect with people and created a multiple six figure business impression that we had tremendous success as a network marketer having built an international team of several thousand consumption is also a best selling author and has a forthcoming book highlighting her follow up system yeah well I'm twenty twenty our mission is to support entrepreneurs to share their gaps and get their message out in a big way so that they can create bigger impact and welcome to the show that I am so thrilled that you are here speaking with your waking the possibilities audience he gave us your message needs to be heard thank you so much for having me I'm really glad I'm here the timing is perfect instead many what it eats so many ways so that means you are on Wall Street first you should get out of Wall Street into your own business can you tell us a little bit more about that because one of the things that I find that a lot of our guests do is they were in these big corporate businesses and they take leaps leaps into doing what your heart was calling them to do my story is a little different so I didn't wake up one day and go oh my god I'm amazing at follow up and say I got to teach people that's like that's not how it happened so as you read I worked on Wall Street and one day I just quit because I wanted to be home with my family and I want to make a bigger difference as an entrepreneur %HESITATION unfortunately right after I quit %HESITATION my husband's real estate market because it well my husband's business because the real estate market crashed and we had we went through foreclosure bankruptcy by we lost everything it was devastating and that was gonna be the that was gonna be what was going to be supporting us so depression being a victim all that's ahead unfortunately would save me was finding a mentor I knew that this woman can help me and she did call me out of that hole and help me get back to work again during that time I met a woman who had a network at a conference who was interested in the products that I was representing at the time and she said I'm interested but follow up with me and I did for fourteen months not easy to do and finally she said yes and I continue to follow up with her like I always do with new clients and one day she left me a message and said Debbie you're amazing and follow up you need to teach me your system I remember it as it was yesterday hearing this message and she said I really struggle with follow up we need to talk and I was like what like what are you talking about so I called her and I said to what you're talking about and she said nobody follows up the way you do and people are really struggling with this you have to get you need to do something with us and to tell you the truth Terry I had no idea that this was a gap I didn't know I was doing anything special and thank god she pointed this out to me encouraged me to start this business because I really feel we all have a gap we all have that thing that we just do naturally that we take for granted right sometimes it takes somebody outside of us to pointed out and I'm really grateful because now I've been able to help hundreds and hundreds of people %HESITATION to improve their follow up and get their message out to make the impact they're here to make so I'm just so grateful but it's a very different kind of story like I just didn't know it was anything you need well actually live there a lot of folks I work with they're they're actually very much like you guys and everything just came by and said you couldn't we don't recognize our ingenious we don't because we're so close to it we don't see it it's so easy for us we have this idea that things have to be hard why you are really good at follow up you said it was fourteen months from curious how many touches before she probably bought I I've called her monthly so we're talking fourteen touches before she bought and that's what I see that a lot of sales people today yeah it's not you're not gonna make you may not make the still the first time or the second time for the third time not for time and time do your credit the fourth call she finally said yes so I do not reject the people takes twelve touches for somebody to buy actually can I share some statistics here is I think this will really help so research shows it takes five minimum contacts by the minimum for the average person will say yes to doing business with you but lots of experts say can be between eight and fifteen yeah but the thing is Terry only eight percent of entrepreneurs get make it to the fifth contact most likely forty eight percent of about Jupiter's don't even follow up once like they need somebody and they don't even make that first call right so eight percent are getting to the fifth contact which means ninety two percent of us are stopping short of where most of the business happens and of course those eight percent are doing eighty percent of the business out there and that's the whole point it's all about the follow up right so it's really critical and most people are not this isn't on their radar screens it's like you're not even thinking about it well this is one of the things that I share with folks it's it's okay I teach a lot of traction right it's one of the big bangs what we were doing our sales programs we teach water traction you have to be present in mind body and spirit and be very clear and get rid of all the emotional baggage about sales and interact with people monitor the good stuff to be clear all that stuff out and then they're like okay the raider rocking go rock and roll in the going the network in many no do there while they're doing there about a year or whatever it is their ankle whatever it is that these days and it's like okay Terry I'm not making any sales are how many times did you follow up did you call did you connect you just send an email well no I didn't do any of that Hey Lou so a lot of traction goes so far you must take inspired action yeah and that's where you come in that's right teaching people how to follow up at so what is do you believe that the easiest way to follow up his other email tax this tax thing I'm old school so I don't normally follow up by text for a phone call I I'm talker I prefer well I'm follow up in a phone call or follow up %HESITATION you sent me an email at least so what what do you what do you think it or whatnot thanks what do you share as the number one way of connecting with people well I'm a girl too and I believe picking up the phone is should be the first step most people don't most people send emails and I don't know about you but my inbox gets flooded and sometimes things get lost but when people leave me a message I listen to it almost immediately right I see a message that I listen to it so I totally believe that since you heard the statistics and most people aren't following up at all and the people who are following up our emailing if you call you'll rise above everyone else and people are gonna think wow this person actually took the time to call me right so you'll you'll rise above your competition so that for me is step one and then I used to email right after that but again people weren't responding so I shifted to texting and I would say ninety nine percent of the time people respond to my tax wow that's good that's that's really been working so I basically leave a similar message a shortened message %HESITATION as I did in the voicemail and people are responding so it's been really fabulous I will still recommend to send an email as the third touch point because if that person %HESITATION was busy all day and it's late at night and they can't call you back and they can't respond to your text is leaving they'll respond to an email and then you'll see where how people respond and that will show you their preferred method of communication and then you can continue on that way so okay do you were you just said Debbie at the very last piece about the preferred method of the client's communication can you repeat that please sure aren't yes said the way they respond we'll show you their preferred method of communication some people will you know feel better responding by email they get to their messages late and that's how they're going to respond right some people will respond like I said ninety nine percent of the people I'm texting are responding to tax they're not responding to the email so now I know that that there's that that's their preferred method of communication and that's the best way for me to reach them you have to be aware everybody's so different everybody's wired so differently they really really are now do you find a difference between and I'm sure he can carry us through this that means of this question in %HESITATION where one generation and we do things a specific way do you see a difference in millennials and how it is that they sell are there other entrepreneurial businesses work for the people that they work with I'm really not personally working with a lot of millennials but my clients are and they're finding that it's all texting like they don't ever pick up a phone call right so again you gotta tune into your market and if you're dealing with millennials they're into texting or Instagram or whatever you know they're they're not they're not picking up the phone and calling people back my clients back seven network via Instagram how does that happen for those of us of a certain age who knows I happen to know how Instagram works but it's not one of my fondest media platforms I just miss it might be a handful networking ruby and Instagram it's not so much that they're networking they're just you know promoting what they're doing and I'm not in an Instagram expert so that's not it's out of my wheelhouse but I just hear that that's what they're doing that's where they're going so what is what do you see from where you set as being the number one challenge with follow up %HESITATION there's so many challenges the only one here one now when I give a jury three iron here that I can share so the first thing that I see and this is really kind of an epidemic is that people tell me they use this word they just say I wing it I don't prepare what I'm gonna say when I call you by don't prepare before I go to a networking that what I'm gonna say I'm when I'm meeting with somebody or you know to present what I do I just wing it so they're not preparing the second thing I know it's a big one check back a big one I know I know I know right but they don't think about like this stuff is like there's all this stuff that we know that we don't know but then there's all the stuff that we don't know that you don't know and when it comes to follow up and sales so much falls into that later that latter category people it's just not on the radar screen they just never what I find in the reason I'm doing this I'm so passionate about it Terry's because I see people who love what they do they're so gifted they have such a great offering of a product or service whatever it is that they offer to people but they've never been taught follow up skills or sales skills and so on they're the best kept secret right so that's why it's like people are putting this %HESITATION as the last part making this the last priority so getting back to your question so the number two issue I see is that people have these looming believes %HESITATION that come up that stop them from following up and the biggest one I hear is %HESITATION they're free to being self you're pushing so that's the second thing and it stops them and I help people with the whole mindset shift around at a lot of it's just mindset a lot of it's knowing what to do and what to say and those living believes will drop off if they have really deep limiting beliefs and I send them to people like you you know the people who do the inner work because I don't do I get people with more practical things that they can do and some daily practices as well but if they've got some deep lifelong issue then I refer them to someone who can help them with that and then the third thing that's huge and it's costing people so much money and I call it the number one leak on in people's system is that they're not consistently asking for referrals gosh yes it's and they're sitting on a goldmine and nobody's asking or they're not asking consistently I mean I just hear this over and over and over again whenever I speak I ask you know raise your hand if you consistently ask your clients referrals no one's hand goes up so those are three key areas %HESITATION when it was the fourth one two is they don't have a system in place in a technology I was just gonna say that you can't really beat me to it before you ask for one I gave you for that but they're all he issues okay so and that system is huge so I'm not so I'm gonna ask you this should be reversed should the system be number one sure that they know what to do and how to do it well they don't know what to do well there's when I say system I'm talking to two different things first there is the technology there's the CRM customer relationship management system and email marking system everything is stored so that is number one to get that but then knowing what to do and what to say and how often a follow up and what methods of communication that's where I come in okay that was second system okay yes so there's two system but yes people when I when I start working with me step one is get your system and I help them figure out which is the best fit for them based on their business model and where they're at in their business and what their needs are yes you've got to have a system if not you're gonna baggies and boxes full of cards and notebooks and you know there's a gal a friend of mine I've been talking to for six years about getting this year and she finally got one and it's a game changer for her it's going to well everything yeah she was so much so when you get that business card in it things are very different today with technology so your do you have a business card or did you will bump you know on the phone or you know whatever what is your first name for me I love the business card because I can touch it I can look at it and I can remember coming from Asian in it yeah I do my thing so but that's me what do you what are you finding in today's day and age that people are doing what what is the easiest way for them to get all their contact information to put into this year and because I know for me because I you know and it does take time %HESITATION you know chip card and mission and better not is there an easier way to do that there are easier ways it depends on where people are with their business so when I first started my business I didn't have a budget at all to hire anybody to do anything for me so I would come back from the networking event and I would put their information right into my CRM I would tag them for the event that I'm not that mad and out with whether they were interested in being out classed you know client potentially or maybe they're good JV partner power partner so I wouldn't have been very interested not age whatever they were interested them as I eat you know you grew and my business and I always recommend that at certain point you've got to get someone to help you because it is not your genius to spend time adding people into a CRM you want to spend time doing what only you can do even if you don't think you can afford it you can pay somebody eight dollars an hour in the Philippines for one hour a month to do this for you or yeah and then you gradually increase that's what I did so how did the information during the Philippines so I would scan the cards and send it to them I would put the cards on a scanner and send it to them and people don't I haven't you know copy machines fax machine if you don't have one of those that just take a picture of each card one at a time and just send it to them okay we have done some of this year Ms have software where you can scan it in the information I was writing I was just going to go into that yes in my system I can take a picture of the card in it and it enters them automatically into the system and that is the best because then you can just do it immediately I I actually do it at the event I just take the picture and then I created the tags for the event in advanced and I just tag them and they're down there in the system so that is the easiest way to do it so it's about finding a CRM that has that system in it yeah warrant that has one that can connect with a scanner because with zap your now you can connect technologies together alright so you just have to find out so whatever serum you're using ask if they have a scanner our business card scanner and built in and it's not which one day can affiliate with I think it's nice to know nice so %HESITATION we're getting close to a time what we'll need to close off because I know you have another event that you need to get your very busy lady and I want to make sure that you're there on time because that's where things about networking we want to be there on time it's important to do that because if you get there early you get the scope out who's all going to be their number one on the bench it's a it's a live event and I know for myself on those things right yep there early Sitton acquiring get relaxed June and get clear and then go in and have a good time and there's all these different networking things that you and I could talk about forever but what I know is that you have a couple things to share with it awaken the possibilities audience that I'm really excited about it one of them is in the band and the other one is eight we have a quiz that we took in school folks now it's more of an assessment so it's sad it's a fact like in less than ten minutes you're gonna learn you're going to see you know where you're doing really well with follow up where you're going to score yourself high and then where potential clients in income might be slipping through the cracks so it's a real eye opener everyone who tells me that they've taken at when we got to talk they just say wow I learned so much about myself so so you can go to power up biz quiz B. I. Z. Q. U. I. Z. dot com power up biz quiz dot com you'll get the results immediately as well I and if you want to hop on a call to discuss them afterwards we can do that as well so the cookies take the quiz it's it you'll learn a lot about yourself thank you so much for being here today I really appreciate it and I know that that be waking the possibilities audience has a lot to gain from the words that you have shared with us so there's a lot there's a lot to networking there's a lot to sales but when you finally get it altogether if he becomes a major and just part of your argument it's wrong so trust me it can it's it is something that can be learned and and then there was a great person to be able to do that show me out again thank you so very much for being here into our waking the possibilities financed please dryness and basically group awaken the possibilities we're gonna be talking about all kinds of things and leadership life and business but I'm glad to have you come on in there too and talk about stuff so rains there at Facebook dot com forward slash groups forward slash or weaken the possibilities for to bringing more bringing cast those day with us and we will be seeing you at the next not if you're at your best day ever thank you for having you're welcome

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Awaken The Possibilities: Authentic Follow Up....That Gets More “Yesses”

Awaken The Possibilities: Authentic Follow Up....That Gets More “Yesses”