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Awaken The Possibilities: Building Deeper Connections in Business

Awaken The Possibilities: Building Deeper Connections in Business

Update: 2020-03-20



In episode 5 of the new Awaken The Possibilities Podcast, Host Terry Wildemann interviews Sara Towe on " Building Deeper Connections For Business”. Awaken the Possibilities Podcast features successful entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders who offer insights on how to attract success in business and life. 


ABOUT Sara Towe

Sara Towe is a knowledge broker who shares the wisdom given by those who have go through the process of life and who now share their knowledge with Sara on her Self Discovery Media network. With an accumulated 2500 shows and expansion in place, Sara Loves the inspiration that begets invitation in embracing our awesomeness. 


About Terry Wildemann:

Terry Wildemann is the owner of Intuitive Leadership® and a Business and Resilience Accelerator, Speaker and Certified Executive Coach.

Terry's specialty is working with tired, unhealthy, close-to-burned-out entrepreneurs and professionals and helps them leap off the stress hamster wheel. They evolve into unstoppable stress resilient intuitive leaders and practical business mystics. Terry’s timely message guides clients and students to integrate intuition, stress resilience, positive communications and leadership with grounded business systems to achieve success by positively serving and influencing others. Her leadership experience includes owning a manufacturing company, image consulting company, leadership and holistic education center.

Terry is a best selling author of The Enchanted Boardroom: Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader.  



what we want to this episode of the week in the possibilities podcast I'm your host will demand and as you know I love bringing amazing guests of the show to help you become unstoppable intuitive leaders and practical business mistakes I I have an extraordinary yes her name is Sarah Troy and Sara is a knowledge broker who shares the wisdom given by those who have gone through the process of light and who now share their knowledge with Sarah on herself discovering media network and this one is like the network she has accumulated twenty five hundred shows I can imagine %HESITATION twenty five hundred shows and she has expansion in place Sarah loves the inspiration that begets invitation and embracing our last semester come to the shows Sarah I thank thank you he well you know one thing that I know about you is you are a rock star in terms of energy and energy and energy and energy I mean it just flows out of you so one of the things that I know your love is business and our topic today is the knowing this business and you tell me a little bit more back than knowing this in business a lot of people like to stay in the head you know everything is I've done this business course and you've got to do things this way and that way and and it must be that and they forget the off their business people are going to buy them before they're going to buy anything from them and if it doesn't come from the heart the soul and the spirit the conviction it doesn't matter what you're promoting a yes selling people just aren't going to be that interested in it I'm not not in alignment it'll west the connection there are trillions of other people out there doing what you're doing how do you stand out right it's not the better graphic it's not this it's not that it how do you connect how do you build relationships what do you of yourself do you bring to the table because that's really who people want to dine with right and if I'm going to do business with you I want to know we have a connection that connection please my gosh it is it just seems like it's coming at me from all directions it's a bad connection people are tired of being sold to us they are I just the products and the services maintain ma'am and they have no idea who you are as a person now I mean have you noticed that your member flash this flash that you have you noticed we don't see them on sites anymore because people would like it's intrusive it's intrusive you know it's stopped pitching me stop frame things at me you know and it's just like you have no idea whether you're actually offering me a service that I need and you won't know that unless you're willing to interact with me you know I find that to be searched you're on certain platforms I'm not going to name the platforms H. as there are a couple that are pretty active on that then I'm quite active on that %HESITATION friendship and immediately I'm doing this this this this and I want to buy into this this this this and I'm like wait a minute you have no idea about who I am what I am what I do anytime you get interested in what it is that you're offering right you have to say about that Sir it's rather like buying likes on Facebook and linkedin does get the numbers what do the numbers mean nothing there's no connection give me you know three of four or five people I can truly be interactive with that we can build a community because support one another I don't need to millions of sheep will coming along it's all about the connection the interaction the participation and you know I reach out to people and say hello hi great to meet you you know and if they come back to me now we will not we can have a call to say would you like to have a chat let's get to know one another but as he said in a concert a serving did you read my bio did you go to my site did you know that when you're setting your yoga thing absolutely means nothing to me because if I get down into a pretzel like I'll get back up again six you and I can make them a baseball yes and you sent me a link I am I request and what did I do when I answered your request yeah that's %HESITATION I can't remember exactly but it was it an invitation to know one another I'm at work %HESITATION let's get to know one another yes and we did and we set up a time I sent my coffee with Terry link yes hi and after two minutes turned into it's very easily very into it is not wonderful we do not sell each other at all no each other as I said Hey come on my show you said I want you on your own you're shaking and here we are in here we connection again you know you know I have a saying is that you discover your beautiful instrument to like learn how to play it and then find your orchestra that you belong to and you know I'm about finding this communities that you know could be an orchestra business orchestra health focused %HESITATION what every day is and when you step into your goal just instrument you know playing that in an orchestra in creating harmony and symphony is absolutely wonderful that's the best invitation that you can send out to people by inspiring them it invites them stop pitching to them that's old fashioned but just not interested in that anymore right absolutely and you know it's interesting I'm giving a talk your locally at the Newport in March and they wanted me to do a talk on the pitch no no no no no no and she sent me all this information and and my people don't do pitches yeah so you're doing a pitch let's talk well let's see can people all about the pitch and you can't change if you don't connect right the goal is to be so connected with the individual that they pull out their credit card in Chennai I wanna work with you that doesn't happen if you're pitching mostly I just lied lied lied lied lied lied lied to somebody else's pitching me I'm not interested but if you build up a connection you know relatability isn't it I relate to you I relate everything is storytelling since the beginning of time around the campfire when you share a story and it relates with someone they want to know more they want to know you what can they learn from you that they can apply to their own life so beat the inspiration because that is the invitation and you're not going to get that in the thirty second pitch I was never any good at that anyway you know you're talking about the campfire and the storytelling is so important and yet the accessorizing of the storytelling is just as important because you have to have more is there do you have the more it's what does Graham crackers and marshmallows yes exactly yes No yes those components the Graham crackers marshmallows and a chocolate the embellishment Aleshin rocks are all part of this story telling and it's not necessarily about your product best known no yet why is the movie industry so big why are the seven hundred and fifty thousand pot concept that why attend talks in order these things listen to because they have become more personal in the way that they speak to you in the beauty of a pot costs is that we really can pull back hello yes we have we got some producers say you cannot say that you can't do that you got ten seconds for this you know you can really rattle the story and allow it to to take foreman go where it needs to go into some beautiful fluidity we love storytelling we love it because we're always looking at how do we fit into that story is that story about me did that person trying in that story can I transfer my story it's always about that relatability in that relatability it speaks to the heart it it's the heart it's not up here hello the heart yes the soul and the spirit yes use a four letter word I love %HESITATION what a wonderful vibration isn't it beautiful it is and when you walk into a networking event and you have the mantle on your head of I am love I love what I do at I want to be able I I don't want to I am serving yes the person who crosses my path to the best of my ability do you remember that please leave out of your head the numbers game yes it's that connection game and to realize as I'm always saying I'm not everybody's Cup of tea but I'm somebody strong cuppa could black coffee right you're only going to speak to people that can feel your vibration this because they're ready they're ready to connect today ready to hear what it is that you have stop trying to pitch to everyone it's not about that personalize I am and that's where that invitation is isn't that that connection is you are your business go in there on that beautiful vibration if you don't love what you're doing how the hell can you sell it to anyone else here's the thing if you're going to networking events a pension to sal mother will turn around and walk away right because quite frankly that's not the place to pitch in to help that is the place to make connections yes we don't want the rah rah rah the sugar high you know we just not interested in that that's the old paradigm and it was T. shattering it wasn't you know what are we looking for in the end M. love is a beautiful energy it's high vibration but in order to get to know if you've got a cat you go to show kindness you gotta have empathy and that stops with you and if you want it how can you share it how can you ignited enough that's and that's the word igniting it in other you are authentic and in integrity yes you are with no apology she's sweet yes sure you know if somebody says she will what is it that you do it is important to be clear on what you do you know I don't mean but it's not it's it's about avoiding becoming a recall a Billboard yeah yeah yes when you sure what you do in those sixty seconds to thirty you know thirty to sixty seconds that you're sharing about yourself and it's about clarity do you think it's clarity on what you do when you come back clear everything falls into place maybe we should be talking about who we are run in the what we do you know I'm I'm so inspired by the people who shared the stories that I couldn't help but you know Shamil it's I think our connection you know we very often have a selling something when we forget about that connection that you are what you're selling you are what your businesses and you know it is it what we do or is it what we represent yes so you tell me you're going into a networking event I got that out don't let me %HESITATION let's not like that well I would love to hear about the connections that are rolled you and the ones that pushed you away Ron Ross pushed me away immediately can I want somebody pounces on your like a puppy you know and and debt we meeting wanted to know if they could school from you yeah and that really kind of repels me immediately but what I am I'm a bit of an observer when I get when I go in I observe what's around then I choose who I wish to speak to an act choosing it based on the energy that I'm feeling or even seen somebody who feels a little out of place I lost because nobody seems to be community Kate in with them everybody's different networking events in everybody caught this time this time that you called me next you know that's the way they are so I like to look for that person that may be a little out of place I'm but I like to observe and see where the energy is going it's very much about me tapping into the energy first because I have to see where that energy zone is and then it's striking up a conversation and you may only took two to three people the entire evening for the entire event but those relationships is something you're going to take with you what it costs the event it's not about how many cards you can get a how many people you can get on your list that I could go home and email them a bitch bitch bitch it's what relationships have you started that now can continue one so I'm very much meat and speeding their way and if I see people running around like chasing their tail handing the contact page bitch bitch I know that I'm not gonna make any connection with them they're looking for the quick six I'm looking for the people who are willing to take the journey yes I believe that when we do these networking events that we really start to connect the moment we register yeah well and it's about asking yourself intuitively yes I really want to go to does this event actually sound like it will have the kind of people that I want to and I am I'd love to share a story about that because %HESITATION a couple years ago I drove up to an event in Boston so I'm an hour fifteen minutes away he I drove up and I was really excited to go when I walked into the doors of the restaurant and it was like oh it was this isn't gonna work this is a global network and I ask my higher self and my to stay you are to stay so I state it was such a good old boys network and that energy was so sick of it it was challenging to talk with folks either I mean it it read and there were a couple of them in there and we talked about things and you know I I you know I left that place it took me two hours to get home and I was on the couch the entire day the next day I'm drained yes I would and it was like oh my gosh what happened here and I'm glad I did what I did because if I didn't I wouldn't be able to share the story but that's you know I'm a business woman I didn't business since I was eighteen years old I'm a no nonsense don't mess with me person when it comes to business and but I do a compassionately yeah that there was no it L. well you know before I started this %HESITATION I'd met somebody who had an ingenious idea for new electric motor I don't think about electric motors forget about the technology I didn't know need to know how it works he knew how it works I just knew I had to get it out there I had to get this exposed and so if it was for me to setup goals and things like this and I'll give you fifteen minutes to hours later but still that because he truly was a brilliant person and quite fascinating and no we didn't go anywhere we will close up and other things that went on but for me it was a really big lesson Inigo and you know you've got people who are going to be invested as and they're looking at what they can get out of it with his least that they can put into it and I'm one of those people that unfortunate after a while they realize I'd really see them and they they kind of stop the pitch this stop the whole ego took on this like she really sees me I'm pulling the wheel I'm trying to pull the wool over her eyes hit this facade of me being the big business person but she really sees me and in that so you know that didn't rewards work in my favor but I just found it really quite fascinating all of this very M. G. ego talk of a testament to Textron and and just how unproductive it really was you know I couldn't help but thinking if a man ran home the way he runs his business a lot of people would go hungry and dishes would never be done with the laundry all the children A. M. best it just a not really it put me off a lot you know and in dealing with business and that way and was then I fell into this wonderful field but it really was quite fascinating because it just seemed to be the puff puff puff in each other up I didn't see where is the connection which is the interest was that the real commitment to anything I just didn't see it and that part there was you know so we're we're sharing stories that have the underlying theme where's the connection yes yes the one thing that I find now I could see the one thing there's a lot of things anything that I really have noticed over the years of the decades is when you're so focused on money yes you lose sight of what is important and when you focus on what's important and creating the connections the money is going to automatically flow yeah know which comes first the money or the people yes hold people always creation not being so practice if you're so practical practical logical that you put the people second it will always be a struggle to attract the success that you seek because they're not going to work as well for you yeah and and I've just read several blocks because about this when you have a company that the secret ingredient in success for a company is well yeah because when you love your people care for your people our compassion for your people and have a connection with your people they are going to work twice as hard for you their loyalty their respect I mean it's the same but if it's a treat the janitor the same as you would treat you know seo part because if you walk into a business and it's dirty that is actually selling to people that you really don't care the presentation is not that suit your janitors just as important as the person that's cutting the deal and I think that the company's success I did a wonderful series on this of let's get sync and it was about the emotional climate around climate change but interviewing change the emotional practices you're not going to be able to change the climate practices and it was so interesting how many companies are working with companies with government on putting people planet before profit and the profit will come and they if you've got employees as I love my job I love the fact that I can really speak out be creative my input is heard if I go to work and I'm not just another number okay click you know I'm a person that that's valued and don't we all want that for ourselves with the reserves an entrepreneur %HESITATION we work for someone we want to know that we count it that our contribution is counted and when that's counted aren't you what is it that you're activating people if you're a leader or manager what are you asked to beating people when people feel that they make that they are counting that they make a difference what do you activating creativity first thought right wonderment exploration you know the possibilities that nothing is limitless you know and that's the thing is we want the possibilities because those create the opportunities and if you invite people that their creativity Mattis you know we look at something can go again that this is the issue that we have right now and you can only see it from your perspective but when you invite everyone else to look at it from a different angle somebody sees it in a different way and next thing you know you have a solution absolutely that is so cool and we we drive where that's concerned because that's the stuff that I talk about my workshops in and seminars and the one question I ask is who's the most important person in the organization and it's interesting to get this you know this year how I manage I get that a lot and I'm like man and then and then and now and they're looking at me like I had three heads of my shoulders your maintenance staff yes because you can't work effectively and efficiently in a dirty office right and they look at me like I've got three heads in my shoulder exactly it's that simple it really is and it really %HESITATION someone very close to me came home and shared a story about how eight person who I believe they had down syndrome as part of the maintenance staff their office mate what shocked at how this person why so kind and generous and happy and genuinely having a relationship with the maintenance crew and after they walked out you're the person was like what is it with you what what are you talking with that person and it made me so sad yeah that this other individual who was quote unquote a leader okay I'm didn't understand the value and the importance of what the maintenance staff was during was really sad that is that person's ego right I'm in a my old company speckled the importance of you this is very very important to place importance upon yourself your health your well being everything about you it's very different from self importance which is ego driven which very often is in security because you feel secure I love who you are you not going to be driven by the ego the ego comes from that in security and you can see it in the people well I'm more important you know I've got a promotion to not get a hold of everyone else and that is that insecure ego drive at the best leaders of those that create lead us yes absolutely so I'm curious do you think that there's a positive you go into negative ego I would stay cold maybe it pride you know taking pride in your accomplishment and what you've been able to do you know pride that I I never thought I could do this but look what I'm doing now I'm and I think that kind of pride ego you know a self congratulation is perfect all right but I think when it becomes the ego that has to bash someone to make them feel bigger that is the eagle I'm talking about that is very negative because they've got to pull someone down in order to put themselves up and that's just not acceptable you're absolutely right you are a rock star so this kind of stuff I'm I would love for you we only have a few minutes left I would love for you to share with the audience about your twenty five hundred pop apps plus the moment pretty bad done about two thousand of them because I have hosts that come and go you know they come in for a while some of state for a while some of them got my god this is so much work as you know a lot of people don't think it is even though I'm doing all the editing I love you know my goodness I am it's a gift in it it it's it it's a gift to me to be able to show someone story and the things that I've learned about people and about humanity because I was reading at the crossroads of my god you know I've really I'm about to give up on humanity yeah I just you know it's not it's I do I want to be here anymore and then I started interviewing people that have really had some incredible struggles and strife and challenges the night yet they've gone through the process and they've taken whatever it is they've learned to and now that calling is to help others on that Pacific journey and it inspired me so much that I learned a great deal about myself my own strength my own carriage ride own abilities which I'm actually being learnt one step at a time one show at a time but it shows as we don't focus enough on how wonderful human beings can be because the CNN effect is the pimple into a volcanic corruption and it's always about what misery we can sell what hysteria can we sell what fear can we sell on my purpose is to actually bring you the people that are all some that are extraordinary human beings ordinary human beings doing extraordinary things because they found the courage they found the strength they found the abilities and they're willing to share anxious to share with you so that you've got the tools of the school skills to be able to walk your own life so it is it is a gift to me I love it I love getting to meet people like you it inspires me it gives me hope for us as a humanity and I know that with with each show with each vibration that we rise up we're beginning to tilt the scales and the more mall we focus on the good and feed and water dot good the more we could start seeing the changes that we desperately need to see on this planet yes we do yes we do %HESITATION well Sarah Kenyon share with the audience where can I find your they can find me at self discovery media dot com in the next month I will be launching a new site called discovering communities dot org I will be having mentorship said we'll be doing podcasts books all of the shows will be there as well but it's expanding on the work that I'm doing and just taking it even further but some discovery media units or about our own self discovery not being afraid to take the journey you know it's not about you listing around the campfire driven one else's journey you're just as important you have a story to share as well participate in your own life and you just see how awesome you really are and then get a hold of me at info at self discovery media dot com thank you so much for sharing yourself with us today it was the number one if the audience can't tell the connection that we have and we've only met once folks yes I at that fifteen minutes off the coffee it's good to get lastly I would remind you're coming on my shows which I can't wait for that as well and that probably will go an hour and a half on that show so that definitely is one grab the wind brought the coffee put your feet up and have a broad in the rock and roll thank you so much for being here Sarah is such a joy to always be in your presence I was like I don't we awaken the possibilities audience who are listening to this wonderful information that you share with you to help you become unstoppable so until next time I'm Terry will demean your host for waking the possibilities podcast see you next time take care

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Awaken The Possibilities: Building Deeper Connections in Business

Awaken The Possibilities: Building Deeper Connections in Business