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Awaken The Possibilities: Heart Centered Living for Personal Fulfillment and Social Impact

Awaken The Possibilities: Heart Centered Living for Personal Fulfillment and Social Impact

Update: 2020-03-26



In episode 6 of the new Awaken The Possibilities Podcast, Host Terry Wildemann interviews Alina Boyte on " Heart Centered Living for Personal Fulfillment and Social Impact”. Awaken the Possibilities Podcast features successful entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders who offer insights on how to attract success in business and life. 


ABOUT Alina Boyte

Alina is an intellectual property law professor at Mississippi College School of Law, the owner of Alina Boyte LLC, a social enterprise committed to addressing poverty, hunger, and climate change through its business practices, the founder of the Heart Centered Life and host of the Heart Centered Life Podcast. Alina attended the University of London, the University of Cambridge, and Stanford Law School. She graduated at the top of her law school class and is the recipient of many highly competitive awards, including the Cambridge Commonwealth Scholarship, the Fulbright Scholarship, and the Lieberman Fellowship. Her book, Copyright Law and the Progress of Science and the Useful Arts is available on Amazon. She is happily married to a man, Jonathan, who epitomizes heart centered living and they have a daughter, Juliette, who is the inspiration for the Heart-Centered Life. You can find out more about her at


About Terry Wildemann:

Terry Wildemann is the owner of Intuitive Leadership® and a Business and Resilience Accelerator, Speaker and Certified Executive Coach.

Terry's specialty is working with tired, unhealthy, close-to-burned-out entrepreneurs and professionals and helps them leap off the stress hamster wheel. They evolve into unstoppable stress resilient intuitive leaders and practical business mystics. Terry’s timely message guides clients and students to integrate intuition, stress resilience, positive communications and leadership with grounded business systems to achieve success by positively serving and influencing others. Her leadership experience includes owning a manufacturing company, image consulting company, leadership and holistic education center.

Terry is a best selling author of The Enchanted Boardroom: Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader.  



welcome everyone to awaken the possibilities are cash I'm your host every woman and this is a very special podcasts for entrepreneurs and business owners to assist them in growing their business in the areas of resilience leadership communications and intuition my guest today a little boy I see so much to share with you and I really hope that you listen to her words and what she has to share because it's all about intellectual property so let me share with you a little bit about this dynamic woman Lena is an intellectual property law professor at Mississippi college school of law the owner of a leaner buoy my saying that right boy yes right okay LLC a social enterprise committed to addressing poverty hunger right up my alley hunger and climate change through its business practices the founder of the heart center of light and host of the heart centered life hi Alina tended university of London university of Cambridge and Stanford Law School she graduated at the top of her law school class is the recipient of highly competitive awards including the Cambridge Commonwealth scholarship the Fulbright scholarship and the Lieberman fellowship her book copyright law and the progress of science and useful arts is available on Amazon she is happily married to Donna then %HESITATION opinion rises hearts into living I have a daughter Juliet it was the inspiration for the heart centered life and you can find out more about her Adelina boy dot com welcome to the show you know what you don't know is that my business which is currently all university yesterday call hard centered suggests exactly where you're coming from very there are reasons why you know the universe connector people together you know %HESITATION right now there's a lot going on and well folks especially those who are very fear based and nursed her behavior styles who lean towards the fact that you know everything is a reaction everything is here and three years for getting everything is all right so I'd love to hear from you you know what happened what is it that you're sharing with your clients that is so important in this day and age with all these challenges are going on with this Byers said that that is just rolling the entire world and the U. S. economy only gonna say that's that's a really great question %HESITATION you know I think a lot of people are reactors including myself sometimes you know so when we first heard about the virus initially nothing to be overly concerned about it's it's probably just something like this yeah we were in New Orleans just at the start of spring break you know and I'll New Orleans is basically a melting pot like everyone comes all over the world writing you on and try and everyone's close in close proximity I mean you could you could hardly move in New Orleans without bumping into someone because it's not so many he my husband felt sick I felt and then I still see it and I think I'm at the tail end of I think it's costing a cool %HESITATION but it was it was very what Morrison for us because I was ill %HESITATION that one is what it really did contract the virus so I think a lot of people and I was responding I was just running out of fear you know we better go back and make an appointment to see the doctor would better stock up on supplies medical supplies and everything and and then when we come back from spring break and my university issues this notice how healthy are canceling classes and then moving to online instruction and there was talk about you know locked in several cities in Seattle is in all is slight at the center of US Oakley and it's it's difficult not to react you know so I think it's in normal human reaction to react to something we are not a custom I use Walgreens you know you really are right %HESITATION my daughter is in a and your friends go area so she's unlocked and she and her fiance the weeks my other daughter is Jane Diego and she's a naval officer and all travel issues in San Diego her fiance's here in Newport Rhode Island and %HESITATION trouble is stop for all the military until may eleventh which happens to be her birthday but that so they're not going to see each other I don't really parents in Miami I just got back and your ninety seven and ninety four it's like I don't even know when I'm gonna be able to get back to them now so yeah it is very easy I I hear what you're saying is very easy no matter how grounded you are no matter how smart you are it really is easy or in the moment suddenly go to that place up across thanks that it takes your breath away and but it is important to have the tools to keep rather because frankly I both now along the tracks your perspective needing that fear just makes things worse the dance you know I I I will say one thing about this fear and fear based responses yes is really are biologically it's evolutionary as usual narrowly sexual he looked into its right so there are %HESITATION psychologists check actually treats a basis once as well phone rang you know straight are out hunting in the concrete base to make they have to meet in this one you know so I so it is it is a necessity and %HESITATION sometimes we need really strong leaders who can look here look at information accurate information and make quick decisions to protect okay so I'm not saying that your case was old is always %HESITATION wrong yes your bass response is based on make sure that how long not all of you actually right not all fear is is wrong it's what you do with that thanks the printer and whether or not you allow it to control you were you control exactly where that bird in the background is it is trying to get a message to us only %HESITATION you know to answer your question about well you know now we are in now that we process the fear and it's kind of some and how do we Roach the situation that we are in in the for more of a heartbreak behind based or eat as you say in a week and %HESITATION the right approach yes arm your intellectual property law professor a lot of us are stuck in our houses yes we're going to be writing people are going to be creating new song it'll going to be doing all kinds of perhaps cracks it's creating a New World order where we really are required in in Franklin I I traction trainer personally I feel that this was a call from humanity for us to take a break and just stop yes analysts are coming together things are happening it's a great time for people to write their box you get their courses together temperament intellectual property perspective because this is a business show no that'll you have a lot of really juicy insights that you can give us to help us with their intellectual property as well as our hearts gentry living how did the two of them combined or is there a combination that that definitely so I I love that question right last year and really speaks to my heart so I spend a lot of time thinking about I mean I spent my whole career thinking about creative %HESITATION and the legal system in itself encourages creativity only to the extent that it tries to protect the commercial value right so you know the market you know putting the walk out and then %HESITATION you are the rights that we're going to give you the right to make exclusive reproduction all right to make specific distribution rights you can sell that you can find and we but but essentially that's what beat the legal system that's why it protects those those rights but creativity actually underlies the whole legal system you know everyone treats you know it's not just your Disney or your model you know with your superhero movies right everyone of the streets it is we need to recognize that while people he too large for listen to the latest Disney movies people right people want that but what people really use creativity for the rest of the work that each one of us do has a massive impact on the people to come who who who who uses those works you know whether it's the rule whether it's after the you know it can even you can just be an instruction guide that takes you from one line in const const transform ceiling into into a different you know like like like like a very question you asked you know how do you move from a state of fear to a state of awakening all right sentence you know even if he'll have a step by step guide that takes you to the consolation in that process that is so beneficial you know I think as an intellectual property lawyer %HESITATION my my thinking is that we need to walk away from the commercializing I mean that's one of his right in those rights and everything we also need to consider racial and ethnic farm wheat only you can do what you do I mean there is no one else is the same ramen experience background you are each one of us is this unique months right and I see this is IT has kind of washing that individuality making and I think creativity is essential it's most important thing I think that a week instead this is really individuality and will need more well we really agree with you I do believe that I mean look at what's happening in our schools with their music programs and art programs in everything had to be an I think you'll you'll appreciate where I'm gonna go with this at that what sunk the Titanic was not seen when you look at a nice for the top of the iceberg is arrowhead brain the bottom of the iceberg representar heart brain so when we connect both were in a very powerful place our heart brain and that's where it gets not seen that create should be that brings out so much %HESITATION why you have to make why do we as parents as grandparents aunts and uncles and teachers squash the creativity in children because we are so %HESITATION bookish turning them into mini me's many of them yes yes %HESITATION you know Terry I'm I'm alone myself we start with all your little one earlier she's adorable yes and the you know yeah she really is her own person I mean she she is inspiration for everything I mean that the whole thing about the hazards of mine is to make sure that we have you will that hello friends in her grandchildren you know what you're going to have it that's that's a lot more because it's just a little because so yes so she she's her own person but you know to be honest sometimes I'm guilty of that too you know because of my own upbringing I grew up in Malaysia and then I came to school in the U. S. I met someone and they Jonathan here we got married we had Juliet so I I have a very Asian upbringing and I you know I don't know if you know the book %HESITATION the tiger mom by image one but she is a law professor are yelling she wrote this book about how Asian parenting is up to her yeah get a lot with the and and what has come under tremendous criticism and and I'll critique but but I grew up in that kind of environment where my parents are very strict and the I remember this incident when my my daughter wanted to rent different colored socks to school like she she just had to wear yellow consul stretch socks with well conducted some and yet %HESITATION but for me I grew up wearing uniforms to school and let Mr socks had to be white and I need to yeah it'll in someone told me that that make me change my whole perspective and she said this was just the statement it really %HESITATION hit me at my core which is do not squash out the height of her that's going to suffer for the rest of her life you know that the driven this that stubbornness I think it's it's it's true that that a lot of us we try to squash out individuality you know because it's easier if you fly it was easier %HESITATION but it's also do you believe %HESITATION share this story that complements what you're talking about my %HESITATION my middle daughter is just a well I've been a big and bigger in energy and on and on she's gate bencher she and her fiance go all over the place I mean it's not even a jump in a car and drive seven hours and and walk the mountains and hiking on and on and on and it's trail as as a very little person she would do things like she would wear a cat outfit I don't you know the little ears and a tail she was three years old and from the moment she woke up to the moment she went to bed she had those years and I tell on my remember people in the store saying to me you know what what about that ago she's not gonna walk down the aisle and that should be fine you know and people saying to me did you three wives and shit why she's on the Christmas she will be sleeping in a crib which you can don't worry or you know she was doing one of the things you love exam but her in her crib and she you know and the smile on her face we all right they weren't sure it should be fine and she loves having a bottle of water before she went to bat okay Michael walking out with the bonding amount yeah it well yeah I think that %HESITATION it's like that you know he grew up in the US and he's like he's like that he's always say don't worry about it gravesite well I think I think Asian %HESITATION our parents tend to be a little bit more disciplinarian you know I was raised just like you were I come from human parents okay so everything is eight eight eight right and I was the adventure I'm like man I was like I was the adventure boy was I was in trouble yeah but I think I think %HESITATION giving a child an opportunity to explore yeah another piece in less developed slowly I think it's really important to creativity is important and when I left to ask you this question it's rolling in my brain and I just have to ask you that you are writing a book about an Asian mother or an Asian pear parenting the adventurers trials yes Virginia adventures trial and the permanent select your property perspective can you share a little because this is really what %HESITATION because their business show and we do integrate life and business together what steps would you take as an intellectual property lawyer to protect the document that you are writing call raising into being Asian and raising and adventurers trials or whatever title you want to get also in question great question %HESITATION so if I were writing a book about raising and dentures our child so I would be doing a lot of research you know I would be leaving leading till it'll I try you know a lot of easy children right I would be weak reading books about child psychology walks on it yet she shared the first thing I would do is I make sure every thing that I use in my book is properly cited so you know a lot of people who write especially those who like looks %HESITATION they usually live for the recognition you know they they want to be recognized as he explained so I truly wanted to all the section you want to start up with will your book writing %HESITATION with them on the right foot so you don't want to so you always want to and it's okay to take blood clots all these attributes those close to me okay so the one I would take as many extras signals as I would I can I know we have a process with the community this call comes from this also this will this addition this publisher right submit so that is all and then I would write my my expression but we I. right what's that I choose the way I use it in a sentence that's all protected that's my question that's what copyright that's what it means no one can compete your expression but again someone can use that expression in that moment you attribute you want your he wants he'll the second thing I would say yes you want your expression to B. S. thank you S. so that even though you're you're somebody else's work no one can accuse you easy because you know that's you know one was how you see it you know and and people need to know the real use so regardless of what you use S. he is the owner you know your references it doesn't matter as long as what comes across in the book is usually when you get to read really here that is so important and powerful I think people yeah yeah yeah in in you know writing a book yes in Asian K. when writing a book about leasing an adventurous trial of course I would be drawing from different cultures as well you know I would see you know in in Asia this is how we operate yes this is how you reach but a lot of %HESITATION you know I wash this title once a bloodhound if Asian parents discipline their child US it would be child abuse and it's true in that there was a I think it was a Malaysian minister brought his whole family on vacation to one the sweet and I think one of his child was acting up and she was you know try to show that he was arrested for child abuse in in three so so it's I would draw from all these different cultures and of course Jonathan was also reaches his file but he's also very %HESITATION you're giving yourself a lot of space to explore which I think it's it's wonderful %HESITATION yeah she takes after him in terms of she loves me a lot of trees in can help yet she loves climbing trees and he encourages encourages her to you know so I would draw from all these different cultures and one thing I would say about drawing from different cultures is that %HESITATION you know you're drawing from the public domain you know you're drawing from a lot of pizza he says that he centric public information so things that are in the public domain that's not protected right so you don't you don't even have to attribute it to anyone well that that's that's a really great distinction there how do you know that something is in the public domain and is not in the public eye me yes so %HESITATION so basically traditional knowledge you know the stories that are told generation to generation all really that's not protected because copyright law only protects speaks at a fixed you know something that is in the book that's protected but but that %HESITATION it's a mission that you know that a provider it is true what of miles or true stories to generation that is orally all of me that's not that's not do we know for a fact that that's one of the meat of this conversation what you just told me about your book %HESITATION in the week %HESITATION transparent of that's that's not a good means we should because it's not fixed well I ask you what of this recording would be fixed you know as a recording but the information itself you know it's is %HESITATION is not the right and so what copyright law has is a very unique %HESITATION distinction between the idea in the expression you know so when I when I talk to you just now well you know right it'll be authentic and being individual in in in your expression the reason why I say that it's because it's because the more individualized thank you your your work it becomes your expression is protected by copyright the movie is once that just looks awesome okay thank you and that's not the fact that it's part of me all right %HESITATION so legally it's important for you to be authentic I think individual but I also think there's a lot of benefit to the rest of the world and to you as well if you are in it individual you how you express one of the things you're talking about low a little bit ago was about plagiarism claims your resume thank %HESITATION %HESITATION that is a real issue I mean I'm a published author myself and I know you know I bet this is my book game changer port Jervis my second solo walk I will never forget when my first book was written in nineteen ninety eight and was called one eight hundred Kurdish she connected with the winning telephone image I was on the phone with someone from a phone company I'm not sure which one and they they were I don't even remember what day when they called me about they had my book in their hands one of the things that I wrote about is your phone greeting is like a handshake in person and they were reading that part of my book out and hire heard her tell the person she was interacting with is we have to include that in our training program she sat there was like here they are talking to me the author on the phone they're not even realizing what they're doing because they didn't realize that I was listening to them which I did and I just don't I was so confused with the whole thing and I never brought that up to anybody when it came to plagiarism F. R. even given me credit for that so it so let's pretend that they did not give me credit work in the work that they're doing what would I as a business owner what steps what I'd hate to say Hey they're plagiarizing is the first box is that plagiarism and secondly what steps what I'd take it what's so that's that's I think that's a really good question %HESITATION I think good practice would be to recognize you for that call so if if I would then I would I would I would ask you first is it okay but it's it's good practice %HESITATION and then if you stay okay I would make sure that I attribute to you for that quote now I'm legally is that so plagiarism is taking somebody else's work and not %HESITATION not acknowledging them for a so legally whether you had a claim or not that's a separate question because the law doesn't attacks first thing the law doesn't protect an idea so it's easy for them to say well I just took an idea right because it's if you say the way you your phone greeting is is as good as your handshake right it's it's a common idea so it's going to be very hard for you to make %HESITATION the claims that they stole your expression you know all the DLC will is just an idea so it's it's going to be very happy to say that that copyright infringement right in the in in like nineteen the book was written in nineteen two thousand there was a long time ago yeah I mean in in some in some countries like Germany and France you could possibly say that they've if fictional model right you know because if they didn't attribute that sentencing us it's possible but in the U. S. to get its its hard currency of the more the US doesn't protect moral rights on a broad basis okay %HESITATION thank you for that was just it was bothering me and I never spoke copyright %HESITATION I need to leave the property lawyer jokes thank you for answering the question that is from the back of my mind for twenty years you're welcome Terry that was my I'm sorry I think I understand I understand so %HESITATION we're getting to the end of our show I would love to ask you what can businesses the M. and very short amount of time you're working business use you to create more social impact especially with what's going on today and could you leave us with a your best idea when it comes to social impact for businesses yes you need to be authentic about the social impact that you want me because there are I need the social media all we get is a lot of moments in the more authentic up an individual yes and if a business is about the impact that they want to make in the world around them of them the better they break through to to the not true that noise in which the right one thank you Elena so much for being here today it's an action packed absolute pleasure you get to know you to me broader thank you thank you a lot of fun and folks you can reach out to a leaner and leaner buoyed B. O. Y. D. E. dot com Alina A. L. I. NA boy B. O. Y. T. dot %HESITATION and I want to thank you again the bottom of my heart thank you Tammy a lot of time interacting with you out everyone all over the place yeah want your property to culture you on and on and on lots of fun thank you again and books awaken the possibilities listeners we're just seeing you next time your your success take care

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Awaken The Possibilities: Heart Centered Living for Personal Fulfillment and Social Impact

Awaken The Possibilities: Heart Centered Living for Personal Fulfillment and Social Impact