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Awaken The Possibilities: Leadership Wisdom; A Gift for Transformation

Awaken The Possibilities: Leadership Wisdom; A Gift for Transformation

Update: 2020-04-23



In episode 10 of the new Awaken The Possibilities Podcast, Host Terry Wildemann interviews Dorothy Martin Neville on "Leadership Wisdom; A Gift for Transformation.”. Awaken the Possibilities Podcast features successful entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders who offer insights on how to attract success in business and life. 

ABOUT Dorothy Martin Neville

As the founder of 4 companies, Dr. Dorothy has first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing men and women in business. In addition, as an Executive Business Coach/Consultant, she has supported individuals from all levels of success, Park Ave, NYC to a small town in Maine. Consequently, patterns and similarities are readily understood as she brings extensive wisdom, knowledge, and experience to the table. Dorothy is an example of what she teaches. She has been asked to head the Health Committee of a UN Global Summit on Conscious Capitalism, where, as a leader in her field, she will speak of the need to bring heart, soul, and humanity into healthcare. Leadership, to be effective, must have impact. The level of impact you want to have requires an equal level of personal growth and transformation. As a best-selling author, her newest book, Real Women Change The World, addresses just that.  


About Terry Wildemann:

Terry Wildemann is the owner of Intuitive Leadership® and a Business and Resilience Accelerator, Speaker and Certified Executive Coach.

Terry's specialty is working with tired, unhealthy, close-to-burned-out entrepreneurs and professionals and helps them leap off the stress hamster wheel. They evolve into unstoppable stress resilient intuitive leaders and practical business mystics. Terry’s timely message guides clients and students to integrate intuition, stress resilience, positive communications and leadership with grounded business systems to achieve success by positively serving and influencing others. Her leadership experience includes owning a manufacturing company, image consulting company, leadership and holistic education center.

Terry is a best selling author of The Enchanted Boardroom: Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader. 

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welcome everyone to this episode of awaken the possibilities I'm your host Terry well demand it's so exciting to bring you amazing gas that really make you think and trust me today you're going to be thinking and feeling and experiencing a lot I have the amazing doctor dory Martin noble who happens to be one of the faculty members of intuitive leadership university and she will be during the women or the or the leadership wisdom school so having her on today's ultra special for me because I love everything that Dorothy talks about who she is and what she represents so a little bit about garbage as the founder of four companies Dr darkie has first hand knowledge of the challenges facing men and women in business in addition as an executive business coach and consultant she has supported individuals from all levels of success Park Avenue New York City to a small town in Maine consequently patterns and similarities are readily understood and she brings extensive wisdom knowledge and experience to the table cash religion that have you in the leadership that's what I think there is an example of what she teaches she has been asked to help the help committee of the UN global summit on conscious capitalism as a leader in your field she will speak to the need to bring heart soul and humanity into health care leadership be effective must have impact the level of impact you want to have requires an equal level of personal growth and transformation as a best selling author her newest book will reveal women change the world addresses just that welcome to weaken the possibilities podcast Dr dark thank you very much it sounds so impressive I think my god what a woman yeah my there are I mean I'm up you and I've had many many conversations everybody needs others lives over in and out over the last twenty years %HESITATION and more recently in the last couple years which I am very grateful for the you have so much wisdom you offer so much you have so much insight and when we can mac magic happen so I'm really looking forward to sharing that on the podcast so one of the things that you and I are both passionate about last year one of the faculty members leadership with as we both know women are rising gate the eminent in all of us whether you're a man or a woman is beginning to really open up like a like an egg but we giving birth to death and it's really fascinating to watch so in this during this time of challenge it seems like nothing we are in a waiting process the world is taking a nap M. A. P. I call it nurture appreciation hot nurture appreciation and cost so as we wait I would love to get your perspective on waiting as it is it what is the difference between waiting and procrastinate think of how you just presented nap okay what that reminds me of is at Christmas is Sam thing in the process of being formed it is waiting to become a butterfly it is waiting to be involved in fly at its greatest beauty and its greatest heights you say it is procrastinating is to deny the absolute transformation that's taking place in the process of being still yes dramatically different it is dramatically different stinging all right so to me waiting can be a process of just keeping busy doing nothing waiting can also be a time in which you're in reflection in which you're in preparation in which you're doing all the back room things that need to be done so when it's time you can fly out the door and all the preparation has been finished it's really a choice you're now I'm do you need this comes down to are we surviving this journey all right we surviving a part of this journey are we actually living in the process of it yet yes and I've done so much TV and radio in the past few weeks with this whole pandemic this going on in the United States and looking at what's the spiritual purpose of it all and this huge special purpose individually as well as global like and when we look at the waiting versus procrastination many folks are in their homes you know in this six or two months of isolation and what is going on there what is going on are you getting bored are you getting angry I use steak nating yeah are you surviving waiting to go back out or is that man or woman you are today dramatically different than the man or woman who's going to come out of this period of isolation because you have done so much growing in the process I'm waiting for life to come back out and be social again theoretically because we can be a socially now as we were and then the differences were not doing it face to face in person right what are we doing highway simply putting in time and surviving this process are we using it to grow dramatically and really thriving in this process getting to know ourselves getting to know the parts of us we've lost because expression in the American culture we have been so busy running in circles continuously at there's no time to catch up with yourself go go go syndrome I call it right so this can be an absolute blessing in which you catch up with yourself in which you catch up with the people you love and it may be an adjustment the first few days you may know not know if you want to kill them and not kill them the but yeah but then let's deal with reality but over time it really comes down to %HESITATION are you going to learn to love again are you going to learn to open your heart again are you going to focus on the parts of them you don't like are you going to focus on the parts of them you'll not have turned it and it really says who do I want to be in this world tour %HESITATION I want to be in my own soul and so there's a waiting and yet one of rich rich time this is if we choose to make and sell you're absolutely right there I think because you know the waiting can come from two perspectives in King Kong from yelling scared insecure war being very fearful or the waiting can come from the prescription of what you're talking about for being and getting things in order getting to to reconnect with ourselves you know getting to reconnect with their family members because how many parents have worked literally not region they they've been doing what they can to keep all the balls in the air hello there okay they meet each other again they really do I saw something %HESITATION flashing across my phone or something one day last week and Jimmy Fallon was doing like a ten minute at home thing before he does show in the evening which I never really separate enough to watch so but it was fun to see this still at home piece and he started off by saying you know after two weeks in lockdown my wife and I realized we made a really good choice yes we knew it in our heads yeah but we're so busy with the kids were so busy with the show we're so busy with life but being together for two weeks he became busy with each other that is really cool I love it yeah absolutely love that thank you for sharing that yeah so as we wait and we agreed to I like to say we wait yeah and we rebuilt well we allow our intuition to guide us Ashley can tune into ourselves what a wonderful thing and our intuition guides us to work with or perhaps identify for inner genius because US many of us run away from her genius many of us run away from the talents that we have because we think things were so easy for us in that specific arena that we don't think it's important how it you know where I'm going with that you may have somebody who can decorate a house like it's nothing I mean it's just fun by being better than they do it together another person looks at that is thank you hello in the right place that's the inner genius that's how it that we're born with so perhaps this time of waiting instead of procrastinating exist replaced we can truly connect with our intuition that will guide us to what our true inner geniuses two then you're talking about the butterfly it's part of the transformation of who we are when all of your slips with you thought some there's a few things you put in I'm like you say I love decorating to me the fun and the best part about moving is I get to decorate a new place I love moving and because it's a new opportunity to to use the same things I don't throw out and start all over again I use them and sometimes I end up giving away because I'm moving to smaller place or a different configuration or in it doesn't fit but I'm not doing that by Anna Francis said please help me out help me out of that what you do but isn't something I want to do as a profession right all right so that energy yes and I think we have many elements Abbas yes there are really good at many different things but there is that one reason we're here in our intuition allows as if we listen that's a big word isn't it okay to recognize all the things we're good at but don't necessarily want to devote our lives to highs my experience in working with folks is that somebody said you're really good at best and so therefore you should go into that field and because somebody was lost they said sure I'll do that so they go into that field just because you're good at it doesn't mean that's where you belong yeah it doesn't matter big distinction yeah because that doesn't mean that's going to feed your heart in your soul that may not be that he's that brings out the best you there is that brings up a I I just saw this image of a child who is really really good at sports and the father keeps pushing the child because the father has ideas or the mother the parents has ideas this person got that this kid going professional and just because the kid is really really good at that specific sport and your question or question their push how many times have we seen children finally get the courage to say I'm done that's not what I want to do with the rest of my life this is not enjoyable anymore I don't want to do this and so what ends up happening is that we need to and I think for me it's those moments when we stop that we get the opportunity to say wait a minute is this truly where my heart and soul is fed is truly the gift I brought into this planet to help the world's transformation what am I doing here what is my purpose for being here you know what is causing me to be most alive in most me there were two master he comes out in how do we link bridging tenacity where is waiting meeting %HESITATION just being able to tap into R. Y. sin to themselves as well as in your inner genius that's a nasty it's really can just I can see it connecting the dots let's let's take your school as an example okay I'm gonna be teaching their now I'm in a period of waiting until things up and running in a class starts now I can be annoyed and frustrated because what the heck is she doing she should have started last Tuesday all right or I can say it may start in a week in the starting line what do I need to do for me to prepare him best class I can offer right so the students get the most out of it in a way that best supports everybody and so my tenacity I'm going to make this up my babies should be fine my do you notice it like children she was over there I would have put a lot to wrap in a room but she was perfectly sound asleep over there tell women mom is not paying attention yeah even noticed when you were sleeping sweetheart that's why mine's locked downstairs it's like well who's in charge of this program it's me it's me no it isn't my log and so it's been cherished I'm the tenacity says I am waiting and I am going to be offering my best I am going to do the best I can do when it's ready to go and I'm using my time to make sure everything I need to do whether it's in feedback whether it's in handouts whether it's in doing she went away I am going to be so %HESITATION giving and so present and I'm using this time with that in address saying well I really don't care anyway she's not doing it and I don't care if it happens it happens if it doesn't it doesn't do it you know I mean so we can go anywhere we want to go with that if I've got to wait I can wait with the half an ounce of interest or I can wait with excitement and passion and vibrancy right right now is the time to get it up and going seven minutes waiting and I'm still waiting for the little sample did you that we need to get see that see that see this is thank you lord okay and that's something I could get out you know me I can get that out in half an hour yeah so we need to get on to that we're gonna be doing university by the way on the resume I'm very excited about working at actually writing that down is looking at creating an online course I have found that the what at zero are used to your Hey you are N. nominal they pick up the phone the phone they talk with you thank god you're there absolutely amazing so I had to switch from a couple other platforms actually reserved for that reason because there's a live person on the other end of the fall this is the chance today I am going to keep doing the best I can do while I do this and if I have to go through fourteen places to get the best for me that's what I'm going to do message you're asking all while you're waiting to get this going the ten NASA city is preparing you it's bearing the context is all so that we again waiting isn't a passive right we can make it passes if we choose to but in and of itself waiting is at a you know a woman who is pregnant she's waiting for this birth but I can assure you it is a lot going on if you've ever been pregnant there's a lot going on so you know there's we need to me we need the tenacity because nothing happens without it and it's it that's a very interesting image that you're brought up because I know for myself I'm not pregnant woman when it comes to the school I am not pregnant women which and right now we are in love seven is what's coming up for me I'm in months seven and that's true yeah that's true one seven we got it we're getting all the sample courses together we're getting all the videos together all the faculty members group we're doing a lot of the hard stuff right now getting to the web pages ready to rock and roll and cook and by number eight I think this could be a premature baby I don't want to wait nine months okay maybe doing in six months earlier Mr yeah wait a month right we're at the week's perspective we are in about week thirty thirty one right in there thirty two in getting this thing cooking yeah it is exciting it really is exciting so just looking at I'm the chastity that you have and not standing still and doing nothing until it starts then you'll do what you gotta do nations now says I'm getting going on during this time during this and you go through as many of these I need you to get the right ones I'm gonna look at enough people that I need to look at to get what I think is the best teacher program sure right that's it read something up that happened by the way with the school from a leadership perspective from an integration perspective and from any perspective of not listening to intuition not this past weekend but the weekend before I was building the life wisdom squish three schools and intuitive leadership university leadership within the school of business with a formal language in school I had chosen to start with the life wisdom school because in my world what I have learned in leadership is if I don't help the leaders work on containing their stress levels and learn how to become more resilient all the practical tactical logical step at a teaching tends to fall on deaf ears because there are way too stressed so I've always started even when I own my leadership center I've always started on stress management burst well two and a half days later I created the website the webpage for baskets of pink school everything was done everything you know the pictures on and on and on it was I was ready to hit that send button thank you my webmaster it disappear this here I mean gone no recovery nothing I'm going through this thing and it's like I just want to have these on this reading the copy and make sure everything was was spot on well like me I could I mean I cry I just walked away from the computer for three days after that I I was just so upset well I know when I need to reach out to somebody else to get me ground and I was really in grounded with that that really %HESITATION that's specific events really threw me and I thought what is the message here yeah yeah what is the gift and the gift was in no cruise ship this and I am and I was working with another faculty member Dr Stephen Hobbs very intuitive and very insightful and I said Stephen we both went into his own and what became very clear is I was working on the wrong school the first school to launch is the leadership was in school and it's already it was already created I just have to find and so the leadership was some schools going to be the first school to launch and I just sort of went because it felt right right but you Jeez look at what I did I pushed I wasn't listening I I was determined I was listening to the intuition I pushed through and Universidad what we can do %HESITATION we you and I have talked about this before that when we are in well yes we are absolutely out of balance where you need intense not well well is about force yeah man we live in and tanks we are allowing while we go forward and we will see obstacles we walk around them we don't fight them because we're not in force we just keep on going because my intention is to get there and I would just walk around what I need to and I'll deal with what I have to and I am just going to keep on going because that's my attention recorder says I'm gonna knock down every little monthly gets in my way because I'm going in this is what's going to happen and that's where I was that weekend weekend yeah on a weekend doesn't work in our body it doesn't work in our energy field it force does not do it well is not an asset other than in a very short term process minutes you know you know we teach the stuff and we end up teaching what we have to learn for ourselves during not how many times have I said do you we came here to teach what it is we came here to learn you're now on the yeah really so the leadership within the school rock first I think well there's going to be the faculty member doing the women in leadership program which I am so excited we're gonna have a staple on the website you're gonna have a little video of her talking about this year's why she's part of the faculty and it's just gonna be fun really looking forward to it well thirty thank you very much this is not going to be the that that's just not the first time it's not gonna be the last thing you're going to be part of your making the possibilities I asked you are actually also going to be in our waking up possibilities Facebook group on Friday the freedom Friday every Friday I have a number of what we call the heel network a list you get used in a leadership network people of which some rhetorical team members who are you going to be taking time and they're very busy day to spend time with me to help you regular possibilities group members take flight step into their freedoms are really looking forward to that yeah and how many attended many attendant and watch so we can really answer questions and deal with whatever whatever comes up right now at this time yeah this podcast is after that date which I think it may be Dorothy actually you can read you can actually watch that they spoke what either in the group will weaken the possibilities or on YouTube it'll be up there too so thank you this is been a very insightful and wonderful track on leadership our own personal leadership yeah and what we need to do in order to transform so that we can be the best leaders we can possibly be when this is over right and ready ready to go with that tenacity ready to take off and fly absolutely I thank you so very much and to my list the possibility I look forward to seeing you next time your success 

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Awaken The Possibilities: Leadership Wisdom; A Gift for Transformation

Awaken The Possibilities: Leadership Wisdom; A Gift for Transformation