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Awaken The Possibilities: Living An Unapologetic  On Purpose Life

Awaken The Possibilities: Living An Unapologetic On Purpose Life

Update: 2020-03-31



In episode 7 of the new Awaken The Possibilities Podcast, Host Terry Wildemann interviews Tanya Miller on "Living An Unapologetic

On Purpose Life.”. Awaken the Possibilities Podcast features successful entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders who offer insights on how to attract success in business and life. 


ABOUT Tanya Miller

My name is Tanya J. Miller of Tanya J. Miller, LLC and Talking with Tanya. I’m an author, speaker, coach, and strategist with a passion for helping people and organizations figure out how to do life and leadership unapologetically on purpose.


About Terry Wildemann:

Terry Wildemann is the owner of Intuitive Leadership® and a Business and Resilience Accelerator, Speaker and Certified Executive Coach.

Terry's specialty is working with tired, unhealthy, close-to-burned-out entrepreneurs and professionals and helps them leap off the stress hamster wheel. They evolve into unstoppable stress resilient intuitive leaders and practical business mystics. Terry’s timely message guides clients and students to integrate intuition, stress resilience, positive communications and leadership with grounded business systems to achieve success by positively serving and influencing others. Her leadership experience includes owning a manufacturing company, image consulting company, leadership and holistic education center.

Terry is a best selling author of The Enchanted Boardroom: Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader.  



record on this computer hello everyone and welcome to awaken the possibilities I'm your host Terry will be managed by little rock you know you're welcome let me awaken the possibilities is about helping entrepreneurs leap off the stress chance to relive light and lead to harm is low you become unstoppable intuitive leaders and practical business district so how do we do that how do we get to this place where we can tap into ourselves and really grow from the inside out what our guests are spectacular people who have secrets I have experiences that have allowed them to reach specific areas in their lives where they can help others change their lives thank you may I have just back and yeah I would love for you to please welcome Tanya Jane Miller she's very energetic very exciting and she's an author and speaker and a strategist with a passion for helping people and organizations figure out how to fix things I did get to where they want to be so we were talking a little bit before the show and one of the things that she has it she did not include in her files which I told her I was going to talk with her about is the woman's got an MBA but you know what she says I just have an MBA NMBS get back we're just added their kid out that is a big deal that's really is a big young congratulations on your great you mean you're in the act Morgan there are some facets that are I think are pretty exciting that are weak in the possibilities audience would do very well I don't know about you so how does a little bit more back here because I know there's some GST jerseys really has laid the foundation for who you are today absolutely so again my name is Daniel J. Miller as I mentioned I'm author speaker coach and strategist I basically help people and organizations how to do life because sometimes it gets crazy so I want to help you figure out how to get the look of black together I think you do live right include well and it's not my definition of right well it's yours but I want to help you to get it back in so they're one of the things you said everybody was resonating was you were saying get off a hamster wheel I'm tired neither do we feel like that so I records of the future you referenced ample hamster wheel but at the end of the day it's still help people to figure out who they are with their truck with it like you said the meeting will be there to it ending impact or what it is that they know that they're here for and they're destined to do that's right now there's something else that you said that really struck me before the show okay was your nonprofit you share with us about that because not everybody has a nonprofit at a non profit years ago yeah it was a nonprofit %HESITATION that I had I I I I I people ask okay are you it is the first time I asked myself I guess I can family no work because I had a new business or block or but %HESITATION even though I were dissolved the nonprofit my heart is still working its worship and leadership and mentorship with the very firm aspect of what the nonprofit with the bat it was basically you know a lot of time and then as a matter the age but you need a while back and %HESITATION hope you along the way you need one that's been where you're trying to go back in should give you some practical advice but also some business advice as well and then if someone even about ideas doctor Stokes Allen's of arm aspect of what %HESITATION organization actually called it the twenty three D. as they will that was called the white the twenty eighteen to twenty nineteen at the I. targeted young I'm young adults between twenty to twenty nine because literally you go through so many stages that Max all conquering you need someone to help you along the way you know someone to mentor you and %HESITATION a lot of times I felt like that age group allowed arms arm gets forgotten people like %HESITATION you know what I got so much going on they do but they need help as well and fell back out was black carded at a school in %HESITATION why I %HESITATION kind of %HESITATION you name it I don't like you said before when we were talking all the possibilities never stop I would always say destiny never stopped you never get you're always going because you're learning new things about yourself you're learning more about your purpose you're finding you know more about your passion you never stop you're always arriving it's not extreme arrive so yeah when you're saying that we were talking earlier yes you get it like oh my gosh yeah I've been around the block a bit yeah so it's a lot well you know that the fact that you're working with the twenty something you were working with thank it says so much about character in who you are so I'm curious what led you to a little bit about your childhood or what got you to where you are right now okay arms so I would say I am a believer and my childhood my father with the pastor in so a lot of what him and my mother instilled in me was that I wouldn't be here just accident I'm not here just to be here I have a responsibility I have a fine and I have a %HESITATION in one of the things that I shared that my dad would always tell us back on when you're not where you're supposed to be are you sure that you know what you are straighter death makes a person that is borne along their journey in their path back when you're almost approaching interstate if you're not where you're supposed to be they're not gonna be able to intersect with you and make patch you're not gonna be able to do whatever it is that you're supposed to do they are me and %HESITATION %HESITATION back always resonated with me that I had a responsibility to the part of me and so I %HESITATION kind of look at you know with everything that I do it you know what there was you know going to school and doing some of that the nonprofit work that I did it with the community and the church %HESITATION you know what whether it was you know %HESITATION %HESITATION even in my undergrad at actress too I always had a mindset that I wanted to be of help and I wanted to be a service %HESITATION that probably is why I went to get my MBA where I got it at region because it you know just how hard it might've started leadership that's a really big thing for me and spell arm just knowing that I'm not just here I have a responsibility I have and I find it in so that often resonated in the things that I did and it %HESITATION kind of got me to where I am today out with the business that I have so you know I have a business but at the end of the day even after work you still have to start %HESITATION you still happy here %HESITATION and if the needs of your clients your customers your audience your tribe whatever you call and be able to meet them where they're at and to help them to not just see what's in front of them what are the down the road M. to help them navigate a looks like scared I love that we're navigating it's a word that I use a lot too and you know when you can help people navigate their experiences navigate their lives navigate your business as you know navigation is about discovery navigation where where a navy family okay so okay we don't sail but my and my husband and my daughter eight eight eight they rely on the navigators where they want and we are the navigators for our clients because as far as described why not all of it is integrated in getting the ship to where it needs now I now have modern day instruments to be active in the olden days I don't have a lot of the you know the modern instruments are bad eight they relied on the sun the moon the stars and we are that were apple show yet one of the things that you straight that I love %HESITATION is to live and not apologetic life on purpose when you do that we from the space of being a navigator can you tell me more about that because living in unapologetic life can be very challenging or provokes you know I get a lot of questions their rights I think that sounds like a loaded statement updated to be it's meant to be alone right %HESITATION you know often times even saying that to a client or on an individual or even you know I think it's organization it they kind of take a pause H. A. they're like well wow right I don't know if I'm doing that like I don't know if I'm being my true in excel I don't know if I'm giving everything I don't know if I'm even pleased with my fellow not you know not anybody else what aid being late like am I unapologetic why am I being one hundred percent you know what I'm supposed to be what I'm supposed to be saying regular born here so a lot of that %HESITATION and that like you said as a navigator as the strategy is agriculture I kind of need you to start asking yourself those questions you know not to be a rule you are to be %HESITATION you know what the word odd not to be you know a a new sense or anything like that just rocks yeah not for them to be a destructor in a negative way but said he had described %HESITATION you know so if I take a pause are you where you want to be alive are you pursuing a path that you had in mind are you you know what I mean so a lot of time and it's funny you ask that I actually had a my gosh this was saying she actually gave that exact word %HESITATION you said it brought back a my disruptors because %HESITATION you call out the thing that needs to be said some are where people have kind of been sweeping them under the rug and %HESITATION you know kind of as kind of asked them why is this you like it this is not you this is not what you had in mind that this is not where you're supposed to breach you know as a navigator as a destructor let's let's make it work let's make a better client less less put you down a different path and let's get you back being who you're supposed to be authentically unapologetically you know that apology thing women tend to say I'm sorry for everything wow I'm sorry he says that there's a place to stay I'm sorry by the way and that place is really you really you know when it's that time a place but a lot of what I'm gonna say women that more so women are you know yeah right we were so sorry I mean I I mean I did I mean what are you up hello judging for he blasted apologizing for and they look at me it's like you're in the habit of constantly change I'm sorry so in the end when it really is time to apologize does it really have the meaning in the act you're absolutely sure I was actually back in so quick story I was at the grocery store %HESITATION last year sometime and the lady in front of me %HESITATION got something and she was like I'm sorry I'm sorry I had to go back in the cashier like she almost took her hand that was light why are you apologizing we need to stop saying we're sorry if you forgot something there's no reason to apologize it's our hope you like it was such a light moment right the cashier myself and the lady was just out of light she's talking to us from a place of not just like you said from the moment the book from blight she was polite we need to stop apologizing why would your house ask because you forgot something you need to go get it can meet you apologizing because you need something your call is asked as you had life happened in so like you said as women we do live way more and I know it is a cryonic it yeah and a lot of that is also inherited because we get that from the environment where we live like you said there's a time and place to apologize and you really want the apology to be heartfelt and you want the apology to be sincere apologize because this fell off the basket or two because I'm wearing the wrong glasses if you get my husband's glasses instead of mine I mean it it's like oh come on you're right you're right ladies ladies and men but ladies all rights are Hollis wrote in her %HESITATION but growth stock apologize that like there's no need what will you know it's a time and place that that that that's my yeah I'm going to add to that there's a time and place and I'm you know what we're beautiful and green and just the way we are yeah and do you live in unapologetic light is to live in our power to to be every morning I don't know about you but every morning I do a little ritual work put myself in my iron woman suit and my woman said %HESITATION let me say I got that and I got the Wonder Woman bracelet on at the Winter Park nine you know and %HESITATION %HESITATION I don't know and what that does is eight okay thank you for I give out loan only allowed eleven so girl what do you do in your and to live here apologetic unapologetic life what you in the morning I would say definitely on having you know title stylist whether you're hiring you're hiring them moment meditation center yourself whatever that looks like for me you know it's it's cut out it's kind of both you know just centering myself Craig meditating and and just no matter what happens today I still have a purpose back so how are things that I was going to do today and if they happen that's great if they don't happen I'm not going to beat myself up but a lot of it for me is %HESITATION setting the foundation of being armed if my one square that day and being %HESITATION being at peace because a lot of times when I'm down that's when you know Xerox yes we can yeah so a lot of you admit that hi back that is to get in one this with myself as to be %HESITATION okay be okay with you so let's pretend that I'm your client I would love for you to share with me how you would guide me to lead an unapologetic lines definitely I would ask %HESITATION what are the things that you're wanting to work on what are the things that you're doing right now you know I will kind of listen %HESITATION I'm very much a lot of time as a listener so as you're beginning to tell me something I'm picking up on the clues that you're not saying a kick in the car even the things that are coming through which your body language hi you're on responding and so a lot of that our early on a news show %HESITATION intake if you will I'm getting a perception of what you're saying this is what you're not saying and then we'll kind of %HESITATION goal so that next piece where I would eat it back you know at the at codes and accounts when they they do that okay so I heard you say this is that what you mean if I want to emphasize that a really good understanding like this is what you said but this is what I picked up are we working on this are we actually talking about itself a lot of what I do %HESITATION working with the culture all right a lot of people eighty eight you're very different in Europe I like yeah I like to live a little I like the list since she and %HESITATION you don't always say what you need like you said we apologize and that's not really what's going on you know we might be up I was asking like you said a hundred black as much reality of the the fluttering in but is because you have a big announcement in a call coming in and you're you're flustered and that's really what's bothering you because you're waiting on news from the doctor and fellow %HESITATION that's a lot of what I do I nationally about really want to get back that %HESITATION understanding and as we begin to do the work of those things that both you said and I picked out we begin to really uncover %HESITATION what what what's really keeping you from being unapologetic was really keeping you from %HESITATION being able to put the pieces together because a lot of time thank you like I said there's a lot that's not say it and I are not covering and I start digging into it because there's no point in me just work in a what you say when it that really won't fix so I started digging at the back and we work on that about the relationship and yeah if it gets hairy what is necessary so it matches %HESITATION I believe me I understand because that's where I go with my clients to and %HESITATION so yeah it's a wonderful thing and it's something we have to do with our clients do we not we have to because we don't hold the mirror up so they can really see themselves for who they really are the beauty with oh wow so many many people men and women it just yet it's too hard for them to look in the mirror wow help with yourself yeah isn't it it can take can be really really intense so when you're one of the things that %HESITATION what we do when we do this kind of work is we have an ideal client find that we want to attract yourselves kinds of people that you love to work with I gotta get back question %HESITATION a lot like who your ideal client who your audience I would say %HESITATION if someone that number one yes my black you know we you can always work with everybody because everybody may not connect to your style your flow and how are you %HESITATION do things so one you would have to kind of connect on that not necessarily you have to be my same age or my ethnicity and my gender my right any of that but you have to be able to %HESITATION error what you have to be able to hear my voice it's been an imac and it carries weight if you were in the air and understanding and so %HESITATION one fact kind of a fabulous %HESITATION I would you know need to know that I'm actually capable of helping you because as a coach sometimes I'm a coach but you may need a therapist and counselor more than what I need are licensed to do and so %HESITATION even in that early stage kind of discussing that adding kind of strange because if you still need to do some of that at all in our work before I can help you with that out of work that needs to happen first as well info from there a lot of time I will I work with clients that are stuck in no stock maybe in their career stuck in their life on their their family situation and they're trying to navigate and trying to find the next step they're trying to find what is that what is the thing that I'm supposed to be doing now and so I work with a lot of clients that definitely aren't bad back passage at intersection I work also with a lot of clients that are trying to figure out how or what what what is my purpose what is my passion you know like I don't know I need to I can get a lot of and I'm like okay you're probably already doing so let's start date you can answer back let's start talking about what you're already doing each end making the making that makes sense and %HESITATION I work with a lot of in that vein as well and then %HESITATION like I said I also work with clients that kind of uncovered a leader that's already in how to I'm sure like you said showing the merits of showing down there Wonder Woman showing them their heating and air irony act are you there I'm beginning to pull back layers to uncover that so that they can walk in the corners of their authority as a leader %HESITATION as well so a lot of cash from the culture in which those are the clients that I work with and %HESITATION we will tackle out of those topics and and things like so one last question what is your super strength I would say I am a %HESITATION intuitive listener that are listed with the sun in show %HESITATION a lot of times I feel like I'm able to hear more than what you're saying and I'm able to interpret that back to you as to be able to clearly communicate what you are able to communicate %HESITATION one of the businesses I had awhile ago we're kind of doing that when it came to helping R. S. to figure out what their mission statement was what their goals were what their vision was I help out with a lot of what I did when I work with our business I had was start ups and entrepreneurs and so I would always say Anya actual light you said everything I was trying to say but I didn't know how to say it in a row that is what I definitely feel that I am great as as you know to the listing with %HESITATION disarmament absolutely great now you read a book right yes yes can you tell us about your books sure %HESITATION the first project I had which was kind of the launch of the new businesses call my matters and it's talking to you about getting out of your head and jump back in July as we get stuck in so I wanted to help you figure out how to get unstuck and back on purpose and I wanted to help you not just as the corporate person that is stuck but also for the person that you can arsonist and not sure how to talk to them not sure what to say because a lot of people say the wrong thing just get over it at that big a deal you can I say that the someone that dealing with you know a crisis and mental health situation you know they need a little bit more so that was the first project I did I did a book and I did the journal and then on the second day it was called my mom said and it's about love in life low grandma I'm trying to teach us how to do like right and well so there's twenty saying some crazy stories behind some of those things but the life lessons that we learned along the way that we wanted to share an arm and Intel about with %HESITATION my audience and %HESITATION there's a book and we did a prayer journal with back and then there's a third book that's called a project it's a many many books so it's a mini C. arm any book in a mini guide and it's called the groceries and is reminding you that the provisions are in use there's purpose already in you and you just have to start remembering that because there's a pro in use like you said there's that there's a hero in you are my idol Shiro hero or just your ABS it out and I'll go for cryogenic it's actually coming out real soon how motivated asked %HESITATION and it's just reminding you that the motivation is the inside job effort is inside you it can't come from anybody else you have to be the one that keeps you going because as it starts with you let's start at work and that's coming out I'm excited I can graduate at the buzzer and I love writing where can it work you both can get your box the books are available on Amazon in my remarks and noble as well as my site on Amazon the books are available skews me audio digital and print because I'm ideal %HESITATION I love idea books make sure all my books are an ideal the books are an ideal digital print journals are just in print and then like I said my the books are also at my website the college shot backstage Jameela dot com so you can get my books if you guys are able to see my lovely shirt FM really arise yes I have what I call message March so I had message jeans and Mrs burns I kind of fell in love with but in fact have different buttons and different %HESITATION message March if you will that has messages that resonate with %HESITATION helping you to do life unapologetically others Sager cranking on our website as shocked as AJ Miller as well okay well thank you so much for being here today and showing us what it's like to live an unapologetic life and all purpose mind you know I love your energy I love how you present yourself to the world and I hope that you write even more books I look forward to reading them thank all right well thank you everybody and very welcoming your host of a break in the possibilities thank you so much to argue Miller and I wish you knew your best week ever and we will be seeing you on next week's show you your success take care GNC

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Awaken The Possibilities: Living An Unapologetic  On Purpose Life

Awaken The Possibilities: Living An Unapologetic On Purpose Life