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Awaken The Possibilities: The Role of Intuition in Your Marketing

Awaken The Possibilities: The Role of Intuition in Your Marketing

Update: 2020-04-16



In episode 9 of the new Awaken The Possibilities Podcast, Host Terry Wildemann interviews Laura Rubinstein on "The Role of Intuition in Your Marketing.”. Awaken the Possibilities Podcast features successful entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders who offer insights on how to attract success in business and life.


About Laura Rubinstein

Laura Rubinstein is an award winning Social Media and Marketing Strategist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Leadership Coach, speaker and bestselling author of the book “Social Media Myths BUSTED: The Small Business Guide To Online Revenue.” She is the founder of Social Buzz Club, the influencer marketing platform that uses gamified content sharing to help your content go viral. Laura has developed marketing and branding strategies for more than 1,000 businesses, celebrities, coaches, speakers and authors across the globe helping them create more profits and brand popularity. Her profit-generating strategies and popular blog at make her a highly sought after speaker and consultant.


About Terry Wildemann:

Terry Wildemann is the owner of Intuitive Leadership® and a Business and Resilience Accelerator, Speaker and Certified Executive Coach.

Terry's specialty is working with tired, unhealthy, close-to-burned-out entrepreneurs and professionals and helps them leap off the stress hamster wheel. They evolve into unstoppable stress resilient intuitive leaders and practical business mystics. Terry’s timely message guides clients and students to integrate intuition, stress resilience, positive communications and leadership with grounded business systems to achieve success by positively serving and influencing others. Her leadership experience includes owning a manufacturing company, image consulting company, leadership and holistic education center.

Terry is a best selling author of The Enchanted Boardroom: Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader.



welcome everyone to the awaken the possibilities podcast I'm your host yeah I have it thank you ma'am yes who is so full of business with them and social media was down every single time I connect with her I learned something new something refreshing something different something dynamic this woman is our rockstar of course I'm talking about Laura Rubenstein Lupin Rubenstein to ruby team I think you're right I'm wrong I shouldn't I wouldn't wind so allow me to read %HESITATION biopic as she is just one thing Lara is an award winning social media and marketing strategist certified hypnotherapist master leadership coach speaker and bestselling author of the book issue media myths blast dad the small business guide to online revenue she is the founder of social buzz club the influencer marketing platform that uses dignified content sharing to help your content go viral Lara has develop marketing and branding strategies for more than one thousand businesses celebrities coaches speakers and authors across the globe read more profits brand popularity the profit generating strategies a popular blog at transport today dot com maker a highly sought after speaker and all welcome Laura awakens the possibilities I'm so glad to be here you know when we hear the word social media a lot of us it's like I'm so tired of hearing social media what hello Manson instances is there a business that won't benefit from social media the business that doesn't want credibility visibility or more leads yeah %HESITATION there you go okay so when you hear the words so sure media and I know that's your wine hello there's a media what does it mean to you when someone comes to you and says tell me why I need to step into your social media correct business that's why I wrote the book you know social media myths busted because I kept hearing people hard so you know all these things they have going on in their head about it like it weighs so much time and there's so much global club there and I can't make any money and those are all minutes and that we bought into as %HESITATION I would say not aware business owners of the possibility here and they haven't made it fun yet so it can be fun it doesn't have to be drudgery and you can also delegate certain things about it but %HESITATION the I want to inspire people to throw away that mental model of what you think social media is and imagine like being able to have a place you could walk into and connect with millions thousands hundreds of your ideal prospects ideal candidates for your service in a very natural relationship oriented way you don't have to be sales the impact of your sales eight you get rich you know you're really ignored the becoming visible in your sales are on the matter when the market moves in the members move out but if you like shake hands with people so if you think about it like what do you do with a normal networking meeting when you're in person we can't do that right now I knew what can be done no one else can do that you say cancel what's a handshake on social media it's a like it's a comment it's a accepting a friend request it's a %HESITATION you know follow so those are the the in effect handshake and then do what you normally do and networking meetings you want to get to know people like on link then you're going to want to connect with people just because you're curious about them and learn about them so that's a little bit of a beginning of a new paradigm so how how well you know what you just said something like every single time I've talked with you a light bulb goes off it in nineteen ninety eight I wrote my book one hundred Curtis you connecting with the winning telephone number and in that book what I said was yeah here it is this is nineteen ninety eight we'll be image on their not me but I'm not I was number one but %HESITATION when I wrote that book the one thing I said is how you answer the phone is the equivalent to a handshake when you meet someone you just said something that I never thought about when you like to come up with something for you French someone it's the equivalent of a handshake I never thought about it like that and now I can understand my frustration your Facebook I mean I get I get so frustrated when these people friend of me and I send a message back and say I'm a networker I really love to get you know you get it out and then it's crickets why do you bother reaching out and lending me you're not going to connect your response it doesn't make sense and what I what I will do is after a while I will go through my messages and if not if that person or entity person there's a lot of %HESITATION I responded to my message of networking I just unfriend them because why bother having them as a friend on Facebook it's very wise of you to hide message them is that before you accept their friendship or after it's usually after yeah I and I and believe it or not I do something that you're going to connect with somebody other parts right now I'm also test every single one and merit time and when I when I'm less adjusted because I used by when I say muscle test site the body has a bridge don't we'll talk about it too it was only just a little bit of research media bash body has a wisdom and it's something that I've used in helping business owners he %HESITATION and get rid of the emotional baggage and I used it to muscle test when something is right or not right for me and I have lots of tests to people who are friends of me where no matter how I asked the question at the moment and the moment not meant to frighten them and ended up and always keeps coming up now no matter how I do it and I won't accept your French remember your folks have accepted which is why it surprises me when I see that they don't respond the one that Lara well I can't tell you what other people are thinking and why they're doing that and some of them may be spammers are not real %HESITATION but other than it's a good way to tweet him out the way you're doing it is send the messages they don't message back unfriend them I love that strategy now here's instead of doing body wisdom which some people don't know how to do yeah then and there you can check for a couple of things first we'll go click on their profile see if they posted in a while if they haven't forget it you know actually you may not be able to see if they if they're keeping it hidden so once you accept their friend request if they haven't then you know unfriend them because that means their spam or they're not really into posting what I want to connect with them %HESITATION if they are so they don't have a profile picture if they don't have %HESITATION any post and they don't have anything filled out on their about section about who they are what they do and look at how many friends they have so %HESITATION if it's a lot or a little you know it depends if they have a lot and they're posting a lot makes sense that they have a lot in the posting nothing there spammer okay so this is the a lot this your body wisdom will verify this I don't have the body with them you can check the check great a little checklist in your mind and if two of the three are like nope they don't they're not posting anything they have too many friends they're out of there you know we don't you're talking about friends and what I ask why what compelled you to reach out to me and it drives me crazy when they come back with what we have so many friends in common if that's the reason why you want to connect with me then there's something wrong I don't really care how many yes one more question give them you know a second chance saying so what's important about us having so many friends in common that makes you want to be you know what I have not done that it would be cure I would be curious to know what people are saying especially if you did this to twenty or thirty people and see if you got people yet know to to get a follow up and they say you know we're just connected to a lot of people so it you know I might if it was me and that's why I was doing I might say we're connected to a lot of people and you might have something interesting to me that I'd like just to to learn from you because all these people are very interesting people you know so is that shorthand for that I don't know you know it could be it could be you can give a benefited the doubt and then you know you can say in you could have some standard things that you can cut and paste back on as long as you're not doing too many other times %HESITATION because Facebook will notice if you're cutting and pasting into their system and they will put you in Facebook jail make no mistake about it for doing whatever and we don't know exactly what they will and won't do but so be careful sure part it's really bothers me is you don't know what the expressionist when you put in place for the child which isn't fair to the consumer because we don't know what you did we don't what we did wrong well as a marketer we know that Facebook it is owned by Facebook I do not own Facebook I do not own anything that I put on Facebook okay so be very cautious and conservative with your use of it did you read their community rules and terms and guidelines because you will be enlightened and you may be like oh I didn't know that was against the terms it it's not fun reading I apologize but it's not you know it is what it is so I always err on the side of being very conservative with what I post on Facebook because I don't want to get shut down because I do value using that service in the platform but at the same time never ever build your %HESITATION business on rented land we call rented land this I loved that yeah make sure you have your own platform whether it's your own course your own email list your own website or combination of those things you want to eventually capture your community into one of the things you do on wow that's brilliant I really really like that like I said I always learn something new from you I really do it's your I never thought of Pittsburgh's being rented land that impact your so that is so true it's all it's true for all the networks is not just a spoke it's any network they can change the rule at any time they can start charging you they can keep you out of the do you you don't own it well your followers they can shut down your Facebook pages we know people who've had this done to them so don't be a victim be proactive use it wisely and conservatively and then appropriately to drive traffic to where you want no seven people have died I have been listening to who are social media group was supposedly on have said that it appears that Facebook is going away from Facebook profiles and going more towards the personal profiles and groups in a Facebook business pages yes yes yes okay no no no so I'm not sure what you mean in terms of that well there's very little on the Facebook business pages and the fan pages whatever you know and the harshest chase %HESITATION it's really hard to interact on this yes okay so here's the SNL or the no in the US so no they're not getting rid of the pages if you want any traction on your pages you have to pay it is a pay to play a game so and the only way you can advertise on Facebook is to have a Facebook page a business page okay you can just have a profile and then use their advertising platform so the pages are not going away because all the revenue is based on income yeah that being said they're putting a higher focus on groups because that's where the engagement is really happening so the Facebook page is where you source your you know your advertising from and if you're not using advertising then yeah don't use Facebook pages they're not going to they're not gonna do a whole lot of good except for the fact that if you drive people to your Facebook page from your website okay you have to have credibility you need to be posting there just to have something there there probably won't be allowed interaction if you're not paying for it okay if you want interaction and build a community most people now are advising and engaging and creating Facebook groups and eventually you'll start seeing ads if not already in the Facebook groups %HESITATION we're already seeing all kinds of things but yeah remember this is a free platform for many users but %HESITATION you have to put up with ads and more and more creative ways that Facebook is allowing advertisers to do that interesting because I I don't see it in my group yet so I will be out for it and I will be on the look out for it so Laura one of the things about leadership and wisdom and social media is being smart about how do you ship what do you see preventing children perspective and you know I'm all about intuition that's the name the university intuitive leadership university when I come into perspective with social media what is the bottom line piece connecting leadership social media and intuition in your work I think about this a lot actually and I've talked about this for years a lot so as a leader when you go to post on social media do a gut check do that intuitive check is what you're about to post the valuable important and reflective of who you are as a leader you know is it modeling your highest leadership and exit modeling something you want others to do you know that whole work thing about leadership if it's not don't post it you know I like to say use social media for social good so you know if you want to rant it is not the place that a leader rants leader ramps right is that if you want to forward the conversation and something in a diplomatic proactive and inspiring way yes okay so you have to do your own internal processing first before you go post don't use social media to process your emotions I %HESITATION what you were saying because you're right somebody spoke to going these rants I have to admit I just go whoa yeah it it pushes me back okay and I question leadership and influencer leadership and influencer and I was just asked this question recently not all influencers your leaders correct if you really think about it not all influencers your leaders so we have negative leaders and we've got positive leaders an influencer to me someone who just has to be popular okay who has the ability to our influence people regardless of whatever the topic is they they just have a charisma they have all they have a way about them that influences people but it does not necessarily mean either positive or negative and I would like to see that the leadership step up the leaders here watching today step up and start to overwhelm the influencers who are not doing who are not leading you know let let's put the content on in a compelling way that you know drowns out the the influencers who are just festering you know negative or eight you know influencing it moving us in the non positive direction so I'd like to see more positive influencers leaders to be developed and that's you know what I'm passionate about helping people do is bringing out their message making the impact they want using social media in a very positive powerful and impactful way in this room creating intuitive leadership university it is intuitive leadership university is about getting he stressed out lores really aren't leaders but they're so stressed out that they can't you know they they sort of lose their mo Jo and helping them lead off that stress him sure we'll intercom is info that leads them to become into one stop mobile internet leaders and Google business must you know what to say you know what what the practical business Mr I'm practical business mystic is someone who integrates the practical technological emotionally energetic spiritual intuitive when you integrate all of it guess what you become a one stop mobile you become unstoppable a man I think that's a great note J. who basically said Lara you are going to come back right I'm never far away no you're not and as a member intuitively to ship university very grateful to you in the work that you do very grateful for what you do with many of the different organizations of which I'm a part of a couple of them the women's speakers association last year to such tremendous work with them and I'm very very grateful to you for being the leader that you are in the social media space because we need more people like you know and I'm thrilled that you're going to be sharing that information knowledge and %HESITATION wisdom I can attitude leadership university so to remind listeners thank you so very much for being a part of today listening in and you know we always bring your quality quality information from amazing amazing people so I look forward to sharing with you even more amazing information next time your success and have your best week ever thank you again you are welcome bye for now

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Awaken The Possibilities: The Role of Intuition in Your Marketing

Awaken The Possibilities: The Role of Intuition in Your Marketing