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Ayurvedic Food and Health

Ayurvedic Food and Health

Update: 2020-04-06


Episode 2: Ayurvedic Food and Health

This won’t be an event telling you why you should start a special diet or encouraging you to breathe in all the nutrients you’ll ever need. The purpose is to say why we should simply take a closer look at food—to hone our personal lens on why it matters so much, or if it matters at all. This episode is about how food affects our body and mind and of course we will explore how to survive as the pandemic rolls out through our cities.

As always this conversation is brought to you by Women of TIER: Ligia Boueres, Nastya Koro, Sadie Martin and Galuh Rohmah.


Dr. Marisa Hübner practices holistic medicine including aspects of conventional medicine as well as Ayurvedic medicine and other alternative healing methods. In her work, she always strives for personalized treatment that does not only act through medication, but also through lifestyle changes, nutrition, and body and relaxation procedures (such as manual therapy, yoga, meditation).
She has been inspiring people to re-think and change nutrition for good!

This month is also an extraordinary month for all of us as suddenly, Covid-19 has changed our daily life. Our theme for this month is something that is especially important during this crisis: health and food. Since most of the world is expected to stay at home as much as possible, we’ll provide some good content to make sure that our time in social isolation is as productive and healthy as possible.

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Ayurvedic Food and Health

Ayurvedic Food and Health

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