DiscoverHow'd It Happen PodcastB. Jeffrey Madoff, The Power of Curiosity Fuel (#214)
B. Jeffrey Madoff, The Power of Curiosity Fuel (#214)

B. Jeffrey Madoff, The Power of Curiosity Fuel (#214)

Update: 2021-11-24


B. Jeffrey Madoff is a director, photographer, writer, and professor based in New York City. He is the founder of Madoff Productions, a film production company that creates branded content all around the world. Jeffrey Madoff has edited and directed award-winning commercials, documentaries, and web content for clients such as Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, Tiffany, Harvard University, and many others.

As you will discover in this episode, Creativity has played a massive role in Jeffrey Madoff’s life, and that’s why he is also committed to teaching others how to make a living with it. He is, in fact, on the faculty at Parsons School for Design, where he teaches his course “Creativity: Making a Living With Your Ideas”, which is one of the most popular on campus for those interested in building a sustainable career. To make his lessons and advice available to people outside campus, Jeff has also written a book about his class, entitled “Creative Careers: Making a Living with Your Ideas”, which was a #1 Bestseller on Amazon.

Wrestler, Fashion Designer, and Director

Jeffrey has always been interested in ideas, and he has been able to figure out a way to make a career out of it. He attributes that to his curiosity and openness. In fact, his success was built by pursuing that which he would find enriching and engaging, and his diverse background clearly shows that. He has a degree in Philosophy & Psychology, he was part of the wrestling team of the University of Wisconsin and even became one of the top 10 fashion designers in the U.S.

Wrestling has helped Jeffrey forge his strategic mindset, as it’s a sport where you always have to think ahead, not just about the next move. That, together with his academic background, has helped him start his first business in the fashion industry, to then transition into the film industry and create his production company.

And now here’s B. Jeffrey Madoff.

Show notes:

[0:00 ] Intro[4:52 ] How’d it happen for Jeff Madoff[12:30 ] How he ended up going to the University of Wisconsin[15:37 ] On his choice of degree and how it served him in life[22:54 ] Curiosity as a fuel for learning[26:26 ] When critical voices come from yourself[29:43 ] How did he start as a professor?[34:14 ] His thoughts on pre-conceived ideas about his class[36:28 ] His academic background, wrestling, and the film industry[39:46 ] How he first became part of a business[45:13 ] Moving to New York[51:18 ] Selling his business and moving into film[58:26 ] Creative Careers: Making a Living With Your Ideas[1:02:04 ] Making a Living with Your Ideas Podcast[1:06:23 ] Personality: The Lloyd Price Musical[1:15:10 ] Outro

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B. Jeffrey Madoff, The Power of Curiosity Fuel (#214)

B. Jeffrey Madoff, The Power of Curiosity Fuel (#214)

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