DiscoverThe Sales PodcastB2B Sales Is Still Person to Person Says Jeff White
B2B Sales Is Still Person to Person Says Jeff White

B2B Sales Is Still Person to Person Says Jeff White

Update: 2020-04-151


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  • B2B manufacturing specialty
  • 17 years
  • 3 years with manufacturing
  • First HubSpot Platinum in Canada
  • His background is in web design and development
  • Brought on his partner in 2009 with a marketing/sales background
  • Got into HubSpot around 2010
  • They were the inbound partner who could build stuff
  • They had a technology stack and were horizontal
  • Tools became commoditized
    • Web design
    • Inbound marketing
  • Decided to focus more and become specialized
    • David C. Baker out of Nashville, TN
    • Chose manufacturing niche
  • Developed a keen sense of expertise
  • They see the same issues and can diagnose and prescribe faster
  • Started their own podcast in 2018
B2B sales is still person-to-person."
  • Orthodontists
    • They spend their own money and they're not sophisticated marketers
    • Easy to get clients for them via paid ads to a cost calculator
  • Account-based advertising is needed in manufacturing
  • How to thrive and prosper in difficult times: double-down on your marketing and outreach
    • B2B sales is still person-to-person
    • Know that we're in this together
    • Be willing to try new things
  • You can make big B2B sales in a remote/virtual environment
  • We all have the tools we need to thrive in chaotic times
  • Help your customers expand their vision and focus through the fog
  • The size of the B2B buying committee is growing
  • He was selling and servicing remotely before COVID-19
  • Companies are waking up to their supply chain vulnerabilities
  • The trend is to bring more manufacturing in-house
  • 3D-printing is helping them source/develop their own materials
  • M&A is going to heat up
  • Double-down on R&D and marketing
  • A lot of sales and marketing happens before your prospects even reach out to you
  • Is SEO dead?
    • SEO is more than "a thing to do"
    • You need a content strategy
    • But the whole point of creating content is to help people
    • It's not about gaming a keyword
    • It's not just a long tail hack
    • It's not keyword stuffing
    • Content that succeeds in search also succeeds for people
    • Know who you're selling to, what do they need, how can you help?
    • You're being looked at now
    • The hard close does not work in the complex sale
  • Are prospects honest today?
    • Inbound needs to be updated
    • He is un-gating a lot of content now
    • Open it up for account-based targeting
  • LinkedIn is awesome...when done right
  • You can get on people's radar without being pushy
  • He creates his target account list and has them on his podcast
  • Co-create content with your leads
  • Account-based targeting
  • Terminus lets you target a single company
  • Reallocate your trade show marketing to develop your ecommerce platform
  • Plant your seeds now for a big harvest in the next 6-18 months

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B2B Sales Is Still Person to Person Says Jeff White

B2B Sales Is Still Person to Person Says Jeff White

Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®