DiscoverShamelessBOOK CLUB: The Island of Missing Trees
BOOK CLUB: The Island of Missing Trees

BOOK CLUB: The Island of Missing Trees

Update: 2022-07-29


Oh haaaaiiiii, book clubbers!

This month, we read ‘The Island of Missing Trees’ by award-winning Turkish-British author Elif Shafak. The book follows the love story between two teenagers, Kostas (a Greek Cypriot) and Defne (a Turkish Cypriot), whose forbidden romance means they can only meet at a taverna on the island between their homes. Witnessing their relationship through its ebbs and flows over the many years this story encompasses, is the fig tree that lives inside the taverna - the place of safety for Kostas and Defne. Shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction, ‘The Island of Missing Trees’ is an intergenerational story about past pain, tradition, and enduring love.

Got some thoughts on our August pick, ‘In Love’ by Amy Bloom? We’re allllll ears (also, eyes, heads, bodies, etc etc) - join in the convo over on our Insta, @theshamelessbookclub. Or, if you’re after some variety, here’s a link to record a voice message via our website, too.

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BOOK CLUB: The Island of Missing Trees

BOOK CLUB: The Island of Missing Trees

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