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BOOK CLUB: The Wedding Party

BOOK CLUB: The Wedding Party

Update: 2022-06-24


Happy Saturday, book club pals!

This month we read ‘The Wedding Party’ by New York Times bestselling novelist Jasmine Guillory. The book follows characters Maddie and Theo, who have two things in common: they share a best friend called Alexa, and they hate each other. Yet, underneath the sharp barbs they toss at one another is a simmering attraction that builds until they can’t resist sneaking off together when Alexa isn’t looking. This book is full of love, lust, and sex, which gives us oh so much to talk about.

Got some thoughts on our July pick, ‘The Island of Missing Trees’ by Elif Shafak? We’re allllll ears (also, eyes, heads, bodies, etc etc) - join in the convo over on our Insta, @theshamelessbookclub. Or, if you’re after some variety, here’s a link to record a voice message via our website, too.

Big thanks to Flight Centre for making this episode possible. Flight Centre is giving 40 customers from all over the world the chance to win the ultimate holiday. How do you enter? Head to and follow the prompts.

You can browse the eBook and audiobook versions of past book club picks in our room on Apple Books! Have a look-see right here. (You might spot our little baby, The Space Between, in the mix there, too.)

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BOOK CLUB: The Wedding Party

BOOK CLUB: The Wedding Party

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